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Jul. 3, 2009 at 1:12am

Come See The Chalk Artists Perform Today at Frost Park At Noon

Today is the weekly chalk off competition at Frost Park located at 9th and Pacific Avenue at noon.


The Pleasures And Sorrows Of Work

"Meanwhile, at the capital's eastern edges, another event is occuring which will leave no trace in the public mind or attract attention from anyone beyond its immediate participants, but which is no less worthy of record for that... Nevertheless, no quayside can ever appear entirely banal, because people will always be minuscule compared to the great oceans and the mention of faraway ports will hence always bear a confused promise of lives unfolding there which may be more vivid than the ones we know here, a romantic charge clinging to names like Yokohama, Alexandria and Tunis - places which in reality cannot be exempt from tedium and compromise, but which are distant enough to support for a time certain confused daydreams of happiness.

Alain de Botton 2009


Friday, July 3 

12 noon - 1 pm
Larry Frost Memorial Park
Downtown Tacoma, WA 98402

1 hour. free chalk. community art challenge. win prize(s)!


Corporate Sponsorship

this weeks episode is made possible by a charitable donation from the CARTOONISTS LEAGUE OF ABSURD WASHINGTONIANS (THE CLAW) for the prize of 1 DVD BOX SET of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 VOL. 4 which includes the films GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, HAMLET, OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK, and finally SPACE MUTINY. You can't go wrong with MST3K.            

check in with feedtacoma.com for LIVE, FULL COVERAGE! 


last weeks BEST ILLUSTRATOR IN THE UNIVERSE winner: Mark Monlux! 
Prize: Brisco County Jr. COMPLETE DVD set
Sponsor: EQC Tasteles of Tacoma! 

see photos:


frost park on twitter:

Voting For A Winner

Please vote for your favorite chalk art entry in the comment section below. 
Explaining why you voted for a particular entry may add more meaning.

Each person/avatar gets one vote.  Votes will be accepted until midnight on Friday after which the winner will be declared.  Votes will be accepted starting at 1:00 p.m.

For more information see:

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by Erik on 7/3/2009 @ 1:24am
Thanks for the sponsorship C.L.A.W.!


by morgan on 7/3/2009 @ 7:31am
Woo-hoo! I can't wait!

by L.S.Erhardt on 7/3/2009 @ 7:49am
Sneak preview of today's chalk masterpiece:
Get ready for the mesogleaic equivalent of the claw!

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 7:53am
T.R. Stenger might show up too and collect his tacomic purchases! Get your cellphone camera ready Mr. Urbanist.

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 7:58am
Mark Monlux will receive his prize for last week's victory. BRISCO COUNTY JR. DVDS!

by L.S.Erhardt on 7/3/2009 @ 8:58am
I remember that show... came out like the same time as the X-Files, right?

Now THAT was a good show. They don't make 'em like the X-Files anymore.

..I can just hear the theme music in my head.

by kaotix on 7/3/2009 @ 9:32am
Jellyfish people! Now I'm curious.

by Erik on 7/3/2009 @ 9:37am
Another clear blue sky for downtown Tacoma.

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 9:38am
wear sun hats and sun screen people! Its gonna be a scorcher. and no bloody fountain to help cool us off.

by izenmania on 7/3/2009 @ 10:10am
I remember that show... came out like the same time as the X-Files, right?

Brisco County Jr. came out the exact same day as the very first Might Morphin' Power Rangers.

by KevinFreitas on 7/3/2009 @ 10:29am
Lo, I am south in the Portland/Vancouver area so will miss out on today's lunchtime festivities. Enjoy and I'll be sure to vote from here. Cheers!

by Mark Monlux on 7/3/2009 @ 10:51am
How can I go against the grain of the Fourth of July weekend?

This week's theme: America the Great...

by kaotix on 7/3/2009 @ 1:37pm

I've posted some photos of our chalk off.

This time I get to be selfish and vote for my own. Lady liberty blinded by the Iranian flag. Though not a convincing flag...

My reasoning: We are quick to see political turmoil and unrest, but often turn a blind eye to the daily struggles of the people. Even the Human Rights Campaign has limited exposure on the trials of daily life for Iranians.

My soapbox: Gay Rights

In 2007, now ruling president President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed there were no homosexuals living in his country. Dismissing and demeaning the very public deaths of two young gay men who where hung in the streets just two years prior.

As I celebrate the 4th this year, I will keep in mind the rights LGBT community worldwide, and be profoundly grateful for my less-than-equal rights. Because in those, my country is at least recognizing my existence.

