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Jun. 17, 2009 at 4:54pm

A few opportunities

I've got a few different opportunities to share with you. Check these out:

1) Are you a solo acoustic musician who'd like to perform in a songwriters in the round type show in West Seattle?

2) Are you an electro-pop-dance band who'd like to perform at a pop art themed party in Tacoma?

3) Are you a visual artist or crafter who needs a dedicated work space of your own in Tacoma?

4) Are you a fashion designer or at least someone who can sew who would like to participate in a 24  hour fashion challenge?

5) Are you a band or songwriter with a song about overcoming poverty, being inspired or maybe just a theme of hope? We need the song for a short film about a non-profit arts center.

6) Are you a gung-ho person who likes to be involved in fun projects? We always need capable volunteers for various events.

7) Are you a spoken word artist who'd like to perform in West Seattle?

8) Are you a painter with a wild streak? You could paint live with three other painters on a collaborative art piece live in front of an audience.

Contact me at if any of the above interests you.


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