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Oct. 7, 2008 at 11:13am

"Eat the View" Petition

Kitchen gardens instead of lawn!

Hi, folks,

KUOW had their local garden experts on this morning and one mentioned this great campaign to get the next president to dig up the White House lawn and plant a garden for their use and for local food banks.  I think it's a great idea.

Where can we do that locally?  Maybe the Esplanade?  Fireman's Park?  Wright Park?  Maybe some local landscapers could specialize in kitchen garden plots for busy homeowners with space, desire for eating locally, but no time to maintain them.  Beats mowing lawns and spraying ornamentals!  I'm available to work for anyone wanting to do that.

Check out this website and sign the petition!

See you Friday at Frost Park.


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by Earthdaughter on 10/7/2008 @ 11:24am
Darn it! It posted twice again. How do I delete one of these?


I'm trying to find the folks who worked on this garden site in the past. I've met some at various events, but now I can't find them! Or the owner of the property.

As I understood it, the issue that stopped the garden was a broken water pipe. I have a solution to that. What I'd need to make this happen would be permission to do it from the owner, a few people who could help dig some trenches, and someone to agree to take responsibility for the water account. (That wouldn't mean they would have to pay it themselves, necessarily, but TPU will need someone to open the account, probably the owner of the property.)

I have lots of seeds, too, that I'd like to see planted this season since they were generously donated. I am also willing to work some on the garden, but I'm still in the process of purchasing the property on S J St. so won't have a lot of time.

So if you want to be part of this lovely garden site again, or for the first time, and can put me in touch with the owner, etc., please email me at

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