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Jan. 31, 2011 at 3:00pm

Breaking : Media Savvy Tacomamamma: to Live Blog Mayor Strickland's State of the City Speech

Many Tacomans have tried to blog successfully. 

However, few have been featured on Seattle TV for their blogging ability and are as prolific as Jennifer Boutell (Tacomamamma) and covered political forums.

I could quote you media saturation statistics with pie charts showing the share of blogging internet traffic in Tacoma.  However, it more efficient to simply post this Tacomic which illustrates the relative market share of various bloggers in Tacoma:

Tacomamamma has also made past voting recommendations in her now famous voting guides.

Follow State of the City Address Instantly via Twitter!

To following the State of the City Address live via Tacoma Mamma via Twitter follow this link.

(Thanks Jennifer! I owe you a coffee!)

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by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 3:26pm
Tacomamamma's blogging and internet skills are almost unparalleled. And she's always passionate and civil in her postings.

Her political positions...not so good.

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 3:29pm
You wouldn't believe how famous tacoma mama is among the preschool teacher cliques.

by Erik on 1/31/2011 @ 3:45pm
Who can forget the Tacoma mamma voting guide:


by Erik on 1/31/2011 @ 3:46pm
Ok. I tested the twitter link.

All systems are go for live coverage on Twitter!

by jenyum on 1/31/2011 @ 4:01pm
Wow, that's a lot of build up, let us hope the TV Tacoma broadcast goes as planned or this will be a bit anticlimactic! (Tacoma Mama's kids are not big fans of live speeches.)

by Erik on 1/31/2011 @ 4:06pm
Ha. You deserve it. TV Tacoma can't fail. Not now!

Wow. You have 1718 Twitter followers! Impressive.

by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 4:08pm
"let us hope the TV Tacoma broadcast goes as planned or this will be a bit anticlimactic!"

good luck jen but if something goes wrong remember...shift happens!

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 4:57pm
read this www.thenewtakhoman.com/ before it disappears down the memory hole of archaic web design.

by jenyum on 1/31/2011 @ 7:01pm
TV Tacoma is showing "CityScape" I don't think they are showing the speech.

by jenyum on 1/31/2011 @ 7:05pm
Yeah... definitely doesn't look like they will be showing it. Let me know if it's going to be on later or something.

by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 7:52pm
The most important speech in years is being pre empted by a re-run of CityScape? Wow, I think Mayor Strickland's been dissed.

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 8:32pm
I was there for the whole thing. Pretty Awesome! Library Closures = Opportunity !

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 10:32pm

here are my notes or LIVE DOODLING made in person 20 feet away from the Mayor. Way more awesome than TacomaMama who just cried the whole time about how TV Tacoma wasn't showing it.

by Erik on 1/31/2011 @ 10:32pm
TV Tacoma is showing "CityScape" I don't think they are showing the speech.

Ooops. Too bad. Thanks for being there anyway!

Thanks for the review RR. Did you sell any books?

by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 11:09pm
Your doodling was an amusing reference for people who didn't get to witness the wonderful speech.

Dr. King once said "I have a dream..."

Mayor Strickland said "I think I'll have cream..."

President Lincoln said "Four score and seven years ago..."

Mayor Strickland said "My pension funds in seven years or so..."

President Kennedy said "Ask not what you can do for your country..."

Mayor Strickland said "Ask not if you can enter our country..."

by Erik on 2/1/2011 @ 12:32am
Update via the Tribune:

Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland laid out an ambitious agenda Monday night for the City of Tacoma in 2011, starting with finishing projects the city already has under way.

In Tacomas first State of the City address in recent memory, Strickland told a crowd at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center that the city needs to support previous investments while pursuing new opportunities that build on Tacomas strengths.


by Jesse on 2/1/2011 @ 8:06am
@RR: Goats???

by NineInchNachos on 2/1/2011 @ 9:42am
yes. Goats were used to clean up Mckinley Park. Way more effective than a two stroke weed wacker

by captiveyak on 2/1/2011 @ 10:09am
i wish i'd been there to liveblog it. but i was drunk.