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May. 22, 2008 at 12:11am

Frost Park: Chalkies Battle 4 Corina's Cake, Original Art

Stowe Launches New Battle Art Comic Book


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by izenmania on 5/22/2008 @ 1:21am
I believe you'll find an even more specific X-Men reference in the cover of Giant Size X-Men #1 (Introduction of the first "new" team of X-Men to take over from the original crew):

by Erik on 5/22/2008 @ 1:26am
Nice. Yep. That looks to be it.

by jamesstoweart on 5/22/2008 @ 7:38am
The weather isn't supposed to be as nice as last week (High 69°F, Precip. 30%), but hopefully there is still a huge turnout.


by izenmania on 5/22/2008 @ 8:00am
We've had 25 show up with chance of snow: 100% (as it was already snowing)... I think we'll be alright.

Also, people like pie.

by Adam the Alien on 5/22/2008 @ 8:24am
Oh my God, I laughed so hard when I saw Stowe's Frost Park comic cover. I wish I were more confident in my chalking skills - I really want that piece. And cake.

Stowe, that is possibly the greatest thing in the history of ever. Or at least the greatest thing in the history of ever of Tacoma.

by Elle on 5/22/2008 @ 8:34am
I considered not participating this week seeing as my butt really doesn't need cake or pie, but that piece of art might bring me down.

by jamesstoweart on 5/22/2008 @ 8:39am
wow...thanks alot. The geek in me that actually wasted a college education on a BFA in Sequential Art is very proud of it as well.

by NineInchNachos on 5/22/2008 @ 8:54am
that's the coolest god damn comic book cover ever! Stowe is a true jedi master. Long live the chalk!

we should petition the city arts to put this masterpiece as the cover!

by Dave L. on 5/22/2008 @ 9:01am
Hilarious! YES, that is the greatest thing ever, and better than anything yet to be! And I am SO honored and grateful that my piece from a few weeks ago is represented (and perfected) on your cover -Thank you! If I could, I’d buy five copies for my mother. Adam, I have the market cornered on lack of chalk-skill confidence. I know you’ve got the skill and imagination, so let’s see some chalk dust from you!

by izenmania on 5/22/2008 @ 9:02am
*steals art for avatar purposes*

by intacoma on 5/22/2008 @ 9:05am
oh man the lance bridge is so funny!

by dawntown on 5/22/2008 @ 9:07am
I agree, this comic book needs more publicity; and by default, me, as well ( I think Im the little green gal in the left corner, only worthy of side-kick status :) ) I would be willing to pitch in to get this printed out on a vinyl poster to be displayed at all the chalk-offs. Anyone in?

by NineInchNachos on 5/22/2008 @ 9:09am
yeah the bridge makes for a good galactus style headpiece

by NineInchNachos on 5/22/2008 @ 9:10am
mark's tiki kneepads are a nice touch too

by izenmania on 5/22/2008 @ 9:11am
dawntown... well, somebody had to be Thunderbird. He wasn't really a sidekick... just the smallest one on the cover :)

Look out, though... he died on his second ever X-Men mission.

by morgan on 5/22/2008 @ 9:42am
This needs to be made into a poster and spread all over town!

by NineInchNachos on 5/22/2008 @ 9:46am
Volcano Tipin! like the 9-11 flags the tribune did.

by droid116 on 5/22/2008 @ 9:52am
The cover is incredible. I want to see the full story in panels, then turned from a graphic novel into a motion picture by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. Hugh Jackman as RR Chalkvarine, Vernon Troyer as TacomaGnome and Gary Busey as the Tacoma Tiki come to mind. Of course, you could all play yourselves as well.

by NineInchNachos on 5/22/2008 @ 10:00am
makes for a handsome workstation desktop as well.

RR's Desktop by Stowe

oh the versatile nature of tacoma illustrators!

by dawntown on 5/22/2008 @ 10:02am
died in a blaze of glory, as I always approach life...

by Erik on 5/22/2008 @ 10:20am
The piece ties in some many things at the Chalk off and in Tacoma in general its a little memorizing.

We've had 25 show up with chance of snow: 100% (as it was already snowing)... I think we'll be alright.

Yes, whatever conditions there are will be endured by everyone. Plus, there are a few chalking panels immune to the weather.

we should petition the city arts to put this masterpiece as the cover!

Good idea. Instant content.

I want to see the full story in panels, then turned from a graphic novel ...

That might occur in part soon.

