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Jun. 14, 2008 at 9:22pm

Don't bother, this is really boring

What I did today, things that are on my mind

While it seems some of you were out running marathons, I've just spent the whole day tying up loose ends. My daughter is gone for the weekend so I have the house to myself. The list of To Do's was staring me down like a behemoth monster. 

Today was for the tasks that just get passed from one day's list to the next. You know the ones I mean. The less fun, less urgent things that have no deadline but do give you stress lines on your brow if you don't wrangle them eventually. I wanted to run away and play in the sunshine but I'm low on gas and out of cash so I had to stay here and be responsible. I thought about taking a bike ride but couldn't figure out what to wear.

My tasks: laundry, replying to email, catching up with ongoing projects, reading the mail, budgeting, planning, rehearsing for upcoming gigs, etc.

And then there's the loose end I just can't seem to tie up no matter how hard I try - the frigging lawn.

The grass just keeps growing. I wish I knew the magic words to say that would stop it at about 2 and a half inches. I've tried all the magic words I know and none of them worked. You know what else didn't work? My lawn mower. I got it to start a couple of times but then it immediately died - along with my ambition for lawn maintenance. Damn lawn mower. Damn grass. Damn neighbors scornful looks.

I posted an ad on the barter section of craiglist offering graphic design work in trade for lawn maintenance. I wonder if anyone will respond. I saw weirder trade options. For example: Computer help trade for Pain Relief Massage.

I looked for free lawnmowers but didn't see any.

I also searched the job postings while I was there and sent out a couple resumes. I figured out recently that I have applied for about 65 jobs since I got laid off. Employers are getting record numbers of applicants. I've only been to about 5 job interviews. I've been told 3 times that it was down to me and one other person. Maybe I should go and find those three people and figure out what they had that I didn't. Oh well. Its good that I'm home this summer to look after my daughter. She's old enough now to be dangerous. Not that she's a bad kid. She's great. But I remember being 16. Enough said.

There seems to be plenty of freelance opportunities to keep me busy.

I posted my available dates for one day service:

I have 8 openings left in June for my one day services. As a reminder, here are
the things I can do:

* graphic design - web, print, newspaper, postcards, band poster, CD art, etc.
* website makeovers - your website v. 2008
* ghost writing - let me help you put your thoughts into words
* band bios
* freelance articles for print and web
* event planning
* entertainment coordinating
* research - consumer information, historic background, comparison pricing,
finding the right software or service company, etc.
* consulting service - promotional ideas, band management
* PR - write press releases and arrange interviews with media within the target
* airport ride service - strangely there is a HUGE market for this right now!
* problem solver - what do you need?

My available dates are:

Monday June 16
Tuesday June 17
Thursday June 19
Friday June 20
Monday June 23
Tuesday June 24
Thursday June 26
Friday June 27

Contact me at

I also posted some new song lyrics I've been working on. If you like that sort of thing you can check them out at:

I read this today and thought it worth passing along:

Did you know:

Americans put almost as much fossil fuel into our

refrigerators as our cars. We’re consuming about 400
gallons of oil a year per citizen – about 17 percent of our
nation’s energy use – for agriculture, a close second to
our vehicular use.

Each food item in a typical U.S. meal has traveled an
average of 1,500 miles. In addition to direct transport, other
fuel-thirsty steps include processing (drying, milling, cutting,
sorting, baking), packaging, warehousing and refrigeration.
If every U.S. citizen ate just one meal a week (any
meal) composed of locally and organically raised meats
and produce, we would reduce our country’s oil consumption
by over 1.1 million barrels of oil every week. That’s
not gallons, but barrels.

Small changes in buying habits can make big differences.
Becoming a less energy-dependent nation may
just need to start with a good breakfast.
– from

There's nothing that tastes better in the summertime than fresh produce. Wish I could go buy some. Maybe I should dig up the stupid grass and plant a community garden instead.

I'm actually looking into moving to downtown Tacoma since I seem to be driving there every other day. I never thought of Lakewood as far from Tacoma but my gas tank says otherwise. I'm hoping to find a space large enough to accommodate two bedrooms, a big living room and a music room for band practice and a grand piano. The apartments and condos I've seen are not even close to big enough for us and WAY too expensive.

I'd also like to convert my Jetta into an electric car. I've heard that you can get a bank loan similar to a car loan in order to make the conversion. I'll look into that when I'm absolutely sure I can pay all the bills I already have. For now, I'm just worried the cable company will shut off my internet connection.

That's all I have for now. I'm trying to remember to contribute more to the feed so that's what this is all about. I feel sort of self-centered writing this but I've really enjoyed reading what other people are up to so maybe in this context its OK to write me-me-me-me. I'm just sorry my day wasn't more stimulating to read about. *smile*


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by ensie on 6/14/2008 @ 10:37pm
Your entry was plenty interesting. Especially as someone who was just laid off, I found the part about looking for a job very interesting.

Keep your spirits up!

by fredo on 6/14/2008 @ 10:51pm
Angela I admire your pluck, and your posting was a good read. Good luck on your job searches. Where I work we get an avalanche of job resumes and only occasionally does a part-time minimum wage job pop up. I think the government is underreporting the actual unemployment rate.

by Heather on 6/15/2008 @ 10:26am
Angela - I've had a similar experience being the runner up for multiple positions. Getting that second or third interview, being told it is down to you and one other person, starting to feel confident and hopeful (I've had some great interviews!) and then getting the rejection call, the repeated sequence is disturbing. I think I've had interviews for about 10 positions and 5 of them were runner-up scenarios. You are not alone!

In all honesty, I am being really picky about my application choices. I don't want to get into the wrong job and certainly don't want to get stuck in a cubicle again. I keep telling myself that the best position has just not come along yet. I'm sure it is the same for you. There is a perfect spot out there somewhere! Good Luck!

Are you looking for a rental or a home for sale?

by AngelaJossy on 6/15/2008 @ 11:03am
Just call me Miss Congeniality! *smile*

Thanks for commenting. I was starting to think that I forgot to switch the power button into the on position on this proverbial microphone here.

I like to think I'm pretty talented and a easy person to work with so I'm sure somebody out there is going to come across my resume and feel like they struck gold. (thats how it plays out in my head anyway).

I have a similar scenario planned for my romantic life as well. *smile*

If you read my previous blog then you already know I'm on several projects at the moment so I'm staying active and enjoying this time of freedom - even if its a stretch financially.

As for the new digs, I'm thinking rental at this point. The payments to buy always end up being to high. (hey that rhymed - maybe I should write a song about that) *smile*


by jcbetty on 6/15/2008 @ 11:33am
not at all boring, and worth the bother :) Keep your head up, and know you're in my thoughts!!