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Dec. 10, 2007 at 12:31am

A 10' x 5' Micro Boutique 'Flourish Invades Proctor

Today, I discovered a 50 sq ft micro botique jewelry shop "Flourish"on the back of the Pacific Northwest Shop.  (See the interview with owner Bill Evans today in Exit 133.).

This is the former office of the North End Neighborhood Council.  I never thought a business could actually be run out of here.  I hope it works.  Proctor Farmers Market is immediately adjacent to the space. 

About four people can comfortably stand in the store.  If you are interested in seeing a niche, check them out.  Corner of 27th and Proctor by the fish.  You can also say hello to Bill Evans who owns the Pacific NW shop in the front of the building.

Here it is.  The door is on the right. You are seeing the back wall from the window which is about 5 feet away.  Great use of space which is coveted in Proctor.

Another nighttime shot.  The Pacific NW Shop is on the front.  Flourish is on the back.

Of course, you could always drive to the mall.

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