Aug. 9, 2008 at 2:30pm

"Out of Sight ..." in full view at Wright Park tomorrow

Second Sunday Music -- 1:00 - 2:30 PM

What ... again?

Yes, it's true ... music among the flowers at the WW Seymour Botanical Conservatory at Wright Park this coming Sunday, August 10th. This is the trio version of Out of Sight/Out of Mind, an intriguing mix of geezer wisdom and youthful exuberance (or is it the other way around?).

Don Izenman and Goodwin Trent have been playing music together longer than their dissipating brain cells can accurately track. Joe Izenman, urban legend, has been a part of the group since January of this year, when his busy schedule allows. By all credible accounts, he will be there this Sunday.

What emerges from this inter-generational collaboration is more than simply middle-aged ennui and youthful angst (pardon my French and my German) ... it's a downright catchy blend of country-flavored cover tunes (Don's specialty), humorous and touching songs written and performed by Goodwin, and songs destined to be classics and certain to make Joe rich and even more famous than he already is.

The Conservatory is marking its 100th birthday, with a big celebratory bash the following Saturday, August 16th. Check out the web site above for more information about that. We're sort of the opening act for that whole shebang.

The details are like this:

Sunday, August 10th

1:00-2:30 PM

WW Seymour Conservatory at Wright Park

There's music on the Second Sunday of every month and this time it's us. We usually play inside, near the gift shop, a charming, cozy setting among the flowers ... it''s steamy and fragrant, much like the band members themselves. If it's really warm, we might play right outside, under the trees. Either way, it's a sweet venue, and a great opportunity to browse one of Tacoma's grand treasures, named after one of Tacoma's great mayors.

There's no cover charge (nor is there ever any charge to visit the Conservatory), but we carry a very large tip jar and we encourage generosity in all your travels, this Sunday and every day.

So, be sure to make it to Wright Park this Sunday and then get in on the festivities around the centennial celebrations.

The picture up above is from a performance at Rhapsody in Bloom. This next picture is at the Conservatory, back when Joe was hairy.

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