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Jul. 13, 2009 at 3:06pm

Here's what I've been working on

I do not recommend participating in too many events during the same time-frame. I think anyone with common sense will tell you its is inadvisable. I can tell you from recent experience that doing so makes you feel somewhat schizophrenic because there are so many loose ends and tiny details to reign in. I'm a multi-tasker who loves a challenge but I recognize my illness now and I have taken control of my tendency to say YES to anything that sounds fun. I even had to let go of one of my most favorite events. Sadly Radio8Ball is no longer on my list of things to do but the list is still long and full of super fun things. For instance:

These first two landed on THE SAME DATE but we still managed to make it work.

My roommate Desiree is managing the first one. I've been helping her quietly on the sidelines since this was her first solo flight on the event management plane. Its called Inspired Elegance: 24 Hour Fashion Challenge. It's very exciting! And it has lots of moving parts.

It's a Tacoma Art Place fundraiser at Hotel Murano July 25th 8 pm. Participants from Goodwill's Workforce Development program who are interested in in fashion design will be teamed with a professional fashion designer, a seamstress and a jewelry designer. Together they have 24 hours to make donated fabric into evening gowns and get ready to walk the catwalk at the event by 8 pm Saturday July 25th. Tickets are $75 and you can call 253-756-5554 or go to to get them.

My event is this one:

The Listening Room - Painters, musicians and spoken word artists perform together in this unique show. The songwriters and the poet take turns performing while painters work together on one work of art on four canvases. The painting is sold by silent auction. This is a great opportunity for creatives to meet and interact in a beautiful setting. Audience members are being asked to bring non-perishable food items as well as household goods which will go the West Seattle Food Banks. July 25th 9 pm Admiral Theater, West Seattle. Buy tickets online:

Other things I am working on:

* Roommates! Dez and I want to move into a space downtown and we are looking for two roommates who want to help us create an artist live/work space of some kind. Do you know anybody who is single, has no pets, has artistic tendencies and is interested in a huge lifestyle change?

* 100 A DAY NETWORK - I'm working with a programmer and an investor to make a totally sustainable, maintenance free, self-service website for the $100 A DAY network so that people can create free memberships and shop for local services from individuals who are willing to work for $100 A DAY. If you would like to make a financial contribution to this cause, please contact me. I will make sure that you are thanked prominently on the website.

* Switch to AT&T - I got really upset with T-Mobile for failing to keep their word to me regarding a special offer they called me with a couple of weeks ago. I think that if you make a verbal agreement with a company over the phone they should keep their promises. Due to a typo by the representative concerning the date of the arrangement they said our the agreement was invalid after I complied with my part in it. I spoke to a supervisor, then the supervisor's supervisor and no one would look beyond the typo. They just kept saying the date had passed and that the offer is no longer valid. I feel cheated. I feel bullied. I feel insulted that they don't believe me about the real arrangement date. I also felt disrespected by the supervisors because they were so callous and indifferent about it. I slept on it and decided it was worth the fee I will have to pay for breaking contract to not allow big businesses to behave that way. My new iphone should be here in a day or two. Goodbye T-Mobile. You. Suck.

* Outdoor concerts - Next summer I might be inviting you to an outdoor music festival on a nature preserve overlooking White River. After being invited by the family to look over the property, I arranged a meeting with the property owners and a friend of mine who's super connected in the music business. It was a meeting of great minds over iced drinks on a sunny day next to a lovely lake. I felt like something really amazing was happening - and something that might actually generate money for all involved which is a scenario I don't usually find myself in since I usually work on free community events. On my list of dream jobs - this one ranks pretty high. Send me your good thoughts.

* Speakeasy - Another exciting plan I'm working on is creating a new venue. A few friends and I are looking into a joint venture. We'd like to open a gallery/event space downtown Tacoma with art, music, a variety of classes, a stage and all sorts of beautiful madness. The working title for this project is Speakeasy. So far its been a well-kept secret but as we get closer to making it happen it gets harder to keep it from you! Shhhh! Don't tell. You can only say the word "speakeasy" in a whisper, OK?

That's all I've got for you today except that I hope to see you at the Tacoma Farmers Market on Thursday where I'll be doing a little singing and a little guitar playing.



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by intacoma on 7/13/2009 @ 4:26pm
did you ever look into the art coop place on tacoma ave? I checked it out and seems like everything you need, shared kitchen, cheap rent

by AngelaJossy on 7/13/2009 @ 4:34pm
That place is pretty cool. We have friends who live there. We just have a different vision.