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Oct. 22, 2009 at 12:31pm

Not complaining, no matter what

Working hard feels good when you know its making a difference

I've been very remiss in my blogging lately. It about time I check in and tell you what I've been up to! For starters I've been creating a co-op gallery on Broadway called Speakeasy. You might have heard about it. Its definitely had its ups and downs and I'm learning a lot. I've also become better acquainted with my own limitations. Some days I feel like my head will explode if one more person asks me to make a decision! But its all good. I can't begin to tell you how much gratitude I have for the people who have been helping me with this project. Its like the exact person I need walks through the door 30 seconds after I realize I need them. Incredible! We have 16 members now and more signing up every day. We're aiming for at least 25 and by the looks of things, we'll have no problem reaching that goal.

Here's the group so far:

Desiree Flerchinger, Painter,
John Wise, Painter,
Kristie Worthey, Acting coach,
Sherrie Minter, Musician,
Suni Cook Boucher, Painter, reused/recycled art,
Kim Archer, Musician,
Cindy Carmichael Taylor, Massage and spa therapy, Jesse Ross, Contemporary art photographer,
Cheryl Williams Dolan, Painter, clock-maker,
Kathy Lickteig, Seamstress, (no website)
Jeremy Silas, Painter, spoken-word artist, (no website)
Paula Vail, Reiki practitioner, chocolatier (no website)
Kristina Valley, Painter, (no website)
Nicole Young, Fiber art, (no website)
L. Lisa Lawrence, Photographer,
Dr. Stephen Bucklew, Handmade furniture, natural medicine,

We've painted and cleaned almost every surface in there including the floor. We even ripped out the ugly frayed purple carpet from the stairway and painted the stairs shiny black. The place looks jaw dropping beautiful now. I couldn't be more proud of the hard work we've done in there. The results far exceeded my expectation!  We had Kristen Connell's CD Release Party there last weekend and I was bursting with pride at how classy and professional the whole thing went. Kristen is a beautiful person inside and out and her music is top notch too. Her voice and the acoustics in that space were a match made in heaven.

This Saturday night we're having a party to raise money for Tacoma Art Place and celebrate our hard work. The event is called ART DOORS AUCTION and Speakeasy Halloween Party.
Its Saturday Oct. 24th at 8 pm at 746 Broadway. Its free and all ages so you should come!

The ART DOORS AUCTION is a benefit for Tacoma Art Place and they really need support from our community. I hope you will all look at ways to either join or donate to this important non-profit organization. It would be a shame if this went away.

My thanks to the ReHarvest Center for providing free doors for the artists to embellish! My thanks to Sanford & Son for volunteering to do the live auction! My thanks to our DJs Matt & Laura Ecklund, Linda Honeck and Kevin for volunteering to get the dance floor hopping with block rockin beats!

I'd love for you to see what we've done and see the terrific artwork we'll be showcasing. 

On a personal note, I'm also in the process of gathering funds so that I can move from Lakewood to Tacoma. I found an inexpensive apartment that should work for me temporarily until I get better situated financially. Getting a smaller place means I have to give up some of my possessions so I'm having a Facebook Sale to raise some of the funds I need to move. When I get two consecutive minutes I may put these items on FeedTacoma as well.

Want to learn more about Speakeasy Arts Cooperative and the ART DOORS event?

Check out the Weekly Volcano Spew story here:

News Tribune:

We also have a website:

Hope to see you Saturday!



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