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Jun. 6, 2008 at 12:25am

Frost Park: Fashion, Minor Stardom Awaits Victor

Today is Frost Park Chalk Off Episode IX at noon at 9th and Pacific Avenue in Downtown Tacoma rain, shine or snow.  Everyone is invited.  Someone is going to win.

Banner by Lance Kagey.

Thursday nights, I look to the taxpayer funded Tacoma Art Listserve for RR Anderson's call to arms for the next Frost Park Chalk Off.  He never disappoints.  For better or worse, RR has added a couple new features.

Synchronizing with this week's fashion theme, the ever present yet elusive Ms. Darcy graces Episode IX, modeling for the promotional:

Thanks Ms. Darcy!

Read RR's call carefully and thoroughly below:

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night:

Out in the park legions of holy men + women labored against the stone and din with ferocious determination carving out a place for NEW LIFE in the NORTHWEST ROOM (Historical, Non-Fiction Section).

Who are these MASKED INDIVIDUALS? Supernatural Beings? Nay! 


An Idea Doesn't Have to be big, It just has to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Friday, 12 Noon - 1PM
Larry Frost Memorial Park
9th & Commerce

...ONLINE VOTING BEGINS on feedtacoma.com

Corporate Sponsorship

Chalk Challenge No. is made possible through charitable donation by THE ULTRA-ATTRACTIVE  JULIE BENNETT + Tacoma's Own URBAN XCHANGE clothing resource for HIPSTERS and YOUNG PERSONS.

"Though you may be surprised when I reveal to you that we Computer&Comic Book Enthusiasts grow our fashion sense from an internalized philosophy of 'those who embrace their seemingly unsexy side, become sexy by doing so' I feel that Ms. Bennett's FREE STORE CREDIT CUPON will be well appreciated by our next chalk challenge winner" ~ RR Anderson, 2008


(Julie Bennett, owner of Urban Xchange and Fashion Designer extraordinaire)

The victor of which will receive a package of Prizes from Urban Exchange including 1) a $45.00 certificate  for clothes at Urban Xchange, 2) private fashion consulting by Tacoma's top designers, and a 3) photo shoot for inclusion a predominant role in Urban Xchange's Spring ad campaign.

Official Rules (for entertainment purposes only)

get pumped, visit FeedTacoma.com's TACOMA URBANIST.

* * * N00B SPOILE R ALERT * * *

  1. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen

  2. RR Anderson (Sponsored by Erik Bjornson Attorney at Law: Military Divorce Specialist)

  3. Life of Elle  (sponsored by Puget Sound Pizza)

  4. James Stowe (sponsored by EMBELLISH SALON)
  5. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by THE RED HOT) 

  6. James Stowe (sponsored by BRICK & MORTAR EXECUTIVE CONDO SUITES )
  7. RR Anderson (sponsored by CORINA BAKERY + BISTRO)
  8. Mr. Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angel (sponsored by Hilltop Glass Artists, John Hathaway)
  9.                  your name here                ??

 Honorable Mention

  1. Dave L
  2. Laura Hanan
  3. James: The Boy who Draws Garfield
  4. Dawn
  5. Mark Monlux

 Artists Too Cowardly

  1. two guys from 'the helm'
  2. Chris
  3. rhymes with "Manuel Glue"
  4. the living statue
  5. your mom


* * *
R. Ryan Anderson,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Webmaster @
http://www.holisticforgeworks.com | Detective Agency: (253) 238-6718
++ conscientious objector + media liberator + humorist for hire ++


Expected Weather

As of 12:25 a.m., there is a 90 percent chance of rain. 

The chalk offs have been extraordinary lucky in avoiding rain to date.  Yet, we may face rain tomorrow. 

The contest goes on full force regardless as the Chalk Offs still fully embrace the "Take Back the Park"  ethos Adam documented in far worse conditions:


Friday may test the valor and improvisational skills of the Challengers.

Viewing Frost Park for the last 8 weeks nearly everyday in every sort of weather after the chalk contests, I make the following observations which may be of use for contestants:

1) Many of the concerns about water and chalk being incompatible are overblown.

2) The wet sidewalk free of standing water and rain can hold and be chalked surprisingly well.

3) The vertical cement panels in Frost Park can be chalked and hold a submission for weeks even when wet and even in the most adverse rain and wind conditions.

4) Charcoal holds up best of all against water. 
With that said, space may be limited if it is raining.  We will see how RR divides up the spaces.  Some of the old entries from last week may have to be integrated into this weeks pieces or chalked over.

Rules for Chalk Art Contest:

We are making them up as we go.  However, the contest starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 1:00 p.m.  There are other rules in the official chalk off rulebook.

Feel free to post any pictures of the chalk art work below in this post or link to pictures or picture sets including close up shots that may make your favored piece look better or your opponents look worse.

Voting For Chalk Art Submissions

Please vote for your favorite chalk art entry in the comment section below.  Explaining why you voted for a particular entry will add considerable context and meaning.

Each person/avatar gets one vote.  Votes will be accepted until midnight on Friday after which the winner will be declared.  Votes will be accepted starting at 1:00 p.m.

