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Mar. 4, 2009 at 7:22pm

$100 A DAY - the company?

So many people have been telling me that I need to make "100 A DAY" into a real business that I am actually looking into it and trying to see how I could make it work. I believe its needed because so many people are out of work (or under employed) and many of them have really valuable skills to offer. Other people who are still working find themselves doing the work that 3 or more people people used to do and they are stretched so thin that they really need a hand. To them, $100 is worth the peace of mind.

$100 really is the magic number. It's not a lot to some people but to others its a cart full of groceries, a car payment, another month of utilities, etc. Also, its a great way to sample someone's skills to see if you might want to hire them on a regular basis. A friend of mine recently pointed out that someone who normally gets paid a lot more than $100 a day might consider working for $100 a day as a way to give back to the community. For example, to someone who is looking at possible deportation, bankruptcy or loss of child custody, having a lawyer look over the case and advise them is worth a great deal more than $100 but it could change someone's life. What if a dentist agreed to give a filling to someone without dental insurance for $100? What if a moving company helped a single Mom move her entire 3 bedroom household including all packing, truck rental, boxes, heavy lifting and gasoline all for just $100? How about a mechanic? An airline? A band? A security guard? A plumber?

I have a lot of friends who I'd love to hire because I know how valuable and skilled they are. I'd love for my job to be helping them find employment to tie them over until the recession ends. What I don't have is a business model. I'd love to have a consultant who could help me see how this could become a business.

This might tie into TALENT POOL or become a separate entity. I'm thinking the company could operate similar to a law firm with three levels: partners, associates and freelancers.

If you have extensive experience with creating business models and you'd like to donate some time putting this together then I'd love to talk with you. This is an important service, I'm just SWAMPED with my own freelance gigs right now but I don't want to turn my back on the needs I see around me. Do you want to help?

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by fredo on 3/4/2009 @ 8:50pm
The $100 a day program will definitely help some people earn a little extra income under the table, as it were. I'm a little concerned that liberal bloggers cannot participate without violating their core principals. Liberal ideology depends squarely on the collection of taxes at every conceivable juncture in life.

by Sassy McButterpants on 3/8/2009 @ 11:33pm
Angela, have you considered They help you research and create your business plan. You can even get a loan for startup costs!