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Mar. 27, 2010 at 12:59pm

Speakeasy Arts Cooperative Update

There's a lot happening at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative right now! We'd love for you to come down and get involved. Here's what we've got cookin' right now:


We still have room for more fire, ram, mars and Aries themed artwork for the ARIES PARTY at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative on April 3rd. This is a private event but if you would like to be invited please see contact information below. We will be decorating on the theme "primal fire" with the help and design of Lisa Fruichante and Johanna Gardner and the music will be tribal house music by DJs from The Vinyl Tribe along with a few live percussionists. There will be fire dancing by Deanna Riley and a hookah lounge by Julie Rex. Find out more here:!/event.php?eid=308966132230&ref=ts



We are also arranging the April ART BUS Art Walk tour. The cost per gallery is $30. The cost per rider is $10. Art Chantry and Lance Kagey are creating the poster. Weekly Volcano and City Arts are sponsoring. We are working on ART BUS pins for riders to buy instead of tickets. Each pin will be a collectors item. We are working on rack cards to display at all the galleries. We are working on ads for print. If you'd like to participate please see contact information at the bottom of this email.



We have several classes coming up at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative.

* Social Networking for Small Businesses Workshop
- Led by Angela Jossy - Tuesday March 30th, 7-8:30 pm - $25
Learn how to use Social Networking to maximize your exposure with minimal impact on your productivity. This workshop will include an overview of the most commonly used social networking sites, what they each of them have to offer and when/how to best utilize them. We will also discuss branding, finding your target audience and making a strategy that will help strengthen the ties between your company and its customers.

* Selling Merchandise and Art Online
- Led by Angela Jossy - Wednesday March 31, 7-8:30 pm - $25
Learn about the most popular online selling websites and get tips and marketing ideas for how to sell your merchandise online. Local sellers with extensive experience will sit on a panel and answer your questions.

* Origins: A Tabbed Book Workshop
- Led by Kimberlee Gerstmann - Saturday, April 17th, 3-5 pm - $32 (includes supplies)
Create a small artistic mixed-media book to hold photos, journaling, etc. Contact Kimberlee at 253.307.0546 or via email

* The Tarot Experience - Led by Sherrie Minter aka Voxxy - April 18th, 5-8 pm - $15 (includes workbook)
This will be a fun and educational party that helps bring the mystical into a more practical perspective. From beginner to practitioner and skeptics alike, this is an enjoyable and entertaining way to spend an evening with friends, answer a burning question, and learn to interpret The Tarot for yourself. This is more than a class, this is an experience! For more information, contact via email:



Every Thursday      Community Potluck dinner and open mic      5 pm - 9 pm
APRIL 3     ARIES PARTY     8 pm to 1 am
APRIL 11     Delight Night Spa Party     More info 
APRIL 15     ART BUS - Tacoma Artwalk Tour     5-9 pm 
APRIL 16     Bodybox CD Release Party with Voxxy Vallejo     8 pm  More info
APRIL 17     Origins - Scrapbooking by Kimberlee     3-5 pm More info
APRIL 18     The Tarot Experience by Voxxy (coming soon)
APRIL 21     100th Monkey     7:30-9:30 pm  More info
APRIL 23-25     Shakespeare-A-Thon      More info
APRIL 29    Julie Anderson campaign fundraiser (tentative)
APRIL 30     Urban Arts Festival Fundraiser (coming soon)

See website for details and updates:



We are also still recruiting new members for Speakeasy Arts Cooperative. For more information, go to



If you like what we are doing at Speakeasy and you'd like to become a sponsor
(to help ensure that we can keep up the good work!) please contact us. We'd love to discuss possibilities.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above please contact Angela Jossy at

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