For more information see:

Prize Post

Frost Park Chalk Off Scoreboard (Synopsis of Episodes I - VI)

Frost Park Chalk Off Rule Book

See everyone at Frost Park today

(There's more)

Possible Post Chalk Off Gathering

Many a chalk off challengers and spectators alike gather at Paddy Coyne's on Fridays after the event.  If it rains, the chances are greater everyone will leave soon after 1:00 p.m. 

Paddy Coynes is located a half a block from Frost Park.

Paddy Coyne's
815 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402

It seats and serves people of all ages and Tacoma Mamma has rated it as child friendly.  Perhaps some of us will show up there and compare chalking notes. 

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by KevinFreitas on 6/6/2008 @ 8:32am
Rain or... well, let's face it. Rain. I'm there! Wish I had an idea in my head to compete with. I'd be honored to win even a pitty prize from Stowe.

by jcbetty on 6/6/2008 @ 8:43am
I'll be there, and my idea is so obsequious I may even be able to coerce a vote or two out of the feed-O-sphere...Maybe... The weather's awfully friggen' nasty, though...

by jamesstoweart on 6/6/2008 @ 8:50am
Don't think of it as a Pitty Prize...

Think of it as Chalk Virgin Incentive!

And I am going to go ahead and commit to an actual defined prize. Any newbie that braves the rain and garners more votes than me will get their very own Ultra Rare ROOKIE GITU(OT) Collectable Trading Card with their image on it.

Example below:

by Elle on 6/6/2008 @ 9:30am
I've lived in WA all (most) of my life and when it comes to rain I'm a little girl. Could be that naturally curly hair hidden under hours of flattening that turns into an afro when the humidity is over 30%. That or the fact that the trusty husband left me for sunny CA this weekend rendering me a single parent and lacking the ability to chalk and supervise. I'll cheer you on from the comfort of my desk chair and behind my latte.

Who am I kidding? I'll be at the Pt. Defiance flower and garden show. Just look for the lady sporting the really nappy afro.

by jcbetty on 6/6/2008 @ 9:54am
(hi, Stowe. I'm a chalk virgin, and I blog.) :D

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 11:14am
11:13 a.m. A light rain, a sprinkle really.

Any newbie that braves the rain and garners more votes than me will get their very own Ultra Rare ROOKIE GITU(OT) Collectable Trading Card with their image on it.

Hmmm. That could be more than one person.

by jamesstoweart on 6/6/2008 @ 11:16am
Hmmm. That could be more than one person.

That is definitely the idea.

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 11:37am
You might want to bring your camera Adam.

I think there may be some uncommon feats of valor to be recorded at Frost Park today.

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 11:38am
There may also be international competitors!

by jenyum on 6/6/2008 @ 11:59am
I sat out in the rain for 6 hours yesterday, canna' do it today, especially with miss Whiny McWhinipants, The Petite Flower, in tow.

Besides, I am almost done with Super Ultra Mega Project From Hades and don't want to stop now. But have fun!

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 1:45pm
plenty of soggy chalk art!
Jessica's Laptop

RR's Civilization is an Absence

Stowe's Boa

Stowe's Boa

Lance's Nuts

Adam the Alien hijack


Andrea's Daniel Blue


Dawn Peace

Mark's Ape

Train / Chalk

by jamesstoweart on 6/6/2008 @ 1:47pm
Dawn's is a great homage to Evil Dead 2! I wish I had picked up on that when i first saw it. Now that I see a photo of it I totally get it. IT'S ASH'S EVILLY DEAD ANIMATED SEVERED HAND!!!

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 1:51pm
For reference: the two panel comic was drawn by an international team of Liz Lutgendorff (Canada) and Amy Crosthwaite (England). The character is Martin, a particularly angry owl, whose misadventures and fury are cataloged in Amy's Martin: Angry Owl webcomic.

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 1:54pm
The weather was pretty kind after all:

Our gracious fashionable sponsor:

Here's the rest of Julie:

More pictures here:


by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 1:56pm
thanks izenmania.

and a gentle reminder to all: please post your photos and deepest inward reflections. Thanks!

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 1:57pm
My pics will get posted after work.

by tommyllew on 6/6/2008 @ 2:09pm
I'm afraid of any fallout that might arise by my voting for Lance's nuts, so I'm voting for the gnome-eating serpent by the talented Stowe. And based on the view we all had of his butt cleavage, he's clearly a fashion risk taker that will enjoy the grand prize.

by jamesstoweart on 6/6/2008 @ 2:22pm
And based on the view we all had of his butt cleavage, he's clearly a fashion risk taker that will enjoy the grand prize.

God I hope there isn't a photo of that flickring around. My crack could end up one of the random revolving Feed>>Tacoma Tacoma Photos.

Have I mentioned that I'm dieting and my pants are loose?

by ElectricElliot on 6/6/2008 @ 2:43pm

I got some great footage of the competition today. I should be able to put a video together by Monday (out of town for the weekend.) Great job to all chalk artists!

Not sure I'll be able to film next week though, I may have to pick up some chalk (though I'm sure I can find someone to get some tapes rolling.)

I'm going to vote for Dr. Stowebotnic this week as well.

by AP on 6/6/2008 @ 2:45pm
Word on the street is that the "Vote Izenmania" campaign is alive and well this week. Mr. Izenman, contrary to public opinion, has been rather stoked on the prospect of winning himself a makeover. This photo is not dated, so it is hard to say when he took this dry run through Urban Xchange; it appears they have already begun working him over. Whether or not Joe ultimately claims this prize, I believe the community at large is already better off for it.


by tommyllew on 6/6/2008 @ 2:50pm
Quit with the false modesty, Stowe. You know you're a sexy beast. So far you're leading 2-0 over Lance's nuts.

