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Jun. 21, 2013 at 2:13pm

Be a part of Tacomapoly at Art on the Ave

DEADLINE to reserve your space is June 26th.

Would you like to have a square named after you or your business? This game will be seen by over 10,000 people at Art on the Ave Festival. DEADLINE to reserve your space is June 26th. Please contact Mario Lorenz at 253-921-1718 or email

(This photo is of a similar project that took place in LA)

Picture a game board that is almost as big as a city intersection. The players actually stand and move along the board. There are giant dice. And the spaces on the board are the names of local businesses who are sponsors of the game. When a player lands on a square, an audio sound bite might play with that businesses jingle or slogan. Each game takes only about 15 minutes. This is interactive and improvisational performance art that showcases Tacoma businesses and raises funds for the 6th Avenue Business District. 

We will play the game all day at Art on the Ave. Players join in by making a voluntary donation to the business district. When someone lands on “Go To Jail,” they are actually escorted to a life-size jail cell by a keystone cop. The entire game will narrated by radio jocks from NWCZ radio (and a few celebrity guests) and will be broadcast live on internet radio and out loud via PA at the festival. If we receive enough funding we will also live stream video on the internet and upload clips of the game on YouTube which will greatly increase the visibility for our sponsors. 

As a sponsor of this project you can opt to be one space on the board, all spaces in a color, or you could have your business on one of the Community Chest/Chance cards which we will call “Situation Cards” and we’ll come up with a fun way to incorporate your company name and industry into the situation presented on the card. When someone lands on a “Situation” space (ie what is traditionally a Community Chest or Chance space) they will draw a card and be presented with a situation which will either give them money or cost them money.

You can name your square whatever you like (“Your Business Name” Avenue for example). If you send us a jingle or slogan and an extra $100 then when a player lands on your square, the DJ will press a button and that sound clip will play for everyone to hear both in person and on the radio (and potentially online with UStream and YouTube). See next page for pricing. 

Tacomapoly pricing 

1 SQUARE: $200
2 SQUARES: $400
3 SQUARES: $600
1 Situation Card: $100
Have your jingle play when someone lands on your square: $100

Please ask about our Combination Deal and get more information on how to get 10%-30% off of ad space in our event program and participation in Tacomapoly when you participate in both of these promotional opportunities. For questions or to purchase your space on the game board, please contact Mario Lorenz at 253-921-1718 or email

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