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Feb. 29, 2008 at 12:21am

But Who Will Watch Tacoma Cartoonist RR Anderson?

During the last year, Tacomans have sat by and observed RR Anderson as he has executed one prank after another: hijacking the Tacoma Art list serve, observing and mocking Tacomans and creating characteratures of our elected and civic leaders.

All fair and legal I suppose. 

But who is watching RR Anderson?  While many of us have been reduced to cartoon and action figures, RR scribbles away as we squirm like omebas  in his petri dish.

No doubt, the technology I use is brutish, yet, I have discovered a few things.

First, the Tacomic that he supposedly publishes "exclusively" on online i Feed Tacoma blog Tacomic is now also found on flattened wood pulp in the Volcano:

Yet, there are not just RR's Tacomics in the Volcano, RR also has ads in Volcano to recruit people...into...well cartooning or something.  Hard to tell.

Here, playing on their mental vulnerability, RR attempts to recruit the legions of Pierce County's mentally depressed and ill.  Does he realize the Volcano might be read by the legions of people at Western State Hospital?

I have to wonder what would happen if someone actually called 238-6718? 

Perhaps a caller is really "hopeless" and is at their end of their rope and is able to make one last call before ending it all.  But who do they end up talking to?  A cartoonist!

As dangerous as the earlier ads were, they at least made some sense in the same way recruting someone for a cult makes sense:sifting through a bunch of depressed and distressed people in an attempt to acquire followers.

In the above ad,  RR Anderson expounds on usefulness of the "internets."   Even if true, however, I don't know why a reader would be motivated to call the number in the ad.

It gets weirder:

On his website, RR recently suggests that compiling all of the Volcano HFW ads together will make some sort of combined message. 

But now, weeks into publishing, no one likely even knows that the ads were being produced.  Its too late now.  I doubt anyone has all of the pieces made to date to make sense of it, yet RR will no doubt keep making puzzle pieces which can never be combined.

Final Observation

The above piece indicates that RR Anderson will be having a "Tacomic Party" at The Helm?  Let's get real.  How can an event be centered around a few cartoons?  I am not even sure cartooning is an art!  (The Helm isn't the Mineral!)

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by Suzy Stump on 2/29/2008 @ 7:15am
Western State Hospital is our largest distribution point. We're huge there.

by izenmania on 2/29/2008 @ 7:34am
Comics are for kids, which means that clearly this "Nachos" character is attempting to corrupt our youth.

There is only one solution: It's hemlock time for RR Anderson!

by NineInchNachos on 2/29/2008 @ 8:58am
Come one and All to This Saturday (march 1st) to THE HELM to see a small installation of art/cartoons among many other top notch local tacoma artists!

Although I do not consider my cartoons "art" as I'm only interested in making money not art.

People do have a chance to collect another puzzle piece.

by izenmania on 2/29/2008 @ 9:06am
RR stands for Rcapitalist Rpig.

The Rs are silent.

by NineInchNachos on 2/29/2008 @ 9:27am
Any un-authorized use of the letter "R' specifically typed together without a space "RR" is a violation of my capitalist copyrights under the US Stagnation Treaty 666.

Please remove this infringement immediately or I will be forced to point out to the feedtacoma audience that you mr. izenmania are infact wearing pants on your head.

I expect a reply within 24 hours or I will file a lawsuit without waring (offer void after the inevitable collapse of the united states financial superstructure).

by Erik on 2/29/2008 @ 10:22am
Although I do not consider my cartoons "art" as I'm only interested in making money not art.

That will no doubt relieve many artists to know that you are not in competition with them.....or are you?

RR: Has anyone called your help line yet? What kind of mental health/cartoonist counseling do you give them?

by NineInchNachos on 2/29/2008 @ 10:30am
so far mostly just staffing/recruiter companies from seattle.

I have gotten one call from a gentlemen who responded to my "Cartoon Mascot" ad

secret volcano ad

by AP on 2/29/2008 @ 10:32am
I'm biting the bullet.... dialing.. ringing..

I was told by the recording that "together we can make a difference"... if only I knew what sort of difference..

Reluctantly, I left a short message. Let's hope my voice doesn't end up in the wrong hands for the purposes of evil.

Overall, everything seems stable here after placing the call. I might even recommend that others do the same for a quick chuckle.

by Erik on 2/29/2008 @ 10:33am
There's one that looks like an actual ad.

so far mostly just staffing/recruiter companies from seattle.

Yes, the South 5 folks have been pretty active lately.

by intacoma on 2/29/2008 @ 11:02am
What time is the show?

by NineInchNachos on 2/29/2008 @ 11:40am
Local Artist Jury Artshow @ Helm
OPENING: Saturday March 1st, 5-10pm

Tacomic Birthday Party @ Helm
ONE NIGHT ONLY: Sunday March 9th, 3-5pm
RSVP is required (stay tuned)

by NineInchNachos on 2/29/2008 @ 11:51am
here is the first ad as it appeared in the reborn volcano

original advertisement

by Erik on 2/29/2008 @ 12:09pm
Wow. Two downtown cartoon events in a month.

by NineInchNachos on 2/29/2008 @ 12:31pm
in tacoma cartoons are the new glass

by Erik on 3/2/2008 @ 5:41pm
in tacoma cartoons are the new glass

I guess so. Hair salons, cupecakes, glass, martial arts and cartoons seem to be the new wave downtown.

by jcbetty on 3/2/2008 @ 8:42pm
hair, cake, and glass are passe. Martial arts help you kick ass while moving lips at a different rate than the soundtrack, and will, therefore, never be passe. *Cartoons* are the new wave, and I could be really clever and say, "cartoons RR the new wave."

(you saw it here, first, kids.)

by NineInchNachos on 3/2/2008 @ 9:21pm
Argh Argh! (rr)

by Erik on 3/2/2008 @ 10:16pm
hair, cake, and glass are passe.

Don't count salons out yet downtown, there are two more being built right now. One on Broadway and one in the Roberson.

by jcbetty on 3/2/2008 @ 10:28pm
yep, though I thought the Roberson spa was more aaaaah, less hair? Unless they're doing more than one? (whoot! -if that's the case!) --I, for one, am a hair/spa/ luxuris of life enthusiast, and a cupcake enthusiast. All I can say is (in voce de Walken, from the era of "cowbell") --MORE CARTOONS!

by Erik on 3/3/2008 @ 10:06pm
yep, though I thought the Roberson spa was more aaaaah, less hair? Unless they're doing more than one? (whoot! -if that's the case!) --I, for one, am a hair/spa/ luxuris of life enthusiast, and a cupcake enthusiast.

Eat cupcakes and then try to work it off in a spa.

by jcbetty on 3/3/2008 @ 10:43pm
...while reading tacomacentric comics :D

by Erik on 3/3/2008 @ 10:47pm
...while reading tacomacentric comics :D

Yes. Also, we are going to have to archive the Tacomics somewhere so people can see the issues at this time in Tacoma.

by izenmania on 3/4/2008 @ 8:29am
Hair is passe? Damn... I missed that memo.