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Jul. 4, 2008 at 10:51am

Shore Leave last night

It was a party and I liked it

It turns out we didn't really need a lot of people in order to have fun at Tollefson Plaza last night. Seeing Laura Eklund all decked out as a sexy pirate on stilts was worth the trip alone. That girl never wears makeup but when she does you realize what a robo-babe she is. And I caught her and her hubby Matt kissing while she was on the stilts again - this time she stooped to his level. I think they did it in front of me on purpose this time - don't milk it people. I said you were a cute couple. What more do you want? A freakin' medal? sheesh.

Other Tacoma Pirates were artist Linda Lapping, Maureen from Mad Hat Tea, Daniel Blue, Lisa Fruichiante, and a few others whom I couldn't name. There were belly dancers there giving us girls a lesson on shakin' it belly style. My daughter was frantically waving at me to stop. Another amazing sight was Andrea Trenbeath chalking like a woman on fire! I've never seen anyone chalk so fast that she appeared to be moving like a dancer across her giant creation. I really like that pavement for chalking - so smooth and so wide. I didn't chalk myself last night because I was too busy chatting but it was tempting. Another Chalk off champion, James Stowe, was laying it down like you know he can. What was neat about it was there was one big design that several chalk artists were working on together. Sure there were some individual ones but the one big one with several worker bees warmed my heart after knowing the competitive (but still friendly) spirit of the usual chalk events on Friday. I"m happy to report that Stowe will be painting a door for the Glassroots Door Auction! Yeah! I can't wait to see what he does with his woody canvas. 

(Other door artists are: Linda Lapping, Lynn Di Nino, Matt Eklund, Jeremy Silas, Voxxy Vallejo, Houston Wimberly III, Patricia Lecy-Davis, Bonnie Chance and more ...)

I spied many of the usual suspected down there last night and met a few new people. The music was terrific and bumping much louder than the noise ordinance would probably find legal but no one cared. Funny how selective law enforcement can be. Isn't it? I'm personally not a fan of this particular law so I'm glad. The city people were all down at the waterfront anyway. I thought the party at Tollefson was really great last night and I had a good time. The whole time I was there I think I was grinning ear to ear. I heard there was some trouble early in the evening about some of the entertainment for Shore Leave being poached by Tall Ships a couple of days before the event and that was very disappointing but I don't really know the details - just a rumor I heard.

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by intacoma on 7/4/2008 @ 9:03pm
you really need to get a digital camera yo