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Nov. 26, 2007 at 11:07am

Sugarcoat the problem

We're super, thanks for asking!

All those recent videos of alleged criminal activity on Tacoma Ave are just depressing. First, the production quality is a bit low. Let's get some makeup on these people so the faces of the accused aren't as ho-hum. And really the scene selection could seriously use some work. Instead of an awkward corner of Tacoma Ave. let's move to the crisp and clean Tollefson Plaza. At least down there no one will be in your way and you can have downtown as a backdrop.

The whole lurker/stalker perspective just isn't doing it for me either so get out in the open and setup your shot with a tripod or steadycam. For any close up work let's make sure to get some prettier people in there. Maybe the budget can be saved by asking for some volunteer models from the local arts community. Tell them it's a portfolio building piece.

Finally, we need clearly blocked action. Since these people are downtown shopping local or tourists enjoying the museums their actions need to be obvious. OK, in the first scene the father is seen giving money to what must be his young daughter. Follow up that shot with them both enjoying a cupcake they just bought. Oh, and when that rabble of youth is tustling in a parking lot we need to make it clear that they're all practicing a choreographed dance routine for one of our various free local arts festivals.

Plenty of sunshine can also be brought out on things like that foundry boo-boo. It wasn't really an explosion so much as edge-of-your-seat excitement safely tucked away in a part of Tacoma no one goes to anyway. And our high schools are chalked full of kids that enjoy playful activities in groups of their piers while strolling the hallways between class, the local shopping center, or the neighborhoods in which they live. Oh, and make sure everyone knows that aerobatics practice over Commencement Bay last week went exactly according to the 4th of July air show script.

Now that we've adjusted those videos and other issues for accuracy we need to talk attitude people. Let's make sure that any energy spent talking about Tacoma makes everyone feel good. Reality is what you make of it so ignoring anything that makes you uncomfortable by wrapping it up in some delicate facade seems the best route. When in doubt, close your eyes and blog about what makes Tacoma shine! Everyone reads and trusts blogs (as they should) so it'll be easy to convince them that condos are affordable and unique and all your local shopping needs can be found at safe and clean local convenience stores on every corner.

Now go forth, spread the good word about Tacoma, and cast any doubts like pebbles skipped from the newly opened and probably largest pedestrian bridge in America!

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by intacoma on 11/26/2007 @ 11:23am
Oh nice are you allowed to walk on the bridge?

by ensie on 11/26/2007 @ 11:36am
"...father is seen giving money to what must be his young daughter."

Love it!

by Erik on 11/26/2007 @ 12:16pm
I think all of the videos were taken down a few days ago.

by jenyum on 11/26/2007 @ 12:21pm
I'm glad we're at the point right now where it's apparently a problem that too many people are writing too many nice things about Tacoma.

I have to go check out that "Pedestrian Bridge" ;) sounds like a great blog entry.

by Erik on 11/26/2007 @ 12:42pm
The tnt is reporting via Fontaine that the videos were taken down because of intimidation:


“I got a lot of crackpots saying horrible things to me, like I'm signing my death warrant,” wrote the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous. “I don't have the emotional energy to see a mailbox full of hate mail.”


by KevinFreitas on 11/26/2007 @ 4:17pm
I saw that those videos were down. Total bummer that these had to go the same way of Laura Hanan's diligent documentation of troubles near her place downtown.

I'm glad we're at the point right now where it's apparently a problem that too many people are writing too many nice things about Tacoma.

Here, here! There's always a balance but staying positive while remaining critical seems to be a balance I strive for with my blogging.

by jenyum on 11/26/2007 @ 8:08pm
yeah, well I set myself up for lack of balance. 35 more days... Until what, I really don't know.

by Erik on 11/26/2007 @ 8:38pm
Great post and thread.

I don't think we have to worry about sugar coating too much, the MSM usually have overwhelming negative content about Tacoma. Just put in tacoma in a news google search.

But what it is worth, I use about a 5 to 1 (booster)/(problem addressing) ratio.

Hang in there Tacoma!

by Jake on 11/26/2007 @ 10:19pm
Magic Sandwich Makers? ;)