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Aug. 14, 2008 at 11:24am

Edgy Frost Park Banner and Picture of the Week

Frost Park Banner for Episode XIX:

Nice work Dawn.  An appropriate banner for the Volcano sponsor episode.

I think Ron would approve.

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by jcbetty on 8/14/2008 @ 12:05pm

(what's up with that frizzy hair, Jess--sticking your head out of the car again?) (yep!)

by scout on 8/14/2008 @ 12:17pm
Great work Dawn

by dawntown on 8/14/2008 @ 12:28pm
That is NOT a picture of Jessica's and my bootay...hehe

by scout on 8/14/2008 @ 12:33pm
That's a big fat lie - I'd know those butts anywhere

by jamesstoweart on 8/14/2008 @ 1:19pm
Nice banner. Great work Dawn.

by droid116 on 8/14/2008 @ 2:16pm
Apparently I have been applying my chalk incorrectly.

Nice banner.

Those jeans should now be framed as art.

by RonSwarner on 8/14/2008 @ 3:03pm
Does this chalk make my butt look fat?

Freakin' awesome Dawn!

One pink cookie for you tomorrow.

by Erik on 8/14/2008 @ 3:18pm
Let's give credit where credit is due.

The original picture was taken by photographer Kevin Freitas:


by Erik on 8/14/2008 @ 3:25pm
There seems to a viral cult following emerging Dawn for your banner in the blogosphere:

Chalk your butt off tomorrow

If you think sidewalk chalk is only good for hopscotch, you've got another think coming. Tomorrow, thousands of South Sound artists will descend upon Frost Park in downtown Tacoma at noon, turning its concrete into canvas for the weekly Frost Park Chalk Off at Ninth and Pacific Avenue.

Witness unbelievable feats of illustration, and create some of your own. The Weekly Volcano will award the winner a future cover.


by NineInchNachos on 8/14/2008 @ 3:37pm
RR Anderson officially recognizes next friday as "Chalk Tail Day" and encourages all booty endowed citizens to besmirch their posteriors with liberal amounts of powdered chalk in solidarity with this community movement.

Thank you.

by RonSwarner on 8/14/2008 @ 3:41pm
Freakin awesome Kevin.

by dawntown on 8/14/2008 @ 3:51pm
My bad,

Yes photo credits to Kevin Freitas, resident Frost Park Photographer, extrodinaire.

Tagline: Mandiferous

Thank you to all :)

by Erik on 8/14/2008 @ 6:26pm
Here's the build up to the picture when the chalk was flying:

by Girl Who <3 JUNK on 8/14/2008 @ 6:47pm
LOVE the Banner!

It's the SHIZNITS!

See you tomorrow.

by NineInchNachos on 8/14/2008 @ 11:20pm
stowe's latest monlux trading card! collect them all!


by JeremyScott on 8/14/2008 @ 11:40pm
I must warn you my drawing is going to be awesome and scary!!!

by Erik on 8/14/2008 @ 11:50pm
must warn you my drawing is going to be awesome and scary!!!

Can't wait to see it.

BTW Stowe, I see the designers of the Frost Park Myspace page (not me) has your picture as the background on the entry page: First a fasion series and now this: