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Aug. 25, 2008 at 10:53am

Rained on but not rained out

Glassroots Festival rocked (IMHO)

Its really hard work putting on a festival. If you think cleaning your house and setting out some finger food for a house party is hard work, try taking a parking lot and putting up paradise. The night before the festival we worked our butts off unrolling the little 2x4 foot strips of grass making what we referred to as the "Tacoma Greenbelt." We also built a fence to make the "VIP" area. We put up pop up tents all over the place and we built a carport tent for the stage (not a pop-up and had WAY too many pieces - thank God for Tobin of Mad Hat Tea for reading the directions and directing us!) We put up tables and chairs and more tables and chairs. Then we sat back and enjoyed a beautiful night in Tacoma with cold beverages watching the Juno crowd coming and going. Isn't it nice of them to talk SO LOUD that we could eavesdrop with no effort whatsoever. And aren't they just the most generous of all people the way they share their car stereo music with us all? I mean, Trish and Thane up three stories in their bedroom can clearly hear those thumping beats at 2 o'clock in the morning every Saturday night! Those people work OVERTIME to share that music. Its really incredible. And risking the noise ordinance penalty too! Cops in the area seemed to understand this mission because they drove right past these vibrating cars without bothering them. They were probably on their way to Masa on 6th Ave with their noise measuring device. Funny thing was, after guarding the stage and all our stuff with the gang, I headed home because I needed some sleep before the festival and they had plenty over people camping out there. On my way home I got pulled over by a cop! I rolled down my window and the cop said, "Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?" and this question sounded familiar. I think the last time I got pulled over they said the same thing. Is this question some sort of ploy to get you to admit you did something that they don't even know about? I think it is. Anyway, I was driving my SUV because I had to load tables and chairs in it. I haven't used this gas hog for over a year. While the cop was driving behind me he decided to run my plates - even though I was doing nothing wrong. Turns out the month sticker on my tabs fell off so the month sticker showing didn't match the one in the computer records so he pulled me over. After we talked he said he could tell I wasn't up to anything "shifty" so he let me go with advice to go down and get a new month sticker. I just thought it was ironic that I got pulled over after everything I'd seen that night.

Anyway, back to the festival. I have so many heroes right now. I wish I could hand out medals to the people who went above and beyond to make this happen. Houston worked his ass off with very little sleep. The sound guys from Glass Ceiling Music performed miracles under extraordinary circumstances. Their equipment never failed despite all that rain and they never got testy or grouchy at all the whole time. They weren't just doing sound - and it was great sound all day long everyone sounded great! They were also RECORDING the entire show so we can make a Glassroots compilation CD again. Heroic. 

Tacoma Food Co-Op brought us several extra pop up tents that came in really handy once the  rain hit. Glass Ceiling brought several extras too. We would have lost our crowd had we not been able to provide them shelter. Thanks guys!
All the bands were great. Even though we were about an hour behind schedule none of them got mad. They all had such good attitudes about it. I was so proud of them. They all sounded terrific and they all seemed to put extra effort into their showmanship to make up for the pouring rain. I might be biased since I hand picked the bands but I thought the music all day was tremendous. I kept looking around for the crowd response and everyone seemed really into it. I saw lots of people buying CDs too. And the bands didn't just pack up and go when they were done either. They stayed and hung out which is sadly not common at all. They are all heroes in my book.

Jennifer Schaal, our wonderful treasurer stood by the entrance selling CDs and VIP memberships with her little umbrella all day. She smiled the entire day no matter how hard it rained. I saw her over there bouncing to the music seeming to have a great time - in the rain. She never even asked for a chair. She is a rock star hero.

Patrisha Lecy-Davis never stopped moving. She's like the energizer bunny and I don't know how she does it. She was helping everyone, talking to people in the crowd keeping spirits up and carrying heavy things like they were nothing at all. She was soaked through and through but she kept smiling too. Hero!

Maureen McHugh and Linda Lapping-DeSantis are two of the most loving and generous people I know. They were there doing manual labor right along with us both days. Angels in human form both of them. Goddess heroes!

