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Jul. 7, 2008 at 12:12am

Frost Park Chalk Challenger Standings After 13 Episodes

**Frost Park Chalk Off Standings**

Thirteen Chalk Off contests have now transpired in Frost Park.

There have been at least 4 videos, over a thousand pictures taken and significance coverage in the media and even poems written in Frost Park in Quill.  Over 100 pieces of chalk art draw, and thankfully, most of them photographically captures.

The time is approaching when the "Greatest Illustrator in the World of Tacoma" will be announced.

Here's a look at the current ranked position of the challengers.

First Place With 4 Wins: Andrea

Andrea is the current leader in the Frost Park Chalk Off challenges.

Andrea's winning entries:

Episode I : Horse of a Different Color

Episode V: Monster Frog

Episode X: Indiana Alien

Episode XII: Tall Ships


Second Place With Three Wins : Stowe

Stowe's Winning Entries

Episiode IV: Exploding Volcano

Episode VI: Tacoma Mamma

Episode IX : Gnome Eating Snake



Tied for Third Place: RR Anderson and Elle

RR Anderson's Winning Entries

Episode II : Tagro

Episode VII : Hathaway


Elle's Winning Entries

Episode III : Community Gardens

Episode XIII : Patriotic Elle


Fourth Place : Lance Kagey

Lance's Winning Entry:

Episode VIII: Pinocchio Anderson


Team Entries

Dawn and Ariel

Winning Entry

Episode XI: The Alchemy of Tacoma

(photo by RR Anderson)

There are a number of ways to handle team entries v. individual entries. 
Should they count as half a win?  Should team entries be in a separate category like tennis doubles?

Earlier issues have worked themselves out.  For now, I will just post the raw information.

Commentary:  There still time enough for one or more new artist (from Tacoma, Seattle or elsewhere) to come to Frost Park and dominate the competition.

 Its unclear how many total episodes there will be.  Hopefully, something positive can happen in Frost Park every Friday at noon.  Frost Park has served as a space for much more than chalking.

However, I suspect there will be a noted milestone in the Frost Park chalk offs and that the Greatest Illustrator in the Universe of Tacoma will be declared at an art show party at The Helm this summer assuming The Helm survives that long.

But there's always the potential of another series of competitions. 

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by tacomachickadee on 7/7/2008 @ 8:48am
My kiddos have already experimented with duck races and transformer races in the fountain ...

I wonder if derby car races down the hill will enter in when the weather ain't right for chalking ... we'd have to work out a way to catch them at the bottom, of course.

Hmmm ...

I do NOT recommend potato sack races down the stairs.

by Erik on 7/7/2008 @ 11:50am
My kiddos have already experimented with duck races and transformer races in the fountain ...

The fountains are just being discovered as useful. Lots of potential there.