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 2:50pm
It's a good photo. It accurately depicts the size ration of my head to my body.

by Lance Kagey on 6/6/2008 @ 2:51pm
Great job to anyone who was nuts enough to draw frivolous doodles in the rain.

Stowe's gnome eating snake is gobble-icious.

My vote is for Stowe, although my daughter Emily did the best abstract piece. Yes, I'm biased.

by jamesstoweart on 6/6/2008 @ 2:52pm
fighting the urge to make a "At least I'm beating Lance's nuts" comment...



by Mark Monlux on 6/6/2008 @ 2:52pm
I would like to say that "Long Live Ivan" was done in just ten minutes. I didn't think the rain would stop.

Oh, and I'm going to vote for Lance's Nuts.

by Lance Kagey on 6/6/2008 @ 2:55pm
I love your IVAN, Mark. very blue.

by dawntown on 6/6/2008 @ 2:57pm
Ah the risk we all took today, butt cracks and all. Im glad to see ya'll newbies out there. JCBetty, I quite adored your minimalist, picossoesqe, rendition of the "Chalk-Off" crew (hat tips to you). Thanks to the Canook and the English babe who showed up with Angry Owl. You guys have got to return with more misadventures of Martin. But why so angry? Yeah, I agree, the weather sucks and blows, but the people can be pretty cool sometimes.

Ariel, Im glad to see you as a regular. It was good to see your mom today and all the other guest, who I don't know (I think one is TacomaCHickadee?).

Way to go Adam on coattailing on Lance's old work, fun stuff. I hope Lance includes himself in that pile of nuts, cause we were all nuts to out in that mess.

Stowe, your snake has got to make a return after he has digested the gnome. Maybe next weeks battle art?

by dawntown on 6/6/2008 @ 3:01pm
Yes, Lance's daughter had a wonderful display of color swooshes, rivaled only by jcbetty's color swooshes. Hers actually swished and swooshed

by Lance Kagey on 6/6/2008 @ 3:01pm
I'm the king of nuts. At least this week.

by Lance Kagey on 6/6/2008 @ 3:02pm
did anyone get a good shot of Emily's abstract Mountainscape.

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 3:03pm
Thanks to the Canook and the English babe who showed up with Angry Owl. You guys have got to return with more misadventures of Martin.

I suspect they'll be back next week, but then they are toddling on back to England.

And Martin is Angry for many reasons, but mostly because he is an outlet for the great and terrible rage that is stored in Amy's tiny body.

by Heather on 6/6/2008 @ 3:15pm
Oh, man!!! If I had seen the virgin incentive, I totally would have picked up the chalk this week and embarrassed myself. Oh well.

Wow, Julie is fashionable and an artist. Her quick sketch was spot on. I was actually the most impressed by her hair and may start growing out some of my gray -- if I could figure out how to make it look as cool as hers.

The pictures really don't do today's art justice. RR's Elks and Spanish Steps ended up being really amazing. The gnome in snake looks really great. Andrea pulled an amazing piece out of a sloppy, wet mess in the last few minutes of the competition. Adam's use of the pencil from last week was very creative. Lance, I'm happy to be called a Frost Park Nut, especially when depicted so beautifully.

Do we get to cast two votes? One for a virgin and one for best art? If so, my votes are:

Best Art: PeaceFull Dome Home, by Dawn.

Best Virgin: The team of Lutgendorff and Crosthwaite. (JCBetty, you were brave and your concept rocked, but I adored the angry owl.) Oh, wait!! Who did the City of Destiny? That was really clever. If s/he was a virgin, s/he gets my vote.

Anyone else as confused as me?

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 3:17pm
City of Destiny was done by Ariel, who I believe did the Goddess of Tacoma last week.

Do we get to cast two votes? One for a virgin and one for best art?

No, the chalk virgin prize is for any newbie who gains more votes than Stowe in the main competition.

by droid116 on 6/6/2008 @ 3:19pm
I had to organize and run our end of quarter colloquium here today and missed the event.

So often you have to see the works in their native Frost Park habitat to really appreciate them so I am heading off to view them now.

And though I have only drawn up an entry once and done a non-worthy job of it.......


Imagine my excitement and pride. Thanks RR.

by Heather on 6/6/2008 @ 3:21pm
Lance, I think the mountainscape is showing up in the Flickr collection that Erik posted.

by Heather on 6/6/2008 @ 3:27pm
Oh, I loved Tacoma Goddess last week! I took a lot of pictures of that one, especially the Java Jive in her skirt. However, if I had made it to a 'puter in time to vote last week, I would have voted for Andrea's glassblower. That rocked.

But today, I'll stick with my vote for Dawn, since we just get one vote.

by Ms.Ajax on 6/6/2008 @ 3:33pm
My vote is for the gnome/snake....

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 3:34pm
welcome ElectricElliot!

@ Mr. Fry... Ms. Darcy greatly enjoyed her ORIGAMI BABY! it is truly amazing.

