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Jul. 9, 2008 at 12:02am

Chalk Off Prizes Return: Chance at Artistic Stardom

This Friday 7/11/2008 is Frost Park Chalk Off Episode XIV at noon at 9th and Pacific Avenue. All are welcome.

Chalking prizes return to Frost Park Chalk Off this week. The prizes give the opportunity for, but no guarantee, of artistic notoriety in Tacoma.

Prize No. 1 For First Place : $100 Membership
at The Art Place

The victor in Episode VIX will be given a one year family membership at The Art Place.


Linda Danforth
, Founder and President of The Art Place.

The victor's membership will provide the "use of shared art space, equipment, discounts on classes and events" at The Art Place for a year.

Mid post commentary: Linda Danforth has founded a great efficient place for artists.  Similar to the model employed by Suite 133, members have a non-exclusive right to use the area to increase their skills, enjoy themselves and eventually build their masterpieces.

A great place for beginning artists and those seeking to move from a hobbyist to the professional level.

Prize No. 2 For First Place :
Entitlement To The Featured
Artist Slot in October

So impressed has Linda Danforth been by the skill exhibited by the Frost Park Challengers, she has set aside the Featured Artist of the Month slot of the October Art Walk for the victor of Episode XIV.

That's right.  The chalk off victor will promptly need to prepare and produce a small portfolio of art to exhibit as the feature presenter on October 16, 2008, a mere three months away.  Fortunately, their winning membership will allow them to be able to visit The Art Place often.

As the skills of the chalk off Challengers increase, so do the opportunities and expectations for performance as an artist.

Thanks Linda!

The Art Place
1116 S. 11th
Tacoma, WA 98405

Second Place Prize: Signed Print From LupinGoddess


After prevailing in four often brutal Frost Park Chalk Off Episodes, Andrea Lowen Trenbeath has volunteered to be a sponsor for Episode XIV. 

The second place winner will receive a signed print from Andrea's substantial gallery showing her illustrations she has accumulated over the years.

Andrea usually sells prints of her work.  For the victor of Episode XIV, she has agreed to add an original signature.

Her online galleries, featuring over 100 prints can be viewed at:

Andrea's Feed Tacoma Shop

Her web site : Unstable Art

or her ultra comprehensive gallery, which include her dark and obscure pieces at her deviantArt site.

Here are some examples:

Category I : Nice wholesome feel good prints

"Fresh Farm"                                           "Young Wolf"

Category II : Werewolves
(Andrea's specialty)


"Rage"                                                                 "Pack Mates"

Category III: Obscure Photos and Prints


"Death: Mirai Timeline"                                "Morgan Le Fay"
                                                            (Yes, the photo is of Andrea)

Category IV: State of the Art Werewolves:

In this very recent piece, Andrea pushes the envelope on werewolf illustration with this (literally) mind blowing pierce:


Unstable Art

Thanks Andrea!

See everyone at Frost Park on Friday!

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by Erik on 7/9/2008 @ 10:30am
Sneak preview:

Banner by Elle for this week:

Larger size:


Nice work Elle!

by dawntown on 7/9/2008 @ 1:40pm
What a week we have in store for us.

Great work stuff, Lupine. Hope to see you on Sunday as well...

by Erik on 7/9/2008 @ 2:28pm
Tribune Art Blog Coverage.

As many know, the Tribune has now launched an Art Blog.

They have not not quite decided to cover Frost Park Chalk Offs yet. However, the came close to doing so last week and acknowledge that Frost Park Chalking exists:

ICON-cepts is up for the summer, it seems. It's not all great art, but some of it's very clever--like chalk-mad R.R. Anderson's "Icon for the Iconoclast," a blank chalkboard triptych--and it deserves far more space than the two small walls it's been allocated.


One step at a time I suppose for Frost Park.

In reference to local bloggers, they add:

But I got kind of sad that Derek Young of exit133.com was given a halo, and Kevin Freitas of feedtacoma.com was made an archangel.

by NineInchNachos on 7/9/2008 @ 4:31pm
somebody please remind me friday to give stowe his HFW fanclub kit. I've been lugging it around for 2 weeks now. Thanks! Your pal, RR

by NineInchNachos on 7/9/2008 @ 5:07pm
speaking of stowe... new trading cards!


by Erik on 7/9/2008 @ 5:08pm
Wow. They look great.

by Erik on 7/9/2008 @ 5:10pm
On another note, a new chalk off gig is occurring this weekend with $100 certificate at El Gauchos as the prize.

July 12th from noon to 1:00 p.m. Lincoln Eldridge Park in Tacoma. Sponsor : Out in Tacoma. More later.

Wild times for those who can chalk. The most significant food prize in Tacoma's known chalking history.


by ALT on 7/9/2008 @ 11:29pm
Elle, that banner is fantastic! Stowe's latest cards are great. That is the perfect depiction of the Andersons and the Octopus!

by Erik on 8/2/2008 @ 1:40pm
Lance picks up his prize for second place, a certificate for a signed from from Andrea:

Perhaps we will learn later which print he selects.