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Jan. 26, 2009 at 5:03pm

1988 MISL All-Star Game, Tacoma Dome

With the Tacoma Stars

I decided to postpone a few other topics I had planned to post.  So today I just have a memento from some happier times at the Tacoma Dome.  Were any of you there? 


The TNT supplement for the 1988 MISL All-Star Game:




The players and coaches:



Tacoma's 1988 All-Stars:








Referee Signals:




Tiffany, "the latest teen singing sensation" to entertain soccer fans:


Links with additional info:








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by Mofo from the Hood on 1/29/2009 @ 9:37am
Tiffany performed at the Tacoma Dome?!

by Angela on 1/29/2009 @ 10:16am
Hell, yeah, I was there! I LOVED my Tacoma Stars! I don't think I missed a game from '87 'til the league folded. My friends and I would get to the games early, leave late, run down to the fences to slap their hands anytime they came on or off the field, went to the post-game parties whenever we could. We spent many a summer day watching at the soccer camps. Anytime, anywhere we could see our Stars we were there. I can still name many of them to this day! From those pictured above I loved Neil, Mike and Gary (that's him hugging Preki in the Yugoslav Wonder photo - yes, I can recognize him from the back of his head!). Ralph, next to Steve in that photo, was also a favorite but Preki never thrilled us and we hated Steve Zungul.

Thanks for the links - watching some of those old videos brought back the rush of excitement. Glad I'm working from home or the people in the office would have thought I was crazy grinning from ear to ear and raising my arms in triumph. This also reminded me that I have videotapes of games stored in a box somewhere. I'll have to search those out someday - and hope I can find a machine to play them on!

Thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane! GO STARS!!

by Dave_L on 1/29/2009 @ 11:32am
Thanks for telling us your story, Angela! You were quite the fan, and even hearing your account brings back that feeling of Stars excitement. I guess I was more of a fair-weather fan, but went to several games in regular-season and playoff. They really packed the Dome! I'm glad there are a hanful of videos available on youtube. www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgaMxTR9l-g If anyone knows the scoop on the new Tacoma Stars, the upcoming games, and the indoor league, please tell us. I can't find much on it on-line. I might have to go to the Soccer Center and ask. I didn't have any Stars merchandise so I had to buy a T-shirt from cafepress www.cafepress.com/PSSM
By the way, some Soccer Center trivia, it was designed by Bert Smyser, who also designed the Java Jive. Boeing built bomber section in there during WWII, and you can still find aluminum rivets in the cracks between the floorboards. Bert's house just off River Road is the epitome of streamline design. www.historictacoma.net/ht/2008-event-arc...


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