Also thanks to Dave L. for the amazing Kalakala Float decorating my cubicle right now. I'll try to keep the tradition of sailing it in the fountain going.

by AP on 6/6/2008 @ 3:35pm
My vote is for Joe Izenman.

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 3:37pm
It will be interesting to see how many first timers, if any, are able to beat Stowe and get their own trading card.

I got some great footage of the competition today. I should be able to put a video together by Monday (out of town for the weekend.) Great job to all chalk artists!

Thanks for coming ElectricElliot. Looking forward to seeing your footage. Please make sure and post a link to it on Feed Tacoma.

by Lou Lou on 6/6/2008 @ 3:39pm
This week I have 3 favorites, Emily Kagey's abstract drawing and her choice of colors, her father's Pile O' Nuts and the serpent that ate the gnome.

by KevinFreitas on 6/6/2008 @ 3:44pm
I'll get my pics of from Frost Park up after work. I was thoroughly impressed by the resilience of all the artists despite some shoddy weather.

by rippen on 6/6/2008 @ 3:51pm
i vote for Lance's nuts. i hear they're terrific!

by jcbetty on 6/6/2008 @ 4:11pm
while I desperately want to be a collectible card, I have to bow down in Stow-homage, as the snake was just... wow. Lance's nuts were pretty impressive, too, esp since the medium in which they were rendered looked just like acrylic.The mountainscape, Garfield, the owl, and my own heavy on obsequiousness, (light on ablity) pieces were bold and daring, fer sher, but I was probably more amazed by Andrea's X-man Blue, while RR's cityscape took my breath away and made me double-take, like, twice. Ariel's piece impressed me twice: one, for rendering a crazy incredible amount of detail in a small space, and two, for putting in so many artistic references of artistic moments. Nicely played!! Dawntown had an impressive use of volume, volume, VOLUME of chalk (and a mighty fine reference to both a. Tacoma, and b. a recent Tacoma theatrical happening) while Monlux' Ivan was impressive, masterful and jawdropping in its simplistic intensity, esp since the whole thing took ten minutes.

It was humbling to be stick-figuring amongst y'all.

All that said, yeah, still, Stowe (any chance I get the "suck up voter" trading card? Huh? Huh??)

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 4:13pm
I might have to vote for Jessica's piece because she included the Tacoma Urbanist:


by Amanda D. on 6/6/2008 @ 4:15pm
After extensive deliberation, I think that I have to give my vote to JCBetty. While everyone did a wonderful job (And was very brave about getting down on the wet ground), I just loved the idea of her drawing the oddity of everyone leaping out of the FeedTacoma box.

And I love squiggles. You can never go wrong with squiggles.

by jcbetty on 6/6/2008 @ 4:15pm
oh, heck. I almost forgot to mention the coolness of Adam the alien, and Julie's rendering of Adam the alien, rendering. Suh-wheeet!!

by kimi on 6/6/2008 @ 4:19pm
I vote for Lutgendorff and Crosthwaite.

Mostly because they are right about the tea.

by Hilltopmom on 6/6/2008 @ 4:22pm
After much deliberation, we vote for the gnome-eating snake.

by droid116 on 6/6/2008 @ 4:23pm
I vote for Stowe's snake.

by jcbetty on 6/6/2008 @ 4:27pm
*tears welling,* I just got two votes...

(oh wait, Urbanist didn't *exactly* vote for me, huh...)

by ALT on 6/6/2008 @ 4:29pm
Ok - I can't figure out how to embed images with Flickr! See some of the art I photographed today here:

by thriceallamerican on 6/6/2008 @ 4:30pm
I can barely believe that I appear to be the first to do so, but I've gotta give my nod to RR's Elks + Spanish Steps + Diamond Lot piece.

by Dave L. on 6/6/2008 @ 4:31pm
I didn’t notice it at the time, but did anyone else catch that some of Lance’s nuts are left-hand thread?
Jeremy manages to show yet another side of Garfield, and I love the blue "monster" (as the young artist described it to me) on the wall. Stowe’s was a sight to behold, and great use of that wall space. I like how RxR busted out with his beautiful Elks Lodge scene, complete with accurate Spanish Steps garden and overflowing aqueduct. Monlux’s Ivan (a silverback about my age, but with more hair on his back) was splashed in brilliant color and brings back all kinds of memories. Great subject. But I [also] have to go with jcbetty’s jumping in with both boots and doing a great FeedTacoma scene. No lie.

[To Erik - I appreciate the spin you put on things; thank you. But if anything, it's a useless little on many :-) ]

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 4:33pm

I vote for the limey owl webcomic!

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 4:35pm
But I have to go with jcbetty’s jumping in with both boots and a great FeedTacoma scene.

A convincing analysis Dave L. I will concur with it and vote for jcbetty as well.

I didn’t notice it at the time, but did anyone else catch that some of Lance’s nuts are left-hand thread?

You sure seem to know alot on many, many subjects.

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 4:39pm
some good detail on the stowe's snake from andrea's flickr

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 4:40pm
i like how the snake looks like it is levitating

by KevinFreitas on 6/6/2008 @ 4:58pm
i like how the snake looks like it is levitating

That's what digesting gnome will do to ya. Like Gummy Berry juice they are. Magical stuff, that.

by Mandiferous on 6/6/2008 @ 5:02pm
I vote for JC Betty. Way to dive in!
(I have no such guts).

by izenmania on 6/6/2008 @ 5:06pm
'tis Amy and Liz saying thanks for having us. There is such prime space for chalk offs right outside my office in London but its full of bankers and security uptight type people. But I'm going to suggest one for 'Canary Wharf Day' as the management types are desperately trying to raise the profile of the area as being caring and stuff. It would be interesting to see!