-Non-hat wearing Adam :)

Oh, and on a lighter note my pup Arrayah was grateful for all the affection at the park today! Thanks everyone!

by Erik on 7/3/2009 @ 1:38pm
Hey kaotix, perhaps you will add a couple of your photos here for us to see.

by kaotix on 7/3/2009 @ 2:01pm
Fost Park July 3rd

by kaotix on 7/3/2009 @ 2:05pm
- The slideshow doesn't appear to be working. But click on the image above and you can see it there.
-I know my flag is upside down, thus looking Italian.
- Here are some photos










by Joel 413 on 7/3/2009 @ 2:17pm
Did anyone get a picture of each piece? If not i'll run back down there and take a set.

by Joel 413 on 7/3/2009 @ 3:20pm
I went back to the park ond took some pictures. I think I got 'em all.

Unknown 1
Unknown 1




Adam the Alien
Adam the Alien




Unknown 2
Unknown 2

Thorax O'Tool
Thorax O'Tool

Mark Monlux
Mark Monlux


Of course the complete set of pictures can be found in the Frost Park Flickr Pool

It was truly amazing that in just an hour's time, there were about 4 or 5 more signatures at the bottom of the declaration than when I left.

by Joel 413 on 7/3/2009 @ 3:20pm
I VOTE for me, the Declaration of Independence.

by Mark Monlux on 7/3/2009 @ 3:29pm
I didn't like the way the shadows were falling on my balls in Joe's photos. Vote for my balls! I do!
Thorax O'Tooles
Unknown #2
RR Anderson
Unknown #3
Adam the Alien
Adam B.

by Erik on 7/3/2009 @ 4:17pm
Nice photosets. I vote Thorax:

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 4:33pm
Joel's Frost Park Declaration of Independence

Joel goes for the endurance scriber vote.

RR's Flyng Lawnmower

RR Going for the whimsy vote.

Adam the Alien showing the LOVE

Adam the alien shares the love.

Hatless Adam's Blindfolded Liberty

Hatless Adam makes a politcal statement. SO Right on.

Mark Monlux's Amazing Balls

Mark did some 3d Orbs. 3d can be lots of fun. for example:

Playing with Mark's Balls

They feel like Magic!

Mark Monlux balls are magical! Excellent!

Thorax's Chihuly Jellyfish?

You have to admire Thorax O'Tool's giant chalk pieces. Someday though I'd like to see him venture outside of flat land... Perspective sir! Perspective!

David Boe's Micro Chalk

David Boe mocks the Tollefson furnature with an appropreate micro chalking piece.

by ixia on 7/3/2009 @ 4:40pm
I am voting for Boe! Because he just saved the Frost Park 501(c)(3) Public Park Activation Advisory Council Committee Board 35,000 bucks. Thank you.

by Mark Monlux on 7/3/2009 @ 4:43pm
Dude, you're touching my balls.

by tacomachickadee on 7/3/2009 @ 5:47pm
I vote Adam. Loyalty vote.

by ~Trevor on 7/3/2009 @ 5:51pm
The Adam with the hat's got my vote, though Troy's was a close second. Drawing good hearts, I've found, is HARD.

by aslanenlisted on 7/3/2009 @ 5:59pm
Adam the Alien is my vote... all of you did a fantastic job though... bravo...

by Adam the Alien on 7/3/2009 @ 6:03pm
Kevin, there are a few new people trying to sign up for this (yes, they're my friends, and yes, they're trying to vote for me...but still), and they're apparently only getting this when they try:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /nfs/c03/h03/mnt/55409/domains/feedtacoma.com/html/action.php:67) in /nfs/c03/h03/mnt/55409/domains/feedtacoma.com/html/action.php on line 374

Also, Adam voters: specify WHICH Adam. Or we will all be very confused when it comes time to tally votes. :-D

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 6:17pm
I vote for Boe's tollefson freedom patio furniture! because it's so god damn funny!

by Adam the Alien on 7/3/2009 @ 6:40pm
Now I'm getting reports of people who have been registered and voting here for ages being unable to log in. And we don't have Kevin available, do we?

by NEAL on 7/3/2009 @ 6:41pm
Adam the alien gits my vote.

by L.S.Erhardt on 7/3/2009 @ 6:55pm
I get my vote.

