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Dec. 8, 2007 at 12:17am

Battle on Tacoma Avenue Continues

The Tacoma Avenue  "suspicious activity" videos are back online after being removed for a time.  Many Tacomans were concerned that another person reporting on crime stopped their activity because they felt intimidated.

Local residential "eyes on the street" are apparently working with the police to try to bring some stability to Tacoma Avenue.  I link to their latest video in support of their efforts.  Reminds me of a Jane Jacob's quote on obtaining safe streets:

The first thing to understand is that the public peace-the sidewalk and street peace-of cities is not kept primarily by the police, necessary as police are.  It is kept primarily by an intricate almost unconscious, network of voluntary controls and standards among the people themselves, and enforced by the people themelves.

If linking to the video helps strengthen this network in some manner, so much the better. Although the work with the police is good, Tacoma Avenue is going to need some additional "normal" activity in the area to fill the urban vacuum that is there now.  There are certainly alot of empty buildings andparking lots that could have some mixed income housing in them and some (legal) commercial activity.

Here is the U Tube collection of them by StopCrimeOnTacomaAve.


No one is sure who is taking the video.  However, here is their statement on U Tube:

Age: 40

Hi. Thanks for looking at our site.

I work in the area of 6th and Tacoma Avenue.

If you are a local resident, business owner, or other caring individual or government agency please contact us through the site and we'll add you to our list of friends so you have access.

I am not the only one recording this activity. There are several people around this block set with camera ready who are doing it, and I am posting them.

I am not posting these videos as proof of any one person's activity. I am posting these so others can be aware of the activity.

You can see patterns, the same people doing the same things. I've seen this get more organized recently.

I want to affect a positive change for our neighborhood. I want to connect with my neighbors to help make changes to our area that will help reduce this activity.

I love Tacoma. I've lived here my whole life.

I've seen it really, really bad. I've seen it pretty good. But recently it is getting worse. More and more activity here. It is getting pushed around the town.

I want to feel safe coming to my business. And I want my customers to feel safe. I know many who live in the surrounding blocks, and I want them to feel safe at night, and on the weekends when the activity has typically been worst.

The TPD and other agencies are working together with the business people and residents, to begin to make positive changes.

If you want to have a positive affect feel free to email us.

Best wishes

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