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Jan. 27, 2011 at 12:01am

Breaking: Ryan Mello Files with PDC to Retain Tacoma City Council Seat

Here is the C1 form Mello filed on January 20, 2011 with the PDC:


Mello was appointed to the Tacoma City Council after being vetted with the rest of the Tacoma 44.  Only he and councilmember Boe were selected for appointment by the council.

Urbanism Advocate

Mello played a leading role before his appointment in transforming the city building code for Tacoma's mixed use centers from a 1950 auto centric holdover to a more modern urban version and is working to further improve the code.

This accomplishment will help create more Proctor and 6th Avenues in Tacoma and less Westgates and suburban strip malls.

Mello has shown he is willing to stick his neck out to slow down the city's march toward transforming into a huge parking lot:

Re: the Sauro site via the Tribune

Councilmen David Boe and Ryan Mello, the dissenters, view the new lot as a bad idea that adds no value to a property in which the city already has invested nearly $3 million with hopes to some day sell it to developers. The idea of another parking lot downtown  essentially, creating another dead spot in a struggling area  runs counter to good urban planning, they say.

More on Mello via the Weekly Volcano and Exit 133.

Time after time, Mello has lead the efforts to pragmatically rebuild and revitalize Tacoma.

Trivia: Mello earned himself a Schrammie from snarking Seattle based Ken Schram via Komo 4 for leadership in support of a smoking ban in Tacoma's parks. Regardless of how one feels about the smoking ban (or the Arizona issues), Tacoma needs more city councilmembers willing to stand up for Tacoma against Seattle (and Olympia) when necessary.

Tangent: Schram's writing in his opposition to 901 (the indoor smoking ban in Washington) is posted in the Smoker's Club.

Final Thought

Ryan  Mello and David Boe are leading urbanists on the Tacoma City Council.  We need them there to provide knowledge and leadership.  Retain Boe and Mello on Tacoma City Council.

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by Erik on 1/27/2011 @ 12:30am
More info on Mello:

Cascade Land Conservancy:


by Erik on 1/27/2011 @ 12:33am
From COT web page:

Ryan Mello was appointed to the Tacoma City Council in January 2010 and represents the At-large position 8. Previously, Ryan was elected citywide to the Metropolitan Park Board of Commissioners in 2005.

Born in Kailua, Hawaii, Ryan came to Tacoma in 1997 to attend the University of Puget Sound where he earned a degree in Politics & Government. Ryan has also served as a chief of staff for State Rep. Hans Dunshee and before that as an AmeriCorps volunteer implementing the Youth United program at the United Way of Pierce County. Ryan has been active in the community serving on United Way of Pierce County Committees and the Boards of local non-profits such as Equal Rights Washington. In 2008 – 2009 Ryan served as Co-Chair of the City’s Green Ribbon Task Force on Climate Change producing the City’s plan for addressing global climate change.

Ryan currently works as the Pierce County Director for the Cascade Land Conservancy. He and his partner Jerry have three dogs and two cats and live in central Tacoma in walking distance of the 6th Avenue Business District. Ryan serves on the Environment & Public Works Committee and the Puyallup River Watershed Executive Task Force. Ryan is most interested in ensuring basic services are delivered effectively, economic development is thriving and everyone in Tacoma who wants a job has a good paying job, that we have efficient transportation solutions for our lives and that our environment is healthy for everyone to enjoy.

Ryan enjoys hiking, kayaking, walking the dogs at local parks and in the neighborhood and community service.

Term Expiration: December 31, 2011