A vote for me is a vote for flat land!!!!

by crockawaddy on 7/3/2009 @ 7:06pm
The alien named Adam is proffered my vote.

by Earthdaughter on 7/3/2009 @ 7:14pm
I vote for Adam the Alien. My friend, Jim, would like to vote for him too. He will try to set up an account later this evening, but given the issues Adam says others are having with getting accounts, we wanted to cast his vote here in case that doesn't work. Okay? Hope so. So nice to see smiling critters in your work today, Adam. Especially your avatar on top of the heart!

by ALT on 7/3/2009 @ 7:29pm
Thorax O'Tool's stylized jellyfish is striking, but I've got to vote for Monlux's balls. That sounds so wrong - anyway, that's my vote.

I really like the photographs of the cupping of the balls. Clever. :D

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 7:42pm
Andrea! Long time no see!!!

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 7:47pm
Adam is stuffing the ballot box. Are you, dear reader going to sit there and take it? Now is the time to rally your friends! start hitting those email lists!

by Wings_of_Change on 7/3/2009 @ 9:27pm
I'm voting for Adam b. great message, Adam!

I wish I could have been down there. I've not gone the last few weeks because I've found the call of chalk too strong for my will, and ended up injuring myself. aah, the lure of chalk! on a bright note, It finally looks as though I started early labor last night, and so we should be meeting the little one sometime this weekend! yay!!

by NineInchNachos on 7/3/2009 @ 9:48pm
patriotic baby. good luck!

by Wings_of_Change on 7/3/2009 @ 9:49pm

by izenmania on 7/3/2009 @ 10:04pm
I vote for the Statue.

by KevinFreitas on 7/3/2009 @ 10:32pm
Since I did the Iran vote last week my attention span has moved on to other things. Sorry, I do surely jest. Some great, creative, and diverse ideas out there this week. I'm really torn but I think I gotta vote for Mark's balls as well. Really love Joel's scrawling and Thorax's jelly orb thing is just stunning. Great job all -- see you next week!

by Girl Who <3 JUNK on 7/3/2009 @ 10:57pm
I like the lOOk of Mark's Balls. Sounds funny!

My VOTE is for Mark's Balls.

Everyone have a safe 4th of July!

by Earthdaughter on 7/3/2009 @ 11:06pm
Jim tried to set up an account so he could vote. Didn't seem to work. Too tired to try to make it work now. Hope you all will count his vote since he did try to "do it right". Something about a hanging chad, I think!

by kathy on 7/3/2009 @ 11:43pm
Monlux! Love the 3-D balls.

by Adam the Alien on 7/3/2009 @ 11:58pm
I've been pretty selfish this year. That's not going to stop when MST3K is on the line. I'm going to vote for myself.

The true winner in my mind, however, is my little sister, Jewell. She drew several things, including pickle fairies. Pickle fairies are effing awesome.

by Erik on 7/4/2009 @ 1:19am
Hope you all will count his vote since he did try to "do it right". Something about a hanging chad, I think!

Every organization has rules Earthdaughter. One account = one vote. Otherwise there would be chaos.

by Joel 413 on 7/4/2009 @ 8:24am
I have a feeling that if new accounts and logins were working correctly there would have been a run-away winner here. None the less there were still 19 votes cast and the results are as follows:

Adam the Alien: 7
Mark M: 4
Adam B: 3
Boe: 2
Thorax: 2
Joel: 1

Congrats to Adam the Alien!

by Erik on 7/4/2009 @ 10:06am
Nice work Adam!

You won:

1 DVD BOX SET of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 VOL. 4 which includes the films GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, HAMLET, OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK, and finally SPACE MUTINY. You can't go wrong with MST3K.

by Adam the Alien on 7/4/2009 @ 10:56am
Huzzah! My first actual win! *dances like the leprechaun that I am*

by Mark Monlux on 7/4/2009 @ 2:55pm
My balls were crushed by Adam the Alien!

by jamesstoweart on 7/5/2009 @ 8:26am
Congrats Adam! That was the most blatant and decisive zombie victory since the Lance-slide of '08. I find it hard to believe that you have never one a chalk off before though.

(pauses in preparation for off color puns)

Mark... Having now seen your balls on the internet I am surprised that Adam licked them so thoroughly. They are so round and firm looking. However, you may want to get them professionally looked at since they seem a bit discolored.


(fit of adolescent giggles)

So I've now missed 3 Chalk Offs in a row because it is the summer, I have Fridays off and we are off doing vacationy summery things. I promise I'll be back next week though...

So be ready... the 500lb. gorilla is coming back to the Park.

by ALT on 7/5/2009 @ 12:37pm
Whoohoo! Congratulations, Adam! Now that's an example of assiduous artistic application. After consistently appearing at the Chalk-Offs to participate and video document I'm glad to see you get the win. You had so many fantastic entries.

Stowe - I think you've got the dirty puns covered for this thread. Any more from me would be unnecessary. :D