Thane Davis said he was just going to be a spectator but he lied. He helped  as much as anyone. He helped build the VIP fence posts, he helped roll out the grass, he helped move tables and chairs around, he helped with power and water and the thing that really put him on my hero list was when he and his coworker Mike put on rain gear and gloves and rolled the grass back up (SOAKING WET MUDDY GRASS) and loaded it onto their trailer after the festival. The whole afternoon I was miserable thinking that I was going to have to load that grass in my white sweatshirt and new blouse. I was sure that I was going to be mudded up beyond repair. He said the magic words, "Don't worry about it. We got it." Superman heroes!!

I was already cold, my bones ached from soreness from the day before, my feet hurt really bad from walking around that parking lot for two days and I was soaked to the bone, trying to smile like everyone else was!!! Then the film crew came around saying they needed to interview me about the festival. Houston arranged this film crew so that we'd have footage to promote the festival with next year. Great, the ugliest I've ever looked in public and they want me to speak to a camera. Perfect. So me and Trish looking like drowned rats did the interview with Teddy Haggarty's film crew. We were interviewed by Joe Rosati in the rain. Whatever, go team!

I gotta say, it was an experience I won't soon forget but now its on film too so I guess none of us will. 

I also think the people who stayed all day in the rain even though they weren't people who had booths or part of our crew deserve hero status. And there were A LOT OF THEM. We are tough people here in Tacoma. Rain or shine we're gonna have a good time.


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by AngelaJossy on 8/25/2008 @ 11:57am
I forgot to mention Dave Graham (220 Guitars, Java Jive) who helped Houston from the beginning and worked over-time with us these last two days. Dave spent the night in the parking lot too and did lots of manual labor!! Hero!

by Girl Who <3 JUNK on 8/25/2008 @ 12:49pm
All of you did such a FAB job.

We had a super great time.

It felt nice hanging out in the rain. It felt good because it was muggy out.

Can't wait until next year.

I LOVE my lime green drift-wood that I bought for only $5.

CHEERS to you all!

by Ron on 8/25/2008 @ 7:33pm
I'm still soaked to the bone.

by jcbetty on 8/25/2008 @ 9:43pm
I had a serious case of the wet, jet-lagged grumpies or I woulda' been there to cheer you all on. Sounds like Team T-Town went all super-hero RAWR and rocked the city, despite all that coulda' squashed spirits.

Inspiring, cool, and kudos to you all!!!!

by AngelaJossy on 8/25/2008 @ 11:10pm
The UAF hero crew came out and helped us out a whole bunch too. Can't believe I didn't mention them earlier too.

by AngelaJossy on 8/25/2008 @ 11:20pm
Houston said:

I would like to thank all of you who attended and endured a most challenging day for a festival. It was not Woodstock, but the energy from the bands, stage performers, the audience, vendors, and crew was electricifing that day that it felt like family. Also, the lay out was electricifing thanks to our sponsors and friends who gave their time, money and energy to make this festival possible. There was even a rain dance here and there!! Plus, this festival was recorded and filmed.....
I would especially like to thank our sponsors:

The Weekly Volcano
New Tacoma Neighborhood Council
Downtown Merchant Group
Glass Ceiling Music
Embellish Multispace/Salon
Sanford and Son and

The bands: (love to have you all back again!! Awesome sets...)
Library Science
Beehive (thanks for the CD!!)
Deborah Page
Umber Sleeping
Kim Archer Band

Thanks to TV12 and KLAY for air time
Thanks to
The Weekly Volcano
The Tacoma News Tribune
The Tacoma Weekly
for awesome write ups and pics
The filmmakers: Randy Sparks and Joe Rosati

Thanks to the organizers of " Loop on You" (a dance performance)
Jennevieve Schlemmer and Lynn DiNino
To the performers: Stephanie and Katy for a beautiful dance performance

D.A.S.H Center of the Arts
Candi Hall, Center Exec.
For a popin hip-hop dance performance

Lowes for donating the turf and plants.

Linda Lu, Matt