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Jan. 27, 2009 at 10:18am


$25.00 TATTOO'S

Due to the economy  I have lowered some of my prices!   I'm now doing $25.00 Tattoo's.

Great prices for that first tattoo!

Here is the breakdown:

Up To 1/2Hr...........$25.00
Over 1/2Hr to 1 Hr. $50.00
Over 1Hr..............$100.00/hr.

I work by appointment so give me a call.......253-732-0366.  If I don't answer, please leave a message and I will call you right back.

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by fredo on 1/27/2009 @ 10:53am
One thing I admire about the tattoo business is that it's not subject to outsourcing, those tattoo jobs have to stay here.