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Nov. 19, 2007 at 12:31am

Citizen Crime Videos Keep Coming in from Tacoma Avenue

The citizen (alleged) crime videos from Tacoma Avenue keep coming.

I don't know why they are so interesting except that they are on video, at places I know fairly well downtown and....well....set to music.

Make what you will of them.  Does the video show a crime or it just a normal day downtown? 

Update: Scott Fontaine has pictures and story about the Tacoma Avenue Community meeting to address the crime issues. I recognize Marty Campbell there. Kudos to everyone involved.

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by intacoma on 11/19/2007 @ 2:29am
heh, this is right by me. This person must be in the vintage apartments 2nd floor o_O

by Brotha E. on 11/19/2007 @ 6:16am
I heard it was looking pretty bad down there but I had no idea it's that bad. Does Tacoma Ave have a SODA or SOAP ordinance? I know these where somewhat affective in Hilltop. Do you think the new SOAP ordinance the county has just inacted has pushed the prostitutes back into downtown. Besides they know the jail won't keep them anyway. They get out faster the Lindsy Lohan!

by intacoma on 11/19/2007 @ 9:14am
They never bother me but yes it is there, I've lived in that area for 3 years and it just moves up and down Tacoma Ave depending on where enforcement is. Its very clear as it gets colder out because they are the only ones standing on the corner.

by Erik on 11/19/2007 @ 9:54am
"I heard it was looking pretty bad down there but I had no idea it's that bad."

This area is by the jail (with continual releases) and a ton of treatment centers and group homes. There hasn't been any expectation of "normal" activity in the area for many years.

Kudos to the residents for trying to bring some "normalacy" to the area.

by NineInchNachos on 11/19/2007 @ 12:39pm
gentlemen, if we make crack smoking a crime than only criminals will smoke crack.

Self medication is a human right.

by Annie J on 11/19/2007 @ 1:24pm
This is right by where I live. I think the person is shooting from the upper floors of the Merlino Arts Building. There always seem to be groups of people hanging out at all hours on Tacoma Ave between 6th & 7th...een as I was coming home Saturday night around 1 am.

by andrew.austin on 11/19/2007 @ 2:04pm
What gets me about these videos is how freaking long they are. Besides that what do there prove? Is there crime in Tacoma? Yes. Do I feel comfortable walking around Tacoma ave 99% of the time because I've never been bothered? Yes.I do dig the music though.

by Erik on 11/19/2007 @ 2:23pm
"What gets me about these videos is how freaking long they are. Besides that what do there prove? Is there crime in Tacoma? Yes."

Good points. However, the person taking the video lives in the area. I can't say I would want be walking around the area at night.

If they want to try to bring some stability to the area, I am inclined to want to support them.

Much of Tacoma Avenue has been a vaccum for a long time, especially when all of the county and state buildings close down.

by Erik on 11/19/2007 @ 8:05pm
Now the TNT will apparently print something about the videotaping with a print article

Holly Minniti was fed up with crime near her home near downtown Tacoma. She witnessed just too many prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers, so she took a digital camera and started filming.

A few videos on YouTube later, residents of the Tacoma Avenue South neighborhood are talking. And they want to take more action.

Minniti and several others have posted five videos on the popular Web site and say more will follow. The videos have helped organize Tuesday’s neighborhood meeting that will include residents, apartment managers, business owners and public officials.

“If you think about it, we outnumber the bad guys,” said Minniti, a resident of the area. “We’re stronger than they are.” Concerns about crime are not new to the area, and neither are attempts to curb it.

by Erik on 11/20/2007 @ 9:14pm

“I’ve seen it go full-circle,” he said. “I’ve seen it bad. When the development started, there was a wave of police activity in the area and it cleaned up. Then it trickled back to the way it is now.”

He said the newest wave seems more intimidating because criminals seem older and more hardened. He wants them out of the area. So do other neighbors who attended an organizing meeting this afternoon. The gathering of about 30 people connected residents, business owners and apartment managers with police and city officials.

The area, nestled between downtown and the Stadium District, is a designated target of the city’s Community Based Services program, which concentrates police and city services and links neighborhood organizations and public officials. And although police statistics show a drop in calls for service this year in the Tacoma Avenue area – a 40-block zone from Sixth Avenue North to South 25th Street and Fawcett Avenue and South G Street – residents still see crime as a problem.