Also. If we are allowed to vote, we'd like to vote for the snake! :D Very memorable part of our vacation so far!

by jcbetty on 6/6/2008 @ 5:08pm
(y'all are making my heart swell with Tacomalove.)

--I love how Andrea's picture shows that perfectly wonderful expression on the snake: feeling guilty? mean? sad? upset tummy? or is that a look that says, whatchoo lookin' at? -- I also loved that the gnome's expression, inside the tummy, was as cheerful and chirpy as ever. Masterful, that. --Andrea's shots og X Blue also show some pretty impressive medium-mastery, though... once again, with that trademark Trenbeath Lowen glow...

by Twisty on 6/6/2008 @ 5:10pm
Before I vote, I must salute the intrepid competitors for braving the October-like elements today. Lots to like this week, as always. My decision-flow went thusly:

Also thanks to Dave L. for the amazing Kalakala Float decorating my cubicle right now.
You've prolly forgotten all about that old hat, eh?

RR, I might have known that you would switch from civic gadflies to historic architecture. No surprise there, but... where are the bus people? Your piece seems so sterile without them.

Stowe's snake/gnome caught my fancy early on -- if for no other reason than its audacious linearity. A nice piece, and clever, but...

Then there was Andrea's piece. Her work is always so dramatic! But...

Then there was Ivan -- a nearly-forgotten Tacoma icon from the past. He's doing well, I hear. Thanks for reminding me to think of him, Mark! Alas, despite my affection for Ivan, other pieces call...

I'm happy to see that the angry owl from across the pond feels right at home here. Well, wait... no, I'm not happy that summer has taken a powder on us.

Which brings me around to lay my vote on what I must say is a bit of adaptive genius; a triumph for squatter's rights; a celebration of insurgency and a stark reminder that each Friday is a new round, regardless of what we may find on the concrete before us...

MY VOTE: Adam the Alien!

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 5:12pm

Want to see something interesting about DIAMOND Parking?

dig the address yo.

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 5:19pm
yeah Adam's piece pretty well captures the spirit of Frost Park Chalk Art... sort of the 'take what you've got and run with it' ethos

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 5:37pm
Young chalkie in training:

by deeble interactive on 6/6/2008 @ 5:41pm
My vote goes to Lance. There's nothing like a heap of left-hand nuts

by Heather on 6/6/2008 @ 5:41pm
Hey, I also want to emphasize that I am really pleased to have met the folks that introduced themselves and their spouses to me today at Frost Park - you know who you are. It was also great to chat a bit with my new biking buddies again. I'm quite surprised and ever so grateful for the new friends that I'm beginning to make through f

by ALT on 6/6/2008 @ 6:06pm
Thanks for the help on posting pictures, Erik. I'll post the rest of them once I can figure out what their url's are!

Full Size Images:

by tacomachickadee on 6/6/2008 @ 6:09pm
Someone tell me how to post pictures! I don't remember!

And yes, I have Flickr. Some photos of The Boy's late-in-the-hour unplanned chalking from today are posted here (hope this works): www.flickr.com/photos/23857141@N08/tags/...

Not bad for about 20 minutes, if that. And being FIVE.

Lance: I will have to favor my kiddo's foray into surrealism. Though I did enjoy your girl's, and have a photo I'll post as soon as I get my sync in gear. :)

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 6:12pm
img src="The url of the image"

The above should be placed within < >

by pietogo on 6/6/2008 @ 6:33pm
I'm nuts about the nuts! My vote is for Nutty Ol' Lance! And I must say Emily's work looks like she's a chip off the ol' nut!

by pietogo on 6/6/2008 @ 6:35pm
I think Ivan is pretty cool, too. Those were sad days for him...

by ixia on 6/6/2008 @ 6:43pm
Nuts, yes, I must vote for Tacoma nuts, for without them what would Tacoma be?
Close second is the snake. If it eats gnomes, does it eat nuts too??

by Dianne on 6/6/2008 @ 6:54pm
I vote for Jeremy's Garfield. Hope he finally found some sun and some lasagna.

by Tacomite on 6/6/2008 @ 6:56pm
My vote this week goes to Stowe's gnome eating python (or is it an anaconda?) It kinda reminds of the snake in Jungle Book. I'll throw out an honorable mention to Mark. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Ivan. Kudos to all that braved the rain while I was "stuck" in sunny CA.

by JeremyScott on 6/6/2008 @ 6:58pm
I vote for my Garfield. I know he will find some sun and lasagna.

by tacomachickadee on 6/6/2008 @ 7:14pm
The beginning of The Boy's impromptu Frost Park Chalk-off Entry (note the rather Elle-esque sketching before he fills in the color ... and I don't even think he's seen Elle chalk):

Here he works at filling in his outlines. I think there appears to be some sort of fishy tale to the left of the photo ... but he insists this baby is pure monster:

And the smiling boy with his finished produce. Note the last-minute addition of the orange blob to the left in the photo, which makes this venture into surrealism not JUST a Monster, but a "Monster Next to a Balloon."

