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Oct. 19, 2008 at 4:36pm

My Bucket List

I reserve the right to alter this list at any time for any reason

I am home with the flu this weekend. I missed Friday's Chalk Off. I missed Squeak and Squawk. I missed the adult prom (wasting a $20 ticket). I even missed Joe Biden's appearance at Cheney Stadium today. Life is passing me by while I sit here checking email and watching television. I hate the flu. It sucks the life out of you. The way I'm wired I have two modes: zoom and complete stop. Having the flu puts me somewhere in between the two and its not a place I'm comfortable with. One thing I can do at times like this is make lists. I love to make lists. It helps me to know that when I can start moving again, I know exactly how I'm going to go about it. 

Being sick and having no health insurance led me to thinking about my own mortality and all the things I'd like to do with my life while I still can. I know its  cliche and I know the having the flu doesn't mean I'm dying but I like making lists and it makes me feel better to dream big. 

Here's what I came up with so far:

1) Write a book about Tacoma's music history
2) Create a local bartering system so people without money can still get things they need
3) Learn to fly a helicopter
4) Look good in a bathing suit
5) Produce a fun TV show w/ news and entertainment for Tacoma
6) Streamline the festival planning process in Tacoma
7) Own my own home (preferably debt free)
8) Earn a bachelors degree (or talk someone into giving me an honorary one)
9) Learn to sculpt large statues by welding together discarded car parts and stuff
10) Hang out in Europe for an unspecified time doing whatever I feel like and learning about other cultures
11) Learn to be my own music studio engineer
12) Buy a big building and convert it into a free college for single mom's and victims of domestic violence with apartments and a daycare above it
13) Take my band on tour supporting a national act
14) Buy a high performance electric car
15) Design handbags and have somebody manufacture them for me
16) Cross off every item on this list and make new list

It should be noted that I'm currently under the influence of cold medicine so my list may be slightly fanciful and at times grandiose but where's the fun if you can't be fanciful and grandiose with your bucket list?

What's on your list?

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by ElectricElliot on 10/19/2008 @ 6:02pm
I like # 5

by chrism39 on 10/20/2008 @ 8:07am
I like #2 and considering the economy, it may be a idea for now instead of the future. I want to learn a foreign language and not even a useful one. I want to learn french. I want solar panels and someday I would like to use a biodiesel car.

by AngelaJossy on 10/20/2008 @ 7:31pm
French, eh? Tre sexy! As for #2, I'm all over it as soon as I finish Winterfest. It turns out that some of my favorite people were thinking along the same lines so its likely that we're going to work together on it.

As for #5, the only way I could devote as much time as I would have to in order to meet my own standards of excellence would be if someone else wanted to devote equal or more time to obtaining sponsorship and/or advertising for it. My ideas was to have a show like The View (the one weekday mornings on NBC with Barbara Wawa, Whoopi Goldberg, etc) only with Tacoma's mover-shaker type women talking about our hot topics both whimsical and serious. I call it "The View in Tacoma" which I realize isn't very original. If the women are funny and candid like our girl talk usually is then that's a show I'd watch - especially since they'd be discussing people and things that matter to me and my community.

by chrism39 on 10/20/2008 @ 7:45pm
Oh that would be so fun, but Don't pick gals that are to politically correct that tends to happen around here. I get so sick of feeling like you can't say something cause you might offend someone.

by scout on 10/20/2008 @ 11:05pm
"I get so sick of feeling like you can't say something cause you might offend someone."

My cat says me too