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Jun. 17, 2008 at 3:14pm

Survived the State Democrat Convention.

Where were all the funny hat people?

I like to think of myself as politically active. You know, like I vote, plant the odd sign in my yard, and sometimes contribute money. This year (probably like many others) I became more involved in the whole process. I attended my local caucus, became a delegate, went to the congretional caucus, and attending the state convention this weekend in Spokane.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed. All my life I've pictured people in weird patriotic garb wearing funny hats tipsy-ing their way around the convention. What a let down -- most of these people seemed perfectly normal! Well except for the patriotic-pin-people. They were easy enough to avoid, you could hear them clinking from a mile away. 


I met lots of interesting people.


There was a parade of giant puppets.

And the Governor made an appearance, along with other dignitaries.

I got to vote on an agenda that affected the constitution of the Washington Democratic party without really knowing what I was doing.

I perfected the two second nap -- you know, where your eyes are so heavy you just can't keep them open and your head falls to your chest only to jerk back up, and you awake feeling oddly refreshed?

And we got to leave with a prize for staying till the end of the convention.

And I spent some quality time with the hubby.

All in all, a pretty good weekend experience.


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by fredo on 6/17/2008 @ 5:08pm
What was your prize?

by Ann on 6/17/2008 @ 9:06pm
I got to take the Pierce County sign home! Woo-hooo!!

by fredo on 6/18/2008 @ 12:44pm
Your story is too funny, Ann. Thanks for the posting.

by Heather on 6/18/2008 @ 4:26pm
Looks like a good trip. Thanks for sharing the pics! They made me smile.
Hubby looks pretty comfortable with that beer in his hand -- nice outdoor patio, too!