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Jul. 29, 2009 at 11:55am

Electro-Pop Art Party with Oscillator X


We are currently seeking local pop artists for the Electro-Pop Art Party.

To apply please contact Robert Stocker via email:

A definition: The Pop Art movement sprung up as a result of a fascination with popular culture, and affluent post war society. Pop Art appeared in the 1950s and endured through to the 1960s. The movement originally grew out of America but quickly spread to Britain. Pop Art celebrated simple every day objects such as soup cans, soap, washing powder, pop bottles, and comic strips, and in effect, turned commonplace items into icons. Pop Art was directly influenced by Dadaism in that it pokes fun at the traditional art world by using images from the streets and supermarkets, and suggesting that they are art forms in themselves. Pop Art encompasses definitions of the popular, the expendable, the mass produced, the young, witty and sexy, and the glamorous. Andy Warhol is Pop Art's most notable artist in that he brought the art form to the public eye. He created numerous screen prints of Coke bottles, Campbell's soup tins, and film stars such as Marilyn Monroe. This in effect contributed to the iconography of the 20th century. Pop Art embraced commercial techniques by creating machine produced art, which set artists apart from the previous introspective styles of the Abstract Expressionists. Famous Pop Artists include Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Tom Wesselmann, and Robert Rauschenberg.


Portland band Oscillator X, fresh from their concert in Europe at the Arcade Dance International Championships in Amsterdam, will provide a world-class performance which includes their own customized light show and air-powered confetti launchers in Tacoma at the Robert Daniel Gallery during the Electro-Pop Art Party.

The infectious dance grooves of Oscillator X can be heard in several video games including the In The Groove series, the Pump It Up series, iDance, Snake 360, Snowball Runner and others.

Oscillator X's sound is often compared to artists as diverse as Eiffel 65, 2Unlimited, O-Zone and Daft Punk. Unlike many of today's dance acts, Oscillator X is a bona fide band with both members writing and performing all of the music, both in the studio and at their dynamic live shows.

Oscillator X released their first album in late 2008 on their own record label, SCI Recordings. The first single "Dynamo" has hit #1 in several US radio markets including Tacoma's own KVTI I-91 FM.

Electro-Pop Art Party with Oscillator X
August 15th 8 pm
Robert Daniel Gallery
2501 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma, WA

$10 pre-sale / $12 at the door

Buy tickets now:

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