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Dec. 26, 2008 at 12:00am

Hi Jack: A Performance

I just can't say no to Lynn.


Hi, Ann? It's Lynn. Say I was wondering if you are free to come meet with some people about an idea I have for First Night...

And so it begins. I don't know why I can never say no to Lynn. Maybe it's the thrill of trying something in front of lots of people even though you're not sure it will work, but somehow it always seems to. Or it could be the joy of seeing why that little part you play comes together with everybody else's little parts and all of a sudden you're part of this big spectacle. Either way, I'm always glad when she calls to see if I'm interested, and I'm always glad I say yes.

What's her idea this time? Well, you'll have to go to First Night to see. My little part? Well, bring an instrument you've made out of recycled material, or just bring a plastic and/or tin container and make an instrument on site. I'll be the one in a Jester hat.

Oh, yeah -- and don't forget the toast.

And now for the official announcement:


WHAT: First Night is an alcohol-free outdoor offering of arts events in Tacoma from 7:30 - midnight. HI JACK is a performance art event designed for community involvement.

WHEN: HI JACK: From 8:30 until 10 the community is invited to create musical instruments using recycled plastic vessels, tin cans, sticks and gravel- which we will provide. At 10 pm a live performance will include a dancing duo, a railroad barker, a freight container, recorded music, costumed actors and a giant puppet springing from a jack-in-the-box if the drumming audience makes enough noise (music). 2009 mystery objects will be launched at the finale, providing souvenirs for spectators.

WHERE: Between 7th and 9th on Broadway in Tacoma Washington.

WHO: Created and produced by the Figure Head Roll team (leader Lynn Di Nino), Pacific Fusion Productions, L & M Artworks, and Exit 133.

WHY: Tacoma loves a spectacle, and as artists, we can't resist creating one, involving our arts community of over 100 volunteers and countless musical-instrument-making audience members.

WHAT WE ASK OUR AUDIENCE TO BRING: A homemade/recycled musical instrument and a piece of toast.

SPONSORS: The Gintz Group, The News Tribune, David Sweet, REI, The Port of Tacoma, David Mackey, Solid Waste Management and Frank Terrill.

  Photography:  Dan Hill

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by Heather on 12/28/2008 @ 9:10pm
Hmmm. We weren't going to venture downtown on NYE, but this is terribly tempting. We may need to alter our plans a bit!