Very good, my little 5-year-old.

Though I'm sensing a "monster" theme ... almost like RR can't get enough of Mr. Hill.

More monsters -- in our recent alley chalk-off:

Wait, I think that last one was a unicorn ...

by bluegodjanus on 6/6/2008 @ 7:22pm
My vote goes for Ariel's City of Destiny. It's very meta and recursive, and I appreciate that kind of thing.

by jenyum on 6/6/2008 @ 8:28pm
It is very hard to get a real feel for the entries this week, without having been there. It might be good if someone could post a photo set with name captions for all the pictures, because I'm not really sure whose is whose.

Stowe's howver, is pretty dang cool. I hate to sound like a broken record but I think I gotta vote for Stowe again.

by tacomachickadee on 6/6/2008 @ 8:36pm
Now, jenyum ... should it MATTER whose is whose? ;)

by jenyum on 6/6/2008 @ 8:44pm
Well, if you are going to vote for someone you need to know who they are to cast your vote, that's all I'm sayin'

Also I'm guessing because of the rain (wouldn't want to put my camera through that either) a lot of them don't show the full drawing.

by Courtney on 6/6/2008 @ 8:45pm
Going for Stowe's snake w/gnome. By the way that's 2 time Greatest Illustrator in the Universe of Tacoma buttcrack. Oh and if Stowe wins he is NOT passing the super cool prize on to me (Mrs. Stowe). He will take his makeover like a man! :)

And wow Ivan, what memories Mark. Jeremy, yours was a very close second for me because I can totally relate to poor Garfield looking for sun.

by tacomachickadee on 6/6/2008 @ 8:46pm
Pile o' Lance's nuts

JCBetty & The Tacoma Blogosphere

Stowe Eats the Gnome

I miss you Mr. Gnome ...

The Boy and his "Monster Next to a Balloon"

Ariel's City of Destiny

Izenmania's women repreSENT with "Martin"

The early phase of Julie of UrbanXchange's entry (featuring AdamTheAlien)

By Dawn

A Surrealistic Mountain by Lance's Girl

Mark's Monkey

Adam The Alien's Impression of Harold

Tacoma by RR

Andrea's Blue Man (in progress)

Garfield Chases the Sun

by Elle on 6/6/2008 @ 8:49pm
Kudos to all that braved the rain while I was "stuck" in sunny CA.

Notice how he throws that shot in there.

I'm torn between Lance's nuts and Stowe's snake. (ok, I just laughed so hard I may have peed a little after typing that)

Both have an amazing use of color. I give kudos to Stowe for creative use of space. I would have never thought of using that particular wall. And Lance's drawing was in pink. Seeing as I'm such a girl (not wanting to get wet and all) I am a big fan of pink.

I am going to have to go with Lance's nuts. Mainly because I'm a bit of a nut myself.

by mzkrug on 6/6/2008 @ 8:50pm
I'm going for Jeremy's Garfield this week. I really like Ariel's City of Destiny,too, but Jeremy outdid himself this time!

by NineInchNachos on 6/6/2008 @ 8:53pm
an easy way to post pics from flickr is to click on "all sizes" click the pic size you want... scroll to bottom of page and the copy/paste code is right there !

by tacomachickadee on 6/6/2008 @ 8:54pm
I'm so torn ...

And NIN: Really?!?!?!? That easy? So much easier than what I've been doing ... ugh.

by jamesstoweart on 6/6/2008 @ 8:57pm
Okay, my turn to vote.

This week I have been all about chalk virgins. I am so happy that so many new chalkies came out to get soaked. It is awesome to be apart of something that grows so organically.

Now that is out of the way...let me say I have a few favorites this week. The vote is really hard. Conditions were rough and everyone stepped up and performed really well.

I thought Jeremy's Garfield this week was genuinely excellent. It has gotten to the point that I look forward to each week's Garfield strip. And this week's was actually funnier than real Garfield strips.

I also need to give some serious props to Ariel. Each week she makes a piece that I really enjoy. The details in this week's Destiny City piece really made me smile. Great work Ariel, as usual.

If I could for three people I would, but since I can't I am going to go for the virgin vote.

JCBetty's freshman chalk piece is phenomenal, it is all about the details. Everyone is in there. It was fun to stare at it and figure out who everyone was. And for some reason... me and my monkeysuit hid behind a bush. I fear what unsavory thing I was doing behind there.

She gets my vote. Great opening shot. I feel the need to duck.

by NEAL on 6/6/2008 @ 9:09pm
I vote for The Boy.

Great job, kiddo!

by KevinFreitas on 6/6/2008 @ 9:14pm
No one seems to want to make this stuff easy, do they? RR dazzles in details with his Elks/Spanish steps piece. I especially liked the aqueduct that lasted mere seconds under the fall of the fountain water.

Nice work Dawn on the reference from Evil Dead II at the Red Hot last night. Arial, it's great seeing so much of our recent Frost Park history in your piece. Andrea, as always, the passion and strokes you lay on the cement are just plain wicked. Adam, I love the use and adaptation of a previous piece. Julie, way to jump in there with your likeness of Adam. Lance, great sense of humor and props to the little lady for her abstract of color and shape. Stowe, just bloody hilarious and stunning. JCBetty, again love the representation of recent Frost Park history and the shout out to all things FeedTacoma and community. Mark, well done with the gorilla I never knew and in record time of 10 minutes! Jeremy, Garfield, magnificant and a timely topic. Thanks to the Izen-crew for their napkin-like send up on our rain, too.

