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Jan. 13, 2012 at 2:38pm

Duchess of Downtown 1st post of 2012

Visit 10 local businesses in 1 blog!

Wow, today is day the 13th and this is my first blog of 2012. Did you know this is a leap year? I'm planning to leap into all sorts of new adventures and I hope you click the "Join this site" button on the blog page (see link below) so that I can take you with me every step of the way.

  This week I visited 10 very cool local businesses in downtown Tacoma: Broadway's Best Antiques, India Mahal Restaurant, Poledello Studio, Clara Spa, Box Top Vintage, Blitz & Co Florist, Signature Woodworks, The Computer Hub, Vinum Coffee & Wine Bar and The Villa Caffe & Imbibery.

If you don't know this already, the reason I do this blog is because I feel that supporting our local independent businesses is the best thing I can do to help our local economy (because 75% of what you spend at a local business stays and circulates in our community and local businesses are responsible for creating more jobs than large corporations), to help our environment (the less shipping long distance we do, the less car and truck pollution we will have), to help our government (not giving money to corporations sends a message that we'd rather not have our government influenced by banks and corporations) and to help build community (because small business owners are an important part of any community and since I know most of them I can tell you that they are very good people who give a lot to non-profits and community events).

OK, let's go shopping, and if you visit these places, please tell them The Duchess of Downtown sent you.

Click here to read more and see lots of cool pictures plus a pole dancing video ...

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by The Jinxmedic on 1/13/2012 @ 4:46pm
Most excellent. Please continue.

by AngelaJossy on 1/14/2012 @ 12:26pm
Thank you! I will and hopefully it will get better and better. :)

by Erik on 1/14/2012 @ 3:19pm

by JesseHillFan on 1/14/2012 @ 5:20pm
I especially liked the toy ray guns.It would be interesting to make a miniaturized liquid Hydrogen and liquid Fluorine reactant (or Chlorine) jet engine LASER which would be dangerous in this style.People would laugh until they saw it actually work.
Anyway pretty cool stuff Angela.

by low bar on 1/14/2012 @ 10:03pm
Not sure if I agree that spending is the best thing, but maybe if spending meant paying transplants to come here so they can spend like they spend in portland and seattle, then i agree totally. also if spending means opening a ten foot tall air fresheners store that the city can then also spend in getting the port to eauffend transplants less.

i love lamp.

so i guess the car museum isn't attracting budding bloggers?


by Non Sequitur on 1/14/2012 @ 11:02pm
It attracts GEAR heads.
You know the ones, they with gasoline in their blood and carbon dioxide in their breath.
GEAR heads will drive their roaring beasts of 6, 8 and 10 cylinders across the flatlands and mountains of the US of A to come to LeMay to pay honor and worship with the incense of combusted fossil fuels at the feet of the self-propelled God We made.

Henry Ford and Rockefeller would have wet dreams if they knew this cathedral was to be built.

by low bar on 1/14/2012 @ 11:22pm
i'm a total gear head. i buy american. i drive a 2005 short box regular cab gmc sierra with a 4.8L V8 that i do all the maintenance on. but i think also that this car museum would have made more sense in detroit. besides, i don't give a crap about seeing a car i can't afford to drive. what kind of sick person drools over someone else's whip like that? not i. i mean i'll check your lambo out if it pulls up next to me at a light, but i'm not going to pay money to see it in a shrine. that's just embarrassing. and since tacoma is in dire need of some transplant action you have to wonder what is interesting to them. i think tacoma would have been weirder for the better with a sic-fi museum. something different for once. oh yeah what about tribal museum? or have we all just forgot how cool native americans are?