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Jun. 5, 2008 at 12:11am

Frost Park: Chalkies Battle For Slew Of Prizes and Fame

(This Friday 6/6/2008 is Frost Park Chalk Off at noon at 9th and Pacific Avenue. All are welcome)

Episode IX: Week 9: 6/6/2008

Stowe Says: Buy Tacoma Battle Art from Feed Tacoma:

(click banners to go to Stowe's online store)

BTW, Stowe has constructed 5 banners but only has one item in Feed Tacoma Shops: the main marvel type sketch of the challengers in X-Men mode (which I intend to buy BTW).  Andrea and RR have items in Feed Tacoma Shops as well.

Main Prizes:


(Julie Bennett, owner of Urban Xchange and Fashion Designer extraordinaire)

This Friday is Frost Park Chalk Off Episode IX, the victor of which will receive a package of Prizes from Urban Exchange including 1) a $45.00 certificate  for clothes at Urban Xchange, 2) private fashion consulting by Tacoma's top designers, and a 3) photo shoot for inclusion a predominant role in Urban Xchange's Spring ad campaign.

Alternative and Addition Prize:

Stowe has volunteered to be a sponsor for a Chalk Off once again:

I am offering an open challenge to any aspiring chalk-off contestant. If you have never competed before... I am talking to YOU! If you can top me in votes this week I will grant you with a digital art prize that will be yours to keep, reproduce or delete at your leisure, whether you win the overall Chalk-Off or not!!!
Thanks for being a sponsor again Stowe!

Artistic Fashion Personas Unleashed!

Artists are often looking for ways to create, normally within the bounds of public acceptance such as in an art show or a exhibition. 

On exceedingly rare occasions, select artists are able to take out the stops and employ their physical form as a direct conduit for creative energy from the ethereal to the world we live in. 

I found two examples in the Chalk Off Challengers:


"Power Blogging Thermal Armor™"         "Goddess Robe Fantasy Dress"

              RR Anderson                                      Andrea/Lupin

(Photo by RR Anderson)                            (Photo by Dave Poole/zastica.com)

With the facades of accepted society momentarily cast aside, RR and Andrea use a rare opportunity to define themselves and the world around them on a wholescale basis.

Although their outward appearance admittedly differs somewhat, each is employing the identical methodology to distill and strengthen their long established personas in a no holds barred approach.  With a somewhat limited view, the corporate marketing world characterizes this as "brand management."

To date, RR and Andrea have both prevailed in two Chalk Off Challenges and faced off and battled each other in seven episodes.

The many strengths and advantages in their employment of style and personas have effectively canceled themselves out.  Thus, in a strange calculus, "Power Blogging Thermal Armor™" essentially equals "Goddess Robe Fantasy Dress" in the self leveling environment of Frost Park.

Further Description of Clothing Selection

Below are more detailed descriptions :

RR Anderson

Hand crafted "Pacific Northwest Power Blogging Thermal Armor™"; designed for the heaviest of web design / webmastering skills and keeps body temperature comfortable at minimal heart beats and physical movements.


Hand crafted "Goddess robe fantasy dress" designed for Inspired Elegance fashion show.

See also:

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Frost Park Chalk Off Rule Book

See everyone on Friday at Frost Park

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by jamesstoweart on 6/5/2008 @ 6:15am
I wouldn't say I was volunteering to be another sponsor or anything. I am just making an open challenge to anyone who hasn't participated before (and one alien).

That and I am just ripping off Dawn's cool side challenge idea.

I'll take the exposure though... thanks Eric.

I will also have a secret thing to show and share this week. Details might exist on my art blog.

by zastica on 6/5/2008 @ 9:04am
Actually, that photo of Andrea is by me. A copy of the original is here: flickr.com/photos/stainedpollock/2298102...

Please update the credit and link to Dave Poole and zastica.com.


by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2008 @ 9:27am
Have you guys seen Stowe's Frost Park Chalk TRADING CARDS? Stowe is the high lord king of awesome-town...


by izenmania on 6/5/2008 @ 10:20am
*purchases awesomesauce Chalk Men print*

by morgan on 6/5/2008 @ 10:28am
Tacoma trading cards?! I love it!

by Erik on 6/5/2008 @ 12:12pm
Please update the credit and link to Dave Poole and zastica.com.

Thanks zastica. Done.

Have you guys seen Stowe's Frost Park Chalk TRADING CARDS? Stowe is the high lord king of awesome-town..

Full size:



So I see. Nice work Stowe. Sign me up.

Stowe clarifies:

...You'll be immortalized in collectible trading card form. There will be a limited number of this card available at the Chalk-Off this Friday. They will be given away in a pay what you want even if it is nothing donation style. All you need to do is come up to me and ask. First come first serve. once they are all gone that card will never be printed again.

Trading card rarity. That should boost sales.

One could even add action items Challengers face like like 1) charcoal, 2) rain, 3) mean spirited pedestrians.

by dawntown on 6/5/2008 @ 1:23pm
whoa, yeah baby! This is cool. Im getting mine

by zastica on 6/5/2008 @ 2:00pm

by Dave L. on 6/5/2008 @ 5:10pm
Great - Sounds like we’ll have some first-time participants for this D-Day Chalk-Off episode # eye-ex? "I don’t see how we can possibly do anything… but go." You’re in then, JCB? How about you, Amanda? Stop talkin' and start chalkin!

by Erik on 6/5/2008 @ 5:17pm
A few updates:

1) I see that the Volcano mentions RR Anderson's chalk skills in their main article today at #68.

68. Have artist R.R. Anderson draw you on a downtown Tacoma sidewalk.


2) However, the Ad the Volcano usually runs promoting the chalk off appears to be missing in this week's addition as well as RR's ad. I hope this was only a technical error as this was one of the main reasons I would read the Volcano.

3) Lance Kagey has issued his first Chalk Off Banner. IT will be used for Episode IX tomorrow:

Nice work Lance.


by Wings_of_Change on 6/5/2008 @ 8:29pm
did the news tribune print that article yet??

by ALT on 6/5/2008 @ 10:48pm
Oh. My. God. I laughed myself hoarse when I saw that! Stowe you are too awesome. Can't quite make out what I'm holding in the baseball glove... A froggy perhaps? :D

by Wings_of_Change on 6/6/2008 @ 6:40am
Yay Friday!!!!!

by RonSwarner on 6/6/2008 @ 8:57am
You read the Volcano every week to see the same ad? It's on page 28.

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 9:19am
Can't quite make out what I'm holding in the baseball glove... A froggy perhaps?

Careful examination of my special advance copy indicates that it is, in fact, a froggy.

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 11:16am
You read the Volcano every week to see the same ad? It's on page 28.

Actually, the ad often changes. I will have to look again. Thanks for the clarification and hint.