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May. 28, 2009 at 12:20pm

While I've been quiet: Here's what I've been up to

Projects I'm working on:

1) Inspired Elegance - its like the 72 Hour Film Festival except they don't make movies, they make FASHION! Participants with no fashion experience have 24 hours to take donated fabric and design outfits. Don't worry, we are giving them each a design team to help pull it off. At the event they have to walk the runway in their new outfits. They'll also get style makeovers (hair & makeup) and lessons on walking the catwalk from Fashion Association of Tacoma. This event is a fundraiser for TACOMA ART PLACE. The date for this event is July 25th.

2) Weekly live Radio8Ball Show at Little Red Studio in Seattle on Dexter and Harrison - Randomly selected songs from a guest musician answer questions from audience members. Its bloody brilliant and a really fun show. This show is every Wednesday.

3) The Listening Room at Admiral Theater in West Seattle - The way this show works is there are four painters seated on stage with three acoustic singer/songwriters and a spoken word artist. Each singer will perform a song, then the spoken word artist performs one piece - all
the while the painters are each painting on a square canvas. When the spoken word artist finishes and its the first singer's turn to perform again the painters move to the next canvas. This sequence continues throughout the evening. During the performance there will be a silent
auction for the paintings. The first show I've helped to plan will be June 20th.

4) MY GARAGE SALE! When my mother passed away three years ago and my brothers and I had to clear out all her things and sell her house, I held on to so many of her things. I already had a lot of my own stuff too. My house is full of furniture and my two car garage was full of boxes and miscellaneous stuff. THIS WEEKEND  we are having a garage sale to purge some of the excess that is bogging down my life and raise money to move into a new building. My rent here is too expensive for me and the amount of freelance work I have to do to survive is insane. I need an infusion of cash and I have to unload all the stuff I don't need so this is the perfect solution. If you want to come to the garage sale, email me at and I'll send you the address and directions.

5) Art Makes Me Smart - This event is a day of free art workshops for teenagers and it has been postponed until September. More on that soon.

6) Point Defiance Music Fest - Although the official word hasn't come down yet, I'm pretty sure the Point Defiance Music Fest will not happen this year. Lack of sponsors was mostly to blame. Also the people of Ruston really want a farmers market so they are planning to put their energy toward that. I'm really excited about that possibility - its like having a festival every week instead of once a year.

7) A & R Project - A group of artists use their talents to help one worthy artist take their work to the next level. We are working with singer/songwriter Voxxy Vallejo on several aspects of presentation. The project will culminate in an event in November during Art At Work. Stay tuned!

8) Disco Party at Robert Daniel Gallery - I'm not the organizer of this event but they asked me to help then get the word out. Get down on it Saturday June 6th 8 pm to 1 am. That's the same day as Ladyfest (at Sanford & Son) so that will be a great day and night to be downtown Tacoma.

Other projects:

Some of the $100 A DAY clients I worked for in May are: Artist Judy Gilbert, Gallery Madera, Deanna Hart, Ruston Business District, Ana Sierra Ph.D., Pat Shuman, Rosalind Bell, Radio8Ball, Desiree Flerchinger, Tacoma Art Place and more ...

On the home front:

My roommate Desiree (DTA) and I did lots of yard work (I have a large yard in the front AND the back of my house). I went through and sorted all the boxes that filled my garage and organized things for the garage sale. The garage alone took me 2 entire days.

We also went to the close out sale at Gottschalks where Dez bought some white metal grids. They are perfect for festival booth walls. We got the matching baskets, shelves and hooks. We'll probably use them for the garage sale this weekend and if we move into a building we'll be able to use them for storage in case there aren't a lot of cabinets or shelving. I think tomorrow is the last day of that sale so if you want to get a good deal on fixtures, clothing, cosmetics, perfume, furniture, mannequin torsos and all sorts of neat stuff you still have time. The store next to it Joe's Sports (which used to be G.I. Joes) is also having a close out sale. That mall is going to be a ghost town with two major department stores leaving. So sad. I never shopped at these stores though. I prefer to shop local whenever possible. I do hit the Target over there sometimes though. At least they supposedly put 10% of their profits back into the community. Though I've often wondered exactly what that means. Someone should go all investigative reporter on that and find out. As you can see from the list above, I'm a little too busy at the moment.

If anyone reading this thinks I need a vacation and wants to send me on a Princess Cruise I'd be open to the idea. Just puttin' it out there! :)

See ya at the Artifact Party Friday night! Woohoo!

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