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Jun. 25, 2008 at 5:00pm

Wednesday you say? Hmm..

Kayak time!

Please let there be parking on Ruston Way tonight.  I'm a little worried.  This time of year coupled with this type of weather usually translates to no parking.   I can accept the fact that half of Tacoma decides to drop everything and run to the shores of Commencement Bay every time it is sunny and 70 degrees or more...  as long as there is still room for me down there.

Wednesday on the Water is alive and well.  We will be on the water behind Harbor Lights tonight, as per usual Wednesday activity.  Hope to see..  somebody.. anybody from the feed>> with a boat - come down and float around during the sailboat races.  It's a no-brainer, as you'll soon find out.

PERSONAL CHALLENGE:  The first person to enter the water in an inflatable boat or air mattress this year gets a free beer from me (must have valid ID if you appear under 30 years of age).

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 2:40pm

Wednesday on the Water

Kayaks, Sailboats, Sunsets

We should all be familiar with this drill by now, but here goes..

Ladies & Gentlemen, fellow bloggers, kayakers, and News Tribune transplants alike, I would like to remind you all that Wednesday on Ruston Way means a Commencement Bay sailboat array.  As we like to say here every week, bring your favorite boat, life preserver and/or surfboard down and hang out in the behind-Harbor-Lights vicinity. 

Each of you has a choice to make about what you'll do with your Wednesday evenings for the next few months.  Find a mirror and take a good, hard look at yourself.  Do you have what it takes?

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May. 21, 2008 at 4:54pm

SoDo: The bloggers, the myth, the legend

Friesenburgers, Sitecrafting and you.

At the bottom of teh South Tacoma Way you will find the emerging SoDo district of Tacoma.  Traveling through the area today, it occurred to me that I should visit a couple establishments I'd yet to see for myself.

Friesenburgers is located at 308 E 26th St, just outside the main parking lot entrance to the Tacoma Dome.  Think between Freighthouse Square and the Dome and you are right there.  I walked in post-peak lunch hour and had the place all to myself.  Deep-fried mushrooms were the first thing to catch my eye.  There they were at the bottom of the menu, but I just knew they deserved to be at the top.  I promptly ordered them.  After further consideration, I added a complementary cheeseburger no onions, mostly as an afterthought, and then resumed jabbering to the man behind the counter about my acute obsession for fried mushrooms.

Five minutes later, my bag o' lunch was ready and I was down the road.

The mushrooms were very cold.  That's about all I will remember 2 weeks from now.  So bummin.  Fortunately, I had a very decent cheeseburger to pick up the slack created by fungal disappointment.

Now for my next stop, I would have to buckle down and get serious.  Sitecrafting is not an easy place to find when you only 'kinda' know where it is.  I circled suspiciously through the network of alleys and dead end parking lots between Pacific and I-5 before spotting a familiar vehicle.  Based on breadcrumbs I'd been given in the past, I finally picked up a scent and spotted 1/2 of the Freitai through the front window.  Check point met.

Walking into Sitecrafting, I found it to be just as I had expected in many ways.  However, the deafening silence and lack of visible nonsense were surprising.  I saw no foosball.  I saw no video games, no cakes, no one playing laser tag or juggling.  Walking in, I felt as though I was disturbing the peace, even though I know half of the people working there.  You think you have people pegged merely as hot dog misers, psycho gamers, cereal scientists, and horror film directors, until suddenly, you find they are real people with real jobs, goals, focus and discipline.

It turns out they are simply good at hiding the video games and foosball. After getting a quick tour of the 'office space', I found myself cornered in the back room.  Kevin, who appeared uber-busy one minute emerged like a hungry wolf the next.  Perhaps last night's TF2/HL2 massacre had not been enough to satisfy his hunger for competition.

Team Generation Gap (Lil Boy Joe and I) battled Team Freitai on one of two office foosball tables.  In the most unlikely of upsets, Team Generation Gap defied all the odds and came away victorious. Almost made me forget about the mushrooms.

Thanks, everybody at Sitecrafting, for enduring the disturbance.  On top of building very nice websites, you also have a very enjoyable work environment!

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Apr. 19, 2008 at 7:24pm

Rock Band

Thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

How many of you out there are currently into playing Rock Band?  Last night we had a great time with it.  I'm truly amazed at how brilliant this game is.  Rock Band is currently at my house on loan and when it has to leave, my hand will likely be forced to buy.

Our new band is called Ace, but I'm going to make a motion that we change the name to Freidiohead at our next practice.

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Mar. 30, 2008 at 11:45am

K-Frei spotted in Old Town

Sunday, 10:45am

Yet another Kevin Freitas sighting this morning.. I would have to say this is becoming one of my favorite weekend games.

