Sep. 10, 2009 at 9:15am

A Musical Farewell to Summer

Second Sunday Music at Wright Park

OUT OF SIGHT/OUT OF MIND Sunday at Seymour Conservatory

Y'all may know this, or maybe you don't ...

The second Sunday of every month, there's an event called ... yep ... Second Sunday Music and it happens at the WW Seymour Conservatory, which is the jewel of Wright Park, which is, itself, one of Tacoma's precious jewels. The music starts at 1:00 PM and ends at 2:30.

You should, of course, come every month and enjoy the music, the sights and smells of the lush paradise within those glass walls, and the lovely expanse that is Wright Park. But, there's an extra special reason you should get down there this Sunday: we're playing.

We? Who's "we?"

Out of Sight, Out of Mind ... that's who.

It hurts to hear you ask, "Who are they?"

Don Izenman ... I put me first because I'm the one writing this. I play guitar and mandolin and sing songs written by other people. Some day, perhaps, I'll join my band mates in writing some of my own material. Hmmm ... maybe I can put this email to music.

Joe Izenman, not so coincidentally shares my last name. He also plays guitar and mandolin, writes songs in his sleep, eschews (when he can), like his father, the infernal combustion engine, and never litters (it's not just a good idea ... it's the law). It is a pleasure to make music with one who shares some of your DNA.

Goodwin Trent is the tallest of the bunch (and we're all pretty tall), and is incapable of keeping his puns inside himself ... they burst out, without warning, in conversation and in song. He plays the electronical bass guitar, and other stringed instruments. He writes songs with warmth and humor (did I mention his puns?) and he has an adorable Airedale puppy named Sparky.

All three of these dudes do some singing.

It all adds up to good sounds, good smells (we're talking about the plants mostly, but we do, as a band, commit to good hygiene ... not the law, but a good idea, nonetheless) and a jolly good time.

The facts:

This Sunday, September 13th.
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
WW Seymour Conservatory at Wright Park
316 S. G St. ... in beautiful Tacoma.

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by Raido on 9/10/2009 @ 11:23am
I will be there! Looking forward to it all. Love the Conservatory, love the music, and I'm the band's main groupie (as far as I know).


Don Izenman ... retired mailman ... occasional musician ... proud father ... happily married (this time for sure!) ... contented non-driver ... interested in all things local and all things Tacoma. Oh yeah ... food, beer, and wine!

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