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Jan. 6, 2009 at 10:51am

Angie update (Jan. 6th 2009)

This is mostly just about me right now

Periodically, I stop and ask myself, "What is it you really want?" It helps me to create my best life and to stay on course. Ever since I finished Winterfest I've felt a little adrift. I think the snow storm and all those days spend cooped up at home had a lot to do with it but I did do a lot of thinking.

I think ideally I would like to divide my time among the following things:

* My Education (Event management certification, vector graphics, audio production)
* Planning parties, music events and festivals
* Working on my own art and music

If that sounds like a bit of a fairy tale, keep in mind I spent the last several months planning giant parties (festivals) and really nothing else. Like Oprah said yesterday, you have to schedule your "me" time. I haven't spent much of any time on myself and I've neglected my art and my education which are two things that I am very passionate about.

I expect I will spend time doing some other things like the websites I've agreed to do, perhaps write a few articles for local publications and the occasional odd job here and there but I would really like to work on the music project I've been putting off. Its very exciting actually. Its a science fiction comic book with an accompanying electronic dance concept album. Sort of like a space musical. If it sounds weird that's because it is.

Speaking of music, I had a lot of fun on New Years Eve at First Night. I was with several of my favorite people. I played for a packed house at the Pythian Temple (which was very scary actually) but I got some great reviews. Then I lip-synced the 80s song "I wanna be a cowboy" on a tiny stage with 4 other people for HI JACK, in the rain with the CD skipping. That wasn't quite as awesome as I planned ... but it was still fun. Then we went to my favorite table at El Toro and shared drinks and yummy food. Around the table there were 7 of us: Willow, Maureen, Mary K, Linda, Desiree and Bill. That was super fun. Then we walked over to the main stage and rang in the new year in a big crowd of Tacomans with reggae music, fire works, the mayor and Rich Marriott from King 5 News.  I was still wearing my cowboy hat. By the way it was a great hat to be wearing in the sprinkling rain. It kept all the water off my face and preserved my sparkley makeup all night.

After midnight I used my VIP pass to get into a special champagne party with festival organizers, the mayor, Rich Marriott and other VIP's. I got to meet everyone and toast in the new year. This was actually my first time drinking champagne  if you can believe that. I've never been  much of a drinker.

I think that was probably the best NYE I ever had. I usually find the holiday very depressing. Who did I kiss at midnight? Maureen and Linda of course! *smile*

I'm still searching for a boy that's worthy. I can wait.



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