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May. 14, 2014 at 4:49pm

STOP #8 on the May ART BUS Tour

Thursday May 15th 6 - 9 pm

ART BUS will also be visiting The Swiss - Tacoma, WA during our tour tomorrow night. This month The Swiss features art by Jennifer Chin. While Jennifer’s primary focus is painting and collage, printmaking and technology continue to be strong influences. In 1995 Jennifer completed a BA in Art from the University of Washington. Her paintings and prints are included in private collections in Arizona, California, Texas, and Washington. Jennifer currently lives and works in Tacoma.

She says, "My paintings are process and time driven. Deep pours of acrylic are affected by gravity, cracking textures are created through controlled chance (the thicker the paint the larger the cracks, the thinner the finer the cracks), and paints are watered down and left to pool and evaporate leaving patterns behind that are later enhanced over and over using the same processes. Each painting evolves while I work and reworked it, and the titles give a hint into the unique themes that emerge during this process that can take each layer anywhere from minutes to days to dry. There is always logic to be found in the chaos around us."

For more information about the May ART BUS Tour, visit

Tickets are $11 for Regular and $22 for VIP access which includes dinner (via Puget Sound Pizza), a bag full of exclusive deals and goodies from local businesses and raffle entry. To buy tickets now, visit

ART BUS is a tour led on the Third Thursday of each month in conjunction of Tacoma Art Walk. Ride the Walk with us. 

There will be games, prizes, a celebrity tour guide, swag and more not to mention delicious pizza provided by Puget Sound Pizza and terrific local art exhibits. 

We like the sound of "the Mayor in May" and we have had the Mayor as the celebrity tour guide in May before but she's out of town this time so we invited another local celebrity, the "Mayor" of Hilltop Rand Chiarovano, co-owner of Hilltop Loans! Come and find out how he got this nickname! 

This month we are visiting:

Brick House 
253 Collective
Woolworth windows at 11th and Broadway and Commerce
Throwing Mud Gallery
The Swiss
The Hub
London Couture 
Ginkgo Forest Winery 


VIP Bag Contributors Include: 

Embellish Multispace Salon:

Creative Colloquy:

The Grand Cinema:

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters:

Maxwells Restaurant:

Tacoma Comedy Club:

UWT bookstore:


Urban Garden Co:

A Touch of Wanderlust:

Waterstone Mortgage Corporation:

Puget Sound Revels:

Tacoma ART BUS is produced by Duchess of Downtown Tours and is sponsored by Weekly Volcano Newspaper, NWCZ Radio and Puget Sound Pizza.

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