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May. 4, 2009 at 12:05pm

Good good good, good vibrations

Let the record show, self improvements are underway

I have good intentions. It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of this fact so I want to just throw that out there and hope it sticks. That�s the tricky part about blogging. You can�t assume that the people reading it know who you are and what you�re about. They may only catch a snapshot and think, �Who does this girl think she is?� The answer to that question is: Nobody special. Just a person like you doing the best she can to stay on mission (art, music, rinse and repeat) and stay afloat as a single parent. I try to help people when I can.

I make it my business to support my community (small businesses, artists and musicians) through all my projects and events. I do have altruistic reasons for this but there are also some selfish ones. Doing this brings me closer to the people I want to be around. I much enjoy the camaraderie of the entrepreneurs, the dreamers and the misfit geniuses of Tacoma. Life would be so empty without their muse. They inspire me every day. I also like that my daughter walks among them observing first hand what is possible when someone sets their mind on a specific goal and mines until he/she strikes gold. I like that she will never believe it when people tell her that artists are just nothing but lazy listless and good-for-nothing beggars. She has grown up seeing them thrive and make careers out of their creativity (and also stumble and get back on the horse too). She knows that everything around her is full of art and music including mainstream commercial broadcasts like television and movies. She knows that her creativity, if she hones it into a sharply tuned instrument, can be her livelihood. Her dreams won�t be needlessly killed by a cubical or a plastic nametag.

These are the rational reasons for my mission but also there are intrinsic ones. I myself feel the need to express creativity on a regular basis and when I don�t, I feel like I�m wasting my life on repetitive tasks and accomplishing nothing. I consider myself, my life and my work to be my most meaningful work of art.

Case in point: I�m always reinventing myself. A new version will be released soon: Angie 6.0! 

Angie 1.0 was a teenage socialite. Angie 2.0 was a computer technician. Angie 3.0 was an independent website designer/musician. Angie 4.0 was a journalist/graphic designer. Angie 5.0 was a festival director and Angie 6.0 is under development now.

I don't know exactly what 6.0 means exactly yet but things are definitely changing around here that�s for sure. Since Desiree moved in I�ve been much more physically active � a goal which I�ve had for a LONG time. It started with moving furniture and reorganizing. (BTW if you need someone to help you organize your home or office you should definitely talk to Desiree. She really has a gift!) We also started walking every day. Yesterday and today we walked for about an hour. It was funny because while we were walking she told me she was feeling so content and happy to be outside getting exercise and my crooked brain just kept thinking of all the work I could/should have been doing back at my desk. This damn computer has me on a leash! But I�m reprogramming my brain to understand that taking care of myself is just as important as my work � maybe even more important.

In case you are wondering what�s happening with our plans to move into a new building, here�s the update: Things are on hold. Unfortunately I jumped the gun on my announcement about the building we were looking at. That�s the second time this blog of mine has got me into hot water! I need to do a better job of making my intentions clear probably. I thought our deal with the building was a sure thing and it turns out it wasn�t. It may still work out but there are other factors (and other people) we weren�t aware of in play and we are happy to yield to them for the time being. In the meantime we are still keeping our eyes out for the possibility that there is another building even better suited to our goals.   

In the meantime we are streamlining our possessions, reorganizing and planning a garage sale later this month. I�m doing all I can to keep working (and affording this expensive house I�ve been renting) and helping Dez to market her artwork and portrait service. You should go look at her paintings at Soon we will be upgrading her website but it�s still pretty good right now and her paintings are jawdropping gorgeous.

I�m trying to widen my business contact circle by asking my friends to recommend my $100 A DAY service to their friends so if you�re reading this, that means you! *smile*

Did you see the Weekly Volcano cover story this week? That�s the second article to mention it. When the first story came out I picked up a few new jobs and I�m hoping this one will do the same. Check it out here:
Here�s the News Tribune story last January in case you missed it:

One last thing � and this is really bumming me out - I can�t drive right now because I can�t afford my car insurance! So after I get the rent paid my next goal is to raise $700 to pay what I owe them, plus the 6 month premium they require to reinstate me. Keep your fingers crossed for me, K?



PS. the Weekly Volcano is looking for delivery drivers. If you are interested, call 253-584-1212.


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by intacoma on 5/5/2009 @ 3:12pm
Your services fill a niche keep going strong, also I'm always been a huge fan of Desiree's Art, one day there will be one on my wall next to the other Tacoma Artists I'm a fan of

by Erik on 5/5/2009 @ 4:28pm
Go Angie. I like your mojo in creating new markets out there.

There is a ton of money being spent out there but much of it is stil toward outsourcing. Why not spend it for the same tasks toward people we know?