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Aug. 7, 2009 at 12:01am

Believe it Tacoma: A Grocery Store is Being Built Downtown


In the last few years, Tacomans have been enticed and taunted with promises and press releases of plans and artist renditions of potential projects throughout downtown.

Yet, so very few of these plans actually came to fruition.

Yet,as Morgan pointed out a few weeks ago, there is actually, in reality, a grocery store being being built in downtown. Here are the latest pictures taken on August 5th of the Metropolitan Development mixed-use project at 25th and Yakima:

This development has the potential to breathe some life into stalled townhouse developments in the area as well as Hilltop itself, which has been nearly eviscerated.

Godspeed new grocery store!

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by Erik on 8/7/2009 @ 12:50am
Pictures from July:


by morgan on 8/7/2009 @ 6:34am
If I were to guess, I would say Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market would be a good fit for this location:
wide selection of high-quality foods and top name brands offered at budget prices.

by Joel 413 on 8/7/2009 @ 7:10am
Oh, I sold at the right time. That was the most amazing view in the city. Good by sweet view, you will be missed. Granted, I don't live their anymore, but still...

by Jake on 8/7/2009 @ 7:12am
Morgan that might be a good guess. The stores are smaller and they have many locations in Arizona. The developer MRED has a lot of connections to Arizona.

by fredo on 8/7/2009 @ 7:33am
It looks like all the construction is crooked. Project manager better get out there with a level.

by Joel 413 on 8/7/2009 @ 8:56am
@fredo - That because the photographer made the street look level. Which from teh vantage point where he took it from, it's not. It's pretty steep up there ;) As I know trying to shoot for the driveway in the snow.

by Nick on 8/7/2009 @ 10:29am

Bah, that's no excuse! At the very least the developer should have petitioned the authorities for a variance on the laws of physics for this project. I forsee the Proctor Safeway applying for such a variance sometime in the future, and if Safeway can do it... well you know how the saying goes!

by Erik on 8/7/2009 @ 11:05am
@fredo - That because the photographer made the street look level.

Yes, I had adverse photographic conditions.

Does anyone have the artist rendition of what the building is supposed to look like in the end?

by Altered Chords on 8/7/2009 @ 1:49pm
Nick raises an excellent point. If the Luzon were able to obtain such a variance on the laws of physics, that building would be occupied now!

by L.S.Erhardt on 8/7/2009 @ 2:31pm
The Luzon, in a quantum sense, both does not exist and exists in all possible configurations of it's atoms.

And considering all atoms are like 99.999% empty space, you can argue that there is pretty much nothing there.

by jenyum on 8/9/2009 @ 8:38pm
I suppose we are doing OK compared to some historically blue collar cities.

"In this recession-racked town, the lack of food is a serious problem. It's a theme that comes up again and again in conversations in Detroit. There isn't a single major chain supermarket in the city, forcing residents to buy food from corner stores."


by nigelzfinch on 8/9/2009 @ 9:49pm
25th and Yakima? That's still a bus ride for me since it's up a serious incline from the theatre district. In that case I'll probably still be shopping at Stadium Thriftway... unless there's something unique or admirable about the new grocer - like a co-op! That would work for me big time! Speaking of Detroit - when I was living in the Wayne State University area I shopped at a nearby co-op - not corner stores. But if I'm forced to shop at a major supermarket I'll go all the way to 19th and Stevens if I have to. The corner stores good for emergency toilet paper or coffee cream!