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Aug. 14, 2008 at 1:48pm

I am Hunger

A Lime Green Yard Sale

Last year Lynn Di Nino along with James Ceccanti, Jori Adkins, Elayne Vogel, Rick Semple, Jennevieve Schlemmer, and Claudia Reidner masterminded the I AM CURIOUS yard sale which featured the color yellow, and helped raise over $600 for Habitat for Humanity.


This year Lynn and Jennevieve bring you I AM HUNGER, a yard sale being held at the Glass Roots Arts Festival on the 24th of August benefiting the Emergency Food Network, and the color lime green.

Lynn’s email began with Dear Champions of community spirit. Now how could you not want to join in the fun?



WHAT: I AM HUNGER is the artist event taking place August 24th noon- 6 pm as part of the Glass Roots Arts Festival at 11th and Market Streets in Tacoma.

This is a one-day event, a “yard sale” to raise awareness about all of the objects that come in and out of our lives. Give new life to an object that might otherwise go to a landfill! All objects will be priced at a $5 suggested donation with all proceeds to benefit the Emergency Food Network.

Each person finds three found or gently used objects with interesting shapes—they must be larger than a bowling ball, yet small enough for one person to carry. Please don’t bring junk- we want these items to sell!! Absolutely no computers nor components. Paint the objects lime green, which you can have mixed in quarts at a paint or big box store. There is no generic pre-mixed color. (Last year when we asked for off-the-shelf Sun Yellow most items that arrived were in many shades of yellow, and they still looked great collectively, so this time we’re letting you decide what lime green looks like). Home Depot carries a spray lime green. The whole object must be painted lime green. Do not add any other colors. Glass and mirrors are ok to leave unpainted as long as rest of object is lime green.

Deliver items to the site (11th & Market Street) before 11:30 the day of the event. We hope you will hang out with us but it is not required. We know this will be a fantastic photo-op and hope you help us spread the word.

This spectacle will only work graphically if we generate a lot of lime green volume. The space we have picked out is large enough for hundreds of pieces!

  • Send this email to 5 friends you think would participate.
  • Create your lime green paint (find at Home Depot, Lowe's, paint store or mix yourself).
  • Schedule a painting party with some of your friends!!
  • August 24, 11:30: Deliver your work to be part of the spectacle!

Each item will sell for $5 and we’ll also collect donations to benefit the Emergency Food Network.


Okay, now you don't HAVE to bring three items in order to buy an item at the yard sale, but wouldn't it be more fun?  Hope to see you on the 24th! 

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