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Dec. 13, 2012 at 6:41pm

A full bus is a happy bus!

Shopping Tour on Saturday afternoon

I'm not going to lie to you, its been like pulling teeth to get people to participate in the three shopping tours we organized this month. The ones who came to the first two could not be shut up about how much fun they had (OK, we don't actually try to shut people up when they say that, we usually give them a microphone and ask them to facebook about it too). We had a decent size group last Saturday (about 15 people) and we laughed alot and took silly pictures together. It was awesome. Fact is, these ART BUS tours really are a hoot. It never fails to be a good time and I've been on a lot of them now. I'm never bored and I meet the most amazing people! But we have room for 40 people and a full bus is a happy bus! Let's fill it!

This project (Shift Your Shopping Tours) was a collaboration between my company Tacoma ART BUS and GoLocal Tacoma. Getting it all together has been a lot of hustle and coordination but I think its worth it in the end. Even if all you saw was the facebook posts with the shop names and photos of their stores, that's helping to build their brands and to get people more familiar with Tacoma's great local shops. And maybe its fair that this year we struggle a little so that next year it can become an annual tradition for people. That's how it works sometimes.

Saturday is the last of the three Shift Your Shopping Tours. And I think it might be the very best one. We are heading to see my neighbors to the north: Stadium District, Old Town and Proctor. More specifically, we are going to Rankos' Stadium Pharmacy, Throwing Mud Gallery, Bluebird Boutique, Meg's & Mo, Pacific Northwest Shop, Amore Artisan Boutique,
Envy and The Design Cottage. If you can't find something you like on this tour, you might need to seek counseling. I'm so sure that people will enjoy the trip, I'm offering a satisfaction guarantee. I will seriously refund the ticket of anyone who says they did not enjoy it.

And by the way, the tickets are not expensive. Just $10! (Or $20 if you want one of our legendary VIP swag bags). Today I heard about another shopping tour that costs $100 a person and they seem to have a good size group every year. This one is 90% less expensive. And we are giving away over $1000 in raffle prizes (actually closer to $1500 now). Seems like we should have to beat you people back with a stick but its Thursday now and I still have plenty of seats for Saturday's tour. 

I know, its the holidays and people have parties to go to. And it gets dark early so some people think 4 - 7:30 pm is staying out late. LOL. But we'll get you back before 8 pm for sure and if you're tired you can go home and if you're not, you can go to the party afterwards. You might even find something better to wear and be able to grab a bottle of wine for the host to boot.

Come on, don't you wanna go shopping with me?

Just so you know what's at stake (pun intended) one of the prize baskets contains a $50 gift certificate to El Gaucho! We have some really great prizes baskets. Just to give you a sample, here are some of the items in our gift baskets: an overnight stay at Courtyard Marriott Tacoma, Gift Certificates to local restaurants like El Gaucho, Two Koi, Cork, Paddy Coynes and Dirty Oscars Annex. Salon and spa treatments from Clara Spa Salon Studios, The Eye Candie Shop, Embellish Multispace Salon and Skincare by Erin. Tickets to things like Museum of Glass, one year pass to Tacoma ART BUS, End of the World Ball at Temple Theater and Tacoma Comedy Club.

You can buy your ticket online now, or show up curbside between Union Station and Tacoma Art Museum between 3:30 and 3:55 pm Saturday. We start boarding the bus at 3:45 and depart at 4:00 pm.


Learn more about our tours at our website:

For the latest updates, find us on Facebook.

Feliz Navidad!

~ Angie

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by AngelaJossy on 12/14/2012 @ 9:47pm
Who else is talking about this? 

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Let's fill the bus! A full bus is a happy bus! :)

by AngelaJossy on 12/15/2012 @ 1:04pm
I just added pictures and info about each of the stops on today's tour to the event page comment section. This is a GREAT tour and it looks like we'll have a nice size group of people on the bus so YAY! 

Check out the photos and info here: (See comments)

If you want to come with us, meet me between Union Station and Tacoma Art Museum near the curb on Pacific Avenue between 3:30 and 3:55 pm. The big yellow school bus boards at 3:45 and departs promptly at 4 pm.