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Apr. 22, 2008 at 12:38am

2 New Tacoma Blogs: Pacific Grill Chefs and Unstable Art

Just when one might think there are enough blogs in Tacoma, two more have recently joined the Tacoma blogosphere.

I.  Pacific Grill - Talk with the Chefs

by Chef Aaron Valimont and Chef Gordon Naccarato

This is about the best restaurant food review site you are going to find in Tacoma.  The site also gives a "day in the life"  of a chef and running a restaurant which is always great material for blogs.

Pacific Grill
really knows how to make an great restaurant and bar in a historical building in the midst of Tacoma grid.

One can spend alot of money here or skate by spending very little at their great happy hour. One of the best deals in town.

Blog Sample

So far their best analysis on their site has been of The Hub.  Rather than just stating that the food was good or bad, they describe the process they use in reviewing the restaurant in a down to earth manner:

Here it is:

The pizza arrived in just minutes looking delicious, covered with large fresh basil leaves. Actually too large to easily eat. The leaves should be roughly torn, so they are bite-sized.

Steve dove in, but I noticed he went for the salt shaker. I tasted my first bite. Nice flavorful crust, thin and crisp around the edge, with a little char. I wish they had left the pie in the oven maybe three minutes longer as the center of the crust would have developed a little more char and flavor which would have had a little more crust like the edges but this crust is GOOD.

But like my brother I reached for the salt.

A pizza is inherently a bland bread item. Cheese is bland, bread is bland. You choose salty condiments to put on top as “punctuation marks of flavor” against this bland background. [think salty olives, salty pepperoni, salami, anchovies, and so on].

The pesto was garlicky and good but needed a bit of salt to bring the rest of the ingredients into focus and make them pop. The goat cheese was not on its own, salty enough to accomplish this. The pesto was also a little dry. It needed a little more olive oil. And the chicken should have also been seasoned. A minor complaint –especially on night one. Comment: The site has great pictures of food.  However, they seem to still be struggling to figure out out to have blog posts feed into Feed Tacoma.

II.  Unstable Arts

by Andrea Trenbeath Lowen

Unstable Arts is the very newest blog in the Tacoma blogosphere.  (added 4/21/2008)

Looking through the 80 blogs or so coming through Feed Tacoma, there are very few, if any, that could be considered exclusively artist blogs.

Andrea uses her first post to signify her intention to attend the next Frost Park chalk challenge this Friday and her resolution to defeat RR Anderson.

Here is her first entry on Feed Tacoma:

I'll be back.

Could it be that I've at last found an embracing environment in The City of Destiny? I can go out to draw in the rain and hail and there'll be others there?

Apparently so, as the Tacoma Urbanist reported for this past Friday's Chalk Art Contest at Frost Park. I'm not from around here, and I've spent most of my time hunkered down in my cave. It's encouraging to find out just how committed this community is to creative expression...

I'll be there next Friday to win back the title.

Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.  ...Just a good-natured threat. :)
(bold added)

Drawing from Unstable Arts.

The successful blogs I have seen are the ones with unique and local content.

Seeing the inside working of a restaurant and a Tacoma artist are certainly great subjects.  Food and art.  Usually a picture or two (or more) and some sort of commentary works pretty well regardless of the subject.

Yet, no one wants to see a menu or inventory list cut and pasted.  Beer and Hot Dogs seems to be the model of how to combine a business with a blog IMO.

It doesn't take much.  One of my most popular posts on the Tacoma Urbanist  to date consists of cell phone pictures of a few cappuccinos in Tacoma and a few comments.

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