Perhaps taking photos on the waterfront?  Perhaps Spar bacon in one form or another?

I left my phone at home on the charger so I wasn't able to text.  This was frustrating at the time.  My frustration quickly subsides as I eat Spar breakfast sandwich and blueberry pancakes.  The latte helps too.

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Mar. 22, 2008 at 9:57am

My Next Life Has Begun

Now What?

My wife, Linda Pedersen, lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer on 3/18/08, at home in the afternoon, surrounded by friends and family.  We are happy that her suffering has ended.  She left us with a smile and for that I am eternally grateful.  Those of you who are interested are welcome to attend her memorial at 12:30pm, Tuesday March 25th at Mountain View Funeral Home & Memorial Park at 4100 Steilacoom Blvd. in Lakewood, Washington.

Linda's abridged life came to an end way too soon.  It's unfair.  I'm angry.  There are still so many things to do, to plan and to "take care of".  Life changed in an instant on the day of her diagnosis, and it has changed yet again with her passing.  I barely remember what life used to be like.  What will life be like going forward?

I have returned to a stage of life I had already gotten past and it is frustrating. To go from settled, happy and content to flustered, uncertain and wondering in a few short months is almost too much for this 34 year old.  Luckily, with the help of friends and family, I will have to find a way to heal one small piece at a time.  Mornings are hard.  Very hard.  This morning is particularly hard, and that's why I'm writing here.  Maybe this will make me feel better so that I can make breakfast and get on with taking care of things I never wanted to take care of today. 

Wish me strength and luck.  I'm short on both right now.

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Jan. 1, 2008 at 10:06am

Text Messagers Unite

I don't even text message...

Anybody else have the sudden urge to rent a car, drive around in circles text messaging everyone you know about absolutely nothing, all-the-while looking to run yellow lights in camera-monitored intersections?  If only gas were cheaper, I would seriously consider this.  I'll have to settle on The Rose Bowl instead.

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Dec. 30, 2007 at 10:19pm

Married at Last

My Wedding Recap

My world has turned upside down and sideways over the past month.  Various unexpected curve balls have been thrown my way, and I finally cracked one over the fence.  My lovely bride was diagnosed with cancer a month ago and we married yesterday, exactly one month after the diagnosis.  I am happy to be married, and a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife, amazing friends and a loving family.

Cancer, or any other disease, can sneak into your life and change everything in an instant.  I would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy New Year and to remind everyone to live life to the fullest, every day of your life.  I know this sounds like a tired cliché to some of you; YOU are exactly the people I'm addressing.  Believe me, most people would not believe that I am the one penning this entry.

So many things can and will go wrong for you or your loved ones in this life.  Appreciate the heck out of the uneventful times, for you will someday look back on them through a much different lens.  On a similar note, resolve to make a conscious effort to appreciate the people in your life that you may take for granted.  You may feel like some of your friends and family will always be healthy and happy like they always have been, but you never know what might be lurking just around the corner.

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Nov. 7, 2007 at 7:50pm

26th Street Maze

Roads and Construction

Anyone else been tricked by the N 26th & Stevens detour game?  It probably only works at night when you can't see very far.


Heading northbound and planning to turn right on N 26th, I was met with a giant road closed sign, so I continued to 27th and turned right.  When I got to Mason I looked to my right and saw that 26th was accessible, so I turned.  At 26th, I started to turn left and found myself another giant road closed sign, so I veered straight onto the left side of the split-tail design Mason (this makes you feel like you're going the wrong way on a one-way) and then I finally turned left on 25th and rode that safely all the way to Metro.

Later Tuesday..

I witnessed a young lady do the same thing I had done earlier.  I found this wildly amusing -- it was not amusing in the slightest whilst it was happening to me.


Road closed signs were still in place; no sign of work done in the area.  Another driver was spotted confused and feeling their way around the area, yearning for Proctor, but stuck on Stevens.

I know the Freitaii often tread those waters..  Somebody out there must have shared this experience with me?

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Oct. 29, 2007 at 7:09pm

Welcome Me To The Fold

My Flag Is Unfurled

I hereby offer myself to the feed>>blog-testing zone.

I don't know what to expect after I click this here Save button, but heck, you only live once or twice..  Should this appear someplace where it is found by avid reading Tacomans, "Hello to you!" I say.

Time to go get a pumpkin from Metro.  I wouldn't usually buy my pumpkins at Metro, but they sent a free ice cream postcard last week - it is time to claim this freeness before I forget.  Have a great Monday.

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