Crapper. No one is making this easy at all! Stowe FTW. JCBetty for the newbie award.

by WaywardScooterGirl on 6/6/2008 @ 9:20pm
Well, I wrote an entire post with my thoughts and feelings, but it kept getting cut shorter and shorter each time I edited. My vote is for JCBetty.

by AngelaJossy on 6/6/2008 @ 9:22pm
My vote is for the snake. My apologies to the tacoma gnome but the snake is just too cute!

Congrats to all who participated today. You are true Tacomans! I wish I'd been there with you but responsibility beckoned.


by Frinklin on 6/6/2008 @ 9:26pm
Goodness, this is yet another hard week, Stowe's snake, Lance's nuts? The mind boggles. In the end though I need to stay true to my comic book geek roots and vote for Andrea's Uncanny X-Man.

by demgal88 on 6/6/2008 @ 9:28pm
I liked watching Dawn's dome materialize (layers of chalk!) and then the jeans became stonewashed...and the X-man was awesome but I have to vote for Ariel's City of Destiny because she adheres to the Tacoma theme with such consistency....now that filing week is over I will be looking for a political/Tacoma subject next week- except that I will be at the state convention in E WA...!

by Adam the Alien on 6/6/2008 @ 9:29pm
yeah Adam's piece pretty well captures the spirit of Frost Park Chalk Art... sort of the 'take what you've got and run with it' ethos
That was the idea. Especially since for my first drawing, I was too chicken to take the part of the sidewalk with some light outlines from Andrea's WolveRRine. The idea is take what you've got and go with it, and also a bit of collaboration/community theme intended.

Okay, I absolutely LOVED the portrait of me...it made me feel all special and stuff. :-D And it's really good, to boot!

Stowe, you suck - you put out a challenge to get more votes than you, and then make a piece that's even better than any of your previous entries? I mean, seriously, that snake is made of awesome.

RR's was shockingly detailed - I can't believe he did that in such a limited time.

Lance - I think you've hit the nail on the head.

Andrea - Frickin' awesome. Period. My vote goes to Andrea.

Everyone else - I'm afraid I don't have it in me right now to go through them all (see my epilogue below for why), but those ones stuck out in my memory.

Well, I seem to be the bearer of sad epilogues, from abandoned chalk and litter to crying newcomers, and I have another one this week. This time, however, it's of a personal nature: I lost my camera this afternoon. Along with everything else in the camera bag. Including half of the footage from my dad's 60th birthday party last Sunday.

Having retraced my steps from the toystore in Proctor where it was making me knock things over to King's books, where I realized it wasn't over my shoulder anymore, it appears the only place it could have been left is...on the bus. So pray, wish luck, cross your fingers, etc. that when the Lost

by morgan on 6/6/2008 @ 9:41pm
I like Lance's nuts with the ghost ship in the background. Cool font too.

But I must go with the levitating, gnome-eating snake. Any drawing beyond 5 feet gets my vote.

by TacomaGnome on 6/6/2008 @ 9:44pm

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 9:47pm
There's still a huge number of votes out there waiting in the wings.

Perhaps another photo set will shake a few out.

2 hours and 13 minutes left.

by tacomachickadee on 6/6/2008 @ 10:05pm
Andrea for overall.

The Boy (aka Eddie) & Lance's girl for supporting the Frost Park surrealist movement.

JCBetty for representing the newbies and the blogosphere oh, so well.

And darn that Stowe snake ... and Lance's nuts.

But Andrea gets my vote.

by Erik on 6/6/2008 @ 10:15pm
Andrea - Frickin' awesome. Period. My vote goes to Andrea.

You have a point Adam. Check out a close up:

(photobucket i40.photobucket.com/albums/e246/danielbl... Stock Photos/DSC_0038.jpg)

Spooky. Its all there.

Full size:


Here's Stowe's snake:

RR's Elks Temple:

by Wings_of_Change on 6/6/2008 @ 11:47pm
I vote for my city of destiny

by Wings_of_Change on 6/6/2008 @ 11:56pm
wow, that really sucks Adam. maybe your good Tacoma chalk karma will pay off and the city will magically return the items in question??? here's hoping.

by ensie on 6/6/2008 @ 11:58pm
I'm so sad that I missed being at the park in person today while I was flying home from Southern California. The art looks absolutely AMAZING! I so look forward to Frost Park every week.

While everyone's work is just incredible, I have to hand it to my friend jcbetty for her adventurous spirit and willingness to draw her first chalk square.

My vote goes to JCBETTY!

by Erik on 6/7/2008 @ 1:01am
An amazing 14 entries were submitted in the rain today, most of which received at least some votes.

Great valor displayed today.

Here's the count. 39 total votes cast:

NEAL's Boy..1

Thus, the mighty Stowe prevails in Frost Park Chalk Off Episode IX and receives

1) a $45.00 certificate for clothes at Urban Xchange,

2) private fashion consulting by Tacoma's top designers, and a

3) photo shoot for inclusion a predominant role in Urban Xchange's Spring ad campaign.

Congratulations Stowe!

