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Feb. 12, 2013 at 7:39pm

Traveling Light in Tacoma

My husband and I moved to Tacoma in 2007 and we have found it very difficult to meet people and make friends here.  Yes, we have gone to various events and we provide business to many local restaurants and bars.  We have been members of the Grand, attend First Night, and have been on the Art Bus.  We have listened to bands at the New Frontier and the Den, have shopped at Vanity, Sanford and Sons and the Proctor Farmer's Market.  While we have led busy lives working in other communities, we have always come home here, not living like hermits.  I recently joined a running meet-up group, partly to have someone to run with while my husband gets back in shape, but partly just to see if anyone around here might be interested in hanging out.  We are both pretty cool, intelligent, funny people with a wide range of interests and enjoy living in the City of Destiny. 


I am wondering if others have had a similar experience or if anyone has any suggestions for us . . .

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