Nov. 12, 2008 at 4:23pm

Blues music at Rhapsody in Bloom tonight

GONE POSTAL will sing and pick for you!

Sorry for the very late notice. It's taken awhile to recover from a week in Hawaii. Too danged much sun! Just in case you're looking for something groovy to do this evening.

My buddy, Stevie Carman, loves to sing the blues. He also writes songs, happy songs, and he loves to sing those, too.

He and I have been playing in the streets, at farmers markets mostly, and have started calling ourselves Gone Postal, an homage to our shared former employer, our shared retired status, and our generally disgruntled natures.

Stevie is playing this evening (Wednesday, the 12th of November) at Rhapsody in Bloom, a lovely flower/coffee/snack/music venue on the north side of Sixth Avenue, between Proctor and Union. The show is from 7 - 9 pm. It's being billed (at least by Stevie's lovely wife Leslie, in an email she sent out) as a Gone Postal show, although I feel I'm mostly there as a sideman, which is a role I embrace. This is because Stevie's original material and public domain (that means old) material fit more neatly into that royalty-free category that Denise Smith (Rhapsody's owner) prefers to showcase.

A recent addition to the Gone Postal family is our extra-good buddy, Goodwin Trent, bass player, punster, and certifiably tall songwriter. He'll sing a few of his own tunes and provide that big bottom end we love so much (on the bass!). He's not postal, but he is retired, and by all accounts, was quite disgruntled before said retirement.

Anyway, most of you probably have fabulous plans for the evening ... walking in the rain, standing in the rain, running in the rain, hiding from the rain, and of course, singing in the rain ... the possibilities are endless.

If you're free, though, you could do worse than come down to Rhapsody in Bloom this evening and catch some lowdown gritty blues. We'll save a seat for you ... and you ... and you.

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