The challengers are often thwarted in their efforts to obtain the prize they most desire.

I can't help but remember Stowe's single minded determination to acquire the prizes from The Red Hot which he desired so, so much in Episode V and more than any prize to date:


Lupin prevailed, thwarting his efforts. Adding insult to injury to Stowe, she immediately offered to give away The Red Hot coupon to another player. (She ultimately used it)

In Episode VIII, RR Anderson kept Hathway's Fedora for several days which he valued greatly only to have to be forced to "crown" Lance Kagey with it later who obviously knew much less about Hathaway or his hat.

Today, Lupin loses the only prize she has ever vocally sought to acquire to Stowe who has shown no interest in it.

Yet, I think there is a benefit in the outcomes we have seen as it pushes each challenger to step outside of their comfort zone and and into another area: Andrea to The Red Hot, Lance to investigate Tacoma's dark side with Hathaways Hat, and yes, Stowe to the world of fashion.

I like it.

Stowe: You know chalk. Julie and Brooke Bennett know fashion. No doubt, they are working through the weekend with clothing swaths preparing for you.

by Erik on 6/7/2008 @ 1:30am

Stowe fully loaded with chalk.

by Adam the Alien on 6/7/2008 @ 3:23am
I just think think Stowe didn't want to have to follow through on his trading card offer. :-P :-D

by jenyum on 6/7/2008 @ 7:33am
I really like jcbetty's. Originally all I saw were a couple of stick figures, shoulda waited for the full photo sets before voting but the gnome/snake popped out at me.

by Courtney on 6/7/2008 @ 8:26am
Cool! For what it's worth Sto has been fretting...he's happy he won of course but he's already talked about giving it away to 5 people. I won't let him though. Goodness knows I'd love to see him in a fashion shoot.

And that stinks Adam that you lost your camera!!?? Have you called Pierce Transit Lost and Found?

by Adam the Alien on 6/7/2008 @ 9:32am
They're not open until Monday, Courtney, nor will my camera be available there before then, if they found it. I also discovered they don't let you leave a message...the automated machine lady tells you some things and then says to try back another time, followed by an annoyingly cheery "Goodbye!"

by NineInchNachos on 6/7/2008 @ 9:40am
if lance is the Leonardo of chalk
Stowe is the Michelangelo of chalk.

Nice work Comrade Stowe!

by ALT on 6/7/2008 @ 12:34pm
"Yet, I think there is a benefit in the outcomes we have seen as it pushes each challenger to step outside of their comfort zone and and into another area: Andrea to The Red Hot, Lance to investigate Tacoma's dark side with Hathaways Hat, and yes, Stowe to the world of fashion."

Lol - walk'n in different worlds! As I told Erik, I thought Stowe's snake was THE best and I was positive it would win. Had I not wanted the prize so bad I would've voted for it - but then the snake obviously didn't need my help! The same cannot be said for Gadsby :P
Congratulations Stowe!

Adam that sucks about your camera - I'm so sorry to hear about that. What was the number of the bus? We need to post some notices.

by Erik on 6/7/2008 @ 4:50pm
Here's the current standings of the Frost Park Chalk Off Challengers for 2008, the winner overall will literally be the "Best Illustrator in The Universe of Tacoma for 2008" and be entitled to unprecedented prestige:

Stowe......3 wins
Lupin.......2 wins
RR..........2 wins
Elle.........1 win
Lance......1 win

by ElectricElliot on 6/9/2008 @ 10:09pm


~Electric Elliot

by NineInchNachos on 6/9/2008 @ 10:22pm
oh man thats rad.

Special Thanks to ElectricElliot!

by Erik on 6/9/2008 @ 10:29pm
Wow. Amazing video on Frost Park Episode IX.

Dale L. boat is featured!

The Melon show rules.

Great work Electric Elliot.

Nice interviews and chalking everyone.

by jamesstoweart on 6/9/2008 @ 10:53pm
That was awesome!!!

by WaywardScooterGirl on 6/10/2008 @ 7:09am
That video was excellent!

by HD on 6/10/2008 @ 11:26am
Big props to Electric Elliot for braving the elements with plastic shopping bag as the first line of defense to guard the camera to make this possible.

by intacoma on 6/10/2008 @ 4:21pm

Since stowe won here is some of my photoshop fashion mockups for you choose one and go with it.


by intacoma on 6/10/2008 @ 4:31pm
it gets better

$50 value donated by in-tacoma

by NineInchNachos on 6/10/2008 @ 4:38pm
I would like to see a "steam punk" version by in-tacoma.

by jamesstoweart on 6/10/2008 @ 4:42pm
That will haunt my dreams forever.

Thank you intacoma.

by intacoma on 6/10/2008 @ 4:55pm
I think #2 works good for you

by Erik on 6/11/2008 @ 1:17pm
Stowe picks up his prize and met with Julie Bennett today:


Everyone is looking forward to the Stowe/Urban Xchange ads.

by NineInchNachos on 6/11/2008 @ 1:23pm
dig stowe's latest battle art. friggin awesome


by Arienne-Keith on 6/12/2008 @ 4:43pm
I'm voting for Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen's "Blue Man" because it's friggen' awesome.... it has so much layering and detail. The proportions are also very well-done.

by intacoma on 6/12/2008 @ 4:56pm
late pass!