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May. 7, 2010 at 12:00pm

Going to Songpa, Making a List!

Today is my last day of work before I'm off to Korea. May 24th will be my first day teaching English to kindergartners in South Korea. The joint is called LCI (Language Club International) Academy.

I'll be in Seoul. Seoul is HUGE. Almost half of Korea's population is within Seoul's limits! It's so huge it's broken down into districts which can be identified by the 'gu' at the end of their names. I'll be in Songpa-gu. It has the only female mayor of the 25 districts. Fun fact... Tacoma's female mayor is HALF Korean!

Since these each of these districts is the size of a city, they are broken down into neighborhoods identifiable by the 'dong' at the end of their names. I'll be in Jamsil-dong.

Here is the exact location

This is the school

These are the areas I'm looking forward to:

And hopfully I don't get stuck living someplace like this:

Either way I'll be seeing/doing lots of this:

Wait... I think that last photo is from North Korea...

Now I need your help! I need to make a list of things to do and see while in Korea! If I put your suggestion on my list of things to do, I will take pictures of me doing it for everyone to see!

- David

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Apr. 29, 2010 at 1:20am

Starting a blog. Going to Korea

This will officially be my first blog post EVER on the interwebs. I have been back in Tacoma for over 3 years. I've owned my Hilltop house for over 2 years. Recently, I've been reengaging in Tacoma. I've been following the local news a more, volunteering more, and attending more community meetings and events. I'm falling in love all over again...

The problem is... I've quit both of my jobs and have signed a contract to teach English to kindergarteners in Korea! I will be gone for a year! I will be renting out all the rooms in my house and my little brother will be managing the place for me while I'm gone. My flight leaves May 23rd.

I will need a way to communicate with my friends and my family while still being engaged in Tacoma... so here I am, finally starting my feed tacoma blog. For the next year, my blog will be about my adventures in Korea! My next post will be about the school and neighborhood I will be working in!

- David

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Going to Korea. This is the blog.

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