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Jun. 17, 2008 at 12:01am

Frost Park Chalkie Stowe Storms Tacoma Fashion Scene

With the growing coverage of Frost Park Chalk Offs in the last 2 months over the internet, art world, media, videos, short films, politics and print media, it was only a matter of time before the Frost Park challengers would seek to make their mark in Tacoma's fashion world.

James Stowe Fashion Evolution

Before Urban Xchange:


Currently, the much anticipated final fashion ad of Stowe for Urban Xchange is still under wraps  However, here is the initial ad photo:

After Urban Xchange:

Stowe explains on his blog:

So I met with Julie Bennett today to cash in my prize for the Frost Park Challenge Episode 9 win. I tried on many pieces of smaller than Stowe trendy fashion. We were able to find a few choice pieces for me to wear.

So here I am... reimagined fashion magnet.

With Stowe's new ad series, we are able to watch firsthand the role of the artist engaging the fashion world.  I describe the process in the prize post for Episode IX:

On exceedingly rare occasions, select artists are able to take out the stops and employ their physical form as a direct conduit for creative energy from the ethereal to the world we live in.

Nice work Stowe, Julie and Brooke Bennett and Urban Xchange.  The fashion standard in Frost Park and in Tacoma has been raised a notch or two.

We look forward to seeing the finalized Urban Xchange ad.

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by urbanX on 6/17/2008 @ 10:28pm
yeah, we didn't have a T-shirt that was the right size, but you KNOW you're going to wear that hat way more than any dumb old t-shirt.....