Whoever wins tomorrow's Chalk Off, and dethrones Stowe, wins a unique piece of battle art by Stowe showing the victory for Episode VII. Priceless.

by izenmania on 5/22/2008 @ 10:23am
died in a blaze of glory

If by "blaze of glory" you mean "blew up"...

by Erik on 5/22/2008 @ 10:56am
Well, it looks like Stowe's work has now obtained the title of Spew's Flickr Post of The Day:


Its a start.

by jamesstoweart on 5/22/2008 @ 11:12am
That is awesome!

And thanks everyone for the support. I would be down for making prints or posters or handouts to promote voting or whatever.

by dawntown on 5/22/2008 @ 3:38pm
I just emailed Erik more "battle art", so here's another one in the spirit of competition...

by Erik on 5/22/2008 @ 3:44pm
Thanks Dawn. My email is: Ebjornson@msn.com

by jamesstoweart on 5/22/2008 @ 3:48pm
I just want to take the time to publicly thank Laura Hanan (and Gummo) for showing us around the Rowland Building this afternoon. She was a great tour guide and hostess and the space itself was amazing. I am very envious of her subterranean studio space. It is large than my entire house. It was a wonderful opportunity and I am glad I had the chance to experience it and meet her.

Thank you.

I just wish I had thought to bring a camera.

by scout on 5/22/2008 @ 4:28pm
Thanks, Stowe and everyone - I had a great time schmoozing with great artists.

by NineInchNachos on 5/22/2008 @ 4:47pm
see photos from the magical mystery tour underground!

Haunted Water Werks

Haunted Bad Kid's Room

Laura's Mystery Art Studio

Haunted Underground Rowland Building

Mysterious Paintings Appear at Times

Haunted Mystery Staircase

Lupin Goddess Saves Tacoma Gnome

View from Rowland Crime Tower

by Erik on 5/22/2008 @ 5:57pm
Great pictures. However, according to your post and picture, it looks like the Gnome had a rough time of it. Hope he feels better now.

More pictures here:


by Dave L. on 5/22/2008 @ 7:07pm
Cool - I knew I would have loved that tour! My neck hurts, but thanks for getting me that shot of the fire sprinkler lead-in going through the Febco 870V double check backflow preventer, reducing and rising up though a Central/Tyco riser manifold, with a 4" coming at you, heading up and out to the fire dept connection. .

by NineInchNachos on 5/22/2008 @ 8:30pm
you know your pipes sir

by Dave L. on 5/22/2008 @ 8:53pm
(blushing) Well, shucks... just certain kinds, tho.

by morgan on 5/22/2008 @ 10:17pm
I would like to put props out to the Tacoma Urbanist for rounding up the goods that have been donated each week and posting over-the-top coverage of the spectacles. All with no budget and a cell phone. Amazing. He has an action figure, but no comic book character (hint, hint).

by jcbetty on 5/22/2008 @ 10:39pm
one word (denoting my age) ---Rad.

All of it.

Stowe: masterful cover. MASTER-ful. awesome. (also, awesome, circa eighties, when the word meant cool. no, super-cool.)

pipes? And people who know them? Subterranean secret artist alcoves shown to chalkers? Urbanist action figures? Multiple bolds, pictures, grays, and font sizes, all in the same initial post?

Holy cowcrap, batman-- I'm in an awesome-possum Gotham.

by Wings_of_Change on 5/22/2008 @ 11:48pm
eeek! I see my seahorse.

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 12:04am
I would like to put props out to the Tacoma Urbanist for rounding up the goods that have been donated each week and posting over-the-top coverage of the spectacles.

Thanks Morgan. Its been fun.

There are probably a dozen blogs and countless other people who have contributed in some way to make the event what it is. The photosets are almost endless not to mention Adams great videos.

Everyone has their own take and contribution to Frost Park happenings. Each new episode is written by those who feel inspired to do something.

We will see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully good weather.

I have also been increasingly impressed with the TacomaGnome's significant work at Frost Park.

by ALT on 5/23/2008 @ 10:08am
That is the most fantastic piece of battle art that has come out of the chalk competition yet! Elle's character is a perfect symbiosis of her art, herself, and her avatar - great representation! I got such a kick out of Izenmania's character - four arms and devil horns! Lol! And my character patterned after Wolverine - my favorite of the X-Men. What an honor! And the best part of all - Stowe's bionic monkey suit. Gotta hand it to you Stowe, you made some serious repairs on your equipment. Lol! You're character looks absolutely devious - kinda reminds me of the Joker.

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 10:54am

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 11:06am
You are the master wordsmith tacomachickadee, especially ones that include the word chalk in them.

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 11:36am
What you're saying, is it should really be: