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Oct. 1, 2009 at 9:16am

Come See Tacoma Candidates Compare Their Urban Credentials at the Transportation and Land Use Forum


Since World War II, Tacoma has built very little other than blightful and unwalkable car centric strip malls ofetn surrounded by acres of parking lots. (Check out 38th Ave by Borders Books). Former Frost Park Sponsor Andrew Austin works for Transportation Choices, one of the groups in Tacoma trying to increase density in the City of Tacoma and support streetcars, bicycle use and walking in the city.

Andrew Austin of Transportation Choices

Transportation Forum

Come see the Tacoma City Candidates tonight face off and explain their plans for Tacoma (if any) at the Land Use and Transportation Forum.

Why urbanists should care?


Transportation and Land use are the most direct ways that the city effects urban policies, come learn what the candidates have to say!

Received via email:

Tacoma Mayoral/City Council Transportation and Land-Use Forum

The Puget Sound Regional Council predicts that the City of Tacoma is expected to grow by 127,000 people in the next 30 years.  Earlier this year the City proactively planned for this growth by passing the Mixed-Use Centers update, fulfilling this vision of creating vibrant mixed use centers is an exciting opportunity with many challenges.   


What will Tacoma’s Transportation system look like in 20 years?  Will our streetscape be dotted with streetcars, bike lanes, and working sidewalks next to walkable mixed-use communities? How will we manage our growth in a way that creates vibrant neighborhoods and urban centers? What transportation infrastructure and policies will be needed to keep our city moving and encourage smart development? What is the role of parking policy in the discussion? How will we pay for the transportation and land-use challenges that lie ahead?  How will the city integrate its economic development and climate change goals with its land-use and transportation plan?


On Thursday, October 1st, Please Join Transportation Choices Coalition, The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber and an exciting group of co-hosting organizations for an evening lively debate as we pose these questions of this nature to the Tacoma City Council and Mayoral Candidates.

The forum is open to the public, and transportation related questions for the candidates can be submitted prior to the event to juliap@tacomachamber.org.   For general event questions or media inquires contact Andrew Austin at Andrew@transportationchoices.org.

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