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Jan. 27, 2009 at 8:31pm





    I sorta was gone for awhile and haven't been doing my blog but hey since no one but my aunt reads it I guess I don't really need to make up some lame excuse. As I type this from the third best computer at the downtown library (the best and second best are bring hogged by twins whose mom should be stoned for dressing two 10 year old boys in matching sweaters) and even though the key for T is missing I figured out a way to type it anyway (can't tell you how cuz then this computer would never be open when I can't get on the best and second best ones)  so it's all good.

    Yesterday was an ok day. Went for an early morning walk up sixth ave around 10:30 am and thought about getting my first tattoo at that place next to the Crown Bar but kept on moving cuz I still can�t decide what to tattoo on me. About 12 years ago I thought barbed wire would be cool and then I saw all these frat boys at Owens Beach with them on their swollen arms and said maybe not. I also was going to go with some neat Chinese saying in writing that only I would know what it meant but I figured out that most sayings get really old fast like "Born To Lose" or "I Love (fill in the blank)" so I couldn't do it. Maybe in the summer I will pull the trigger and tell them to put something, anything on me just to get it over with.

     Later in the afternoon I took the bus over to my friend Jessie's house as he found an almost new Rock Band game in a garbage can. I guess his neighbor got pissed off at sucking so badly at it and he tossed it. The drums were fine but the guitar was smashed up (must have been a bad try at In Bloom) so Jessie got some super glue and it works great now. We played it for like 5 hours straight and I kicked his ass at every song except High Tide & Green Grass by some band called the Outlaws. Boy did they write long songs back then. Anyway, after we got done I ate like 3 packs of Top Ramen so I crashed there for an hour before taking the bus to the El Toro off  Pearl where I arrived just in time for last call. They make a stiff drink there (not as strong as Harbor Lights but almost as buzz worthy) and you can pork out on all the chips you can cram down your throat so I left a happy man as a nice lady gave me a ride home. I kinda thought about asking her if she wanted to sleep over at my apartment but after thinking about it I decided that wouldn't be a good idea. Since she was a meter maid for the city she had to get up really early (5:30 am) to nail people who park their cars near the County City building and I�m just not into being bugged by anyone before 8:00 am so that was a deal breaker.

  I�m thinking tomorrow I�m going to drop by the dump in Fircrest. Jessie told me last month he found an almost new George Foreman grill there. Not that I would be as lucky as Jessie. That guy is golden but if I find anything cool I�ll let everyone know. Later     








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by fredo on 1/27/2009 @ 8:44pm
there are some pretty nice magazines in the recycling dumpster but you need arms that are like 8 feet long.


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