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May. 23, 2008 at 1:05am

Frost Park Today: Chalk, Voting, Cake, Lunch, Stowe Art

Today is Frost Park Chalk Off Friday in downtown Tacoma at 9th and Pacific Avenue at noon.

I have received the below from RR Anderson:

Click for full size

frost park sidewalk chalk challenge:

THIS challenge is owed and produced cooperatively by THE PEOPLE. 

A REVOLUTIONARY and not REFORM chalk challenge--chalk art with a sense of HUMOR and NO RESPECT for the respectable;

chalk art Directed against RIGIDITY and DOGMA wherever it is found; 


a chalk challenge whose final policy is to do as it PLEASES and CONCILIATE NOBODY,  not even its SPECTATORS--tacoma's only free chalk challenge :)

Friday, 12 Noon - 1PM
Larry Frost Memorial Park
9th & Commerce


Corporate Sponsorship

Chalk Challenge No. 7 FREE CORINA BAKERY ONE WHOLE CAKE COUPON is made possible through charitable donation by Owner Julie Rex and Kate.   

(sponsor hype)

"Whenever I am [depressed], which is most of the time now lately, I go to Corina and enjoy a slice of home style red velvet cake... life doesn't seem so bad.  Just thinking about it makes me [happy] in that part of my chest that remembers what it is to be a child [happy]"  ~ Art Chantry, 2008

Official Rules (for entertainment purposes only)

please get pumped, visit FeedTacoma.com's TACOMA URBANIST.

* * * N00B SPOILER ALERT * * *

  1. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen

  2. RR Anderson (sponsored by Erik Bjornson Attorney at Law: Military Divorce Specialist)

  3. Life of Elle  (sponsored by Puget Sound Pizza)

  4. James Stowe (sponsored by EMBELLISH SALON)
  5. Andrea "LupinGoddess" Trenbeath Lowen (sponsored by THE RED HOT) 

  6. James Stowe (sponsored by BRICK & MORTAR EXECUTIVE CONDO SUITES ) 
  7.                  your name here                ??

 Honorable Mention

  1. Lance "Loves the MM Bridge So Much Why Doesn't He Marry It?" Kagey of Beautiful Angle
  2. Dave L
  3. Laura Hanan
  4. Mark Monlux

* * *

R. Ryan Anderson,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Webmaster @
http://www.holisticforgeworks.com | Detective Agency: (253) 238-6718
++ conscientious objector + media liberator + humorist for hire ++

New Battle Art By Dawn

Nice work Dawn!  Too funny.  As most everyone knows, Dawn and Stowe work together.


In addition to the entire cake or pie from Corina's, Stowe will also be providing the victor of today's Episode with what is essentially an original commissioned art piece depicting the chalk off victor's win at Frost Park.  Thereby securing a significant place in the Frost Park Chalk Off saga/comic book.

Expected Weather

As of 12:27 a.m., there is a 14 percent chance of rain.

In the Frost Park spirit however, the contest goes on regardless of rain, shine, snow or downpour.  Long time chalkies know where the weather impervious panels are located.

Rules for Chalk Art Contest

We are making them up as we go.  However, the contest starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 1:00 p.m.  There are other rules in the official chalk off rulebook.

Feel free to post any pictures of the chalk art work below in this post or link to pictures or picture sets.

Voting For Chalk Art Submissions

Please vote for your favorite chalk art entry in the comment section below.  Explaining why you voted for a particular entry will add considerable context and meaning.

Each person/avatar gets one vote.  Votes will be accepted until midnight on Friday after which the winner will be declared.  Votes will be accepted starting at 1:00 p.m.

For more information see:

Prize Post

Frost Park Chalk Off Scoreboard (Synopsis of Episodes I - V)

Frost Park Chalk Off Rule Book

See everyone at Frost Park today

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by KevinFreitas on 5/23/2008 @ 8:14am
Looking forward to it. I'll see everyone there!

by WaywardSailorGirl on 5/23/2008 @ 8:41am
So bummed I can't be there this week....

by thriceallamerican on 5/23/2008 @ 9:01am
Heh. New Takhoman parody = awesome.

by KevinFreitas on 5/23/2008 @ 9:49am
The rain should subside about 10:30 or 11am.

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 10:11am
The rain should subside about 10:30 or 11am.

Good. The sun might break out by that time. At any rate, the weather will be 10 times better than it was in March.

We will see if some Frost Park Challengers incorporate or draw over any of the existing chalk art in the vertical panels that is there now if it stays wet. RR does it every week for other people's art.

It will be interesting to see how people improvise today. Kind of like seeing football played in the snow, challenging conditions but ones experienced by everyone.

(The Tribune says there is a 33 percent chance of rain. hmmm)

by Dave L. on 5/23/2008 @ 10:14am
I'm too swamped this week, plus I'm still stuck with chalkers' block trying to complete an idea.... But I'm stoked enough that I'm going to take a break to say hi and watch for 20 minutes.

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 11:38am
The pavement downtown is pretty much dry now. Just in time.

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 1:40pm
Here are my pics! Show yours if you got em!!!

Mark Monlux

Cup of Destiny

Adam the Alien

Man in the Yellow Hat

Boy who Loves Garfield

Warhol Stowe

Elle's Sucking Octopus

Fighter Jet for Robert Deeble

LupinGoddess/Lovecraft Mythos

RR does the New Takhoman

by Elle on 5/23/2008 @ 2:08pm
Here are mine:

by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 2:12pm
All photographers so far appear to have gotten tired and not quite made it the last couple steps up the hill to my square...

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 2:17pm
elle has lots more not shown in the thumbs... if you click them an flip through on her picasa site

by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 2:22pm
In truth I am joking. I don't think I'm allowed to complain until I get around to posting my own pictures anyway.

by Mark Monlux on 5/23/2008 @ 2:34pm
As much as I like Stowe's 15 Minutes of Fame, and I like it a lot. I think my vote is going to Lance Kagey's Dropping Daisies.

by droid116 on 5/23/2008 @ 2:36pm
I was hidden around the corner. And though my work could easily be mistaken for a child's scrawl, it is good to see that the piece was captured by the Urbanist in his collection.

by Mark Monlux on 5/23/2008 @ 2:37pm
What is a three letter word for something all men lust, desire and crave?


Tacoma Tiki Craves Pie! Vote for Tacoma Tiki!

by jamesstoweart on 5/23/2008 @ 2:42pm
Good lord, that is shameless hucksterism.

I can't say I disapprove.

But as much as I am sure that Tacoma Tiki does indeed crave pie... I am more a Frosty man.

Dawn deserves my vote this week, that thing is awesome.

Great job Dawn!

by scrapsandsass on 5/23/2008 @ 2:49pm
Dang... missed it again.

I have to place my vote for the pie-craving Tacoma Tiki... and then the purty flower.

I soooo wish I could draw.

by Ann on 5/23/2008 @ 2:54pm
So hard to pick: daisies or Frosty, daisies or Frosty?

Hmm...sorry, Lance.

I vote for the Frosty.

by Lance Kagey on 5/23/2008 @ 2:56pm
Tacoma TIKI. I think this is the start of a movement. The TIKI needs PIE!

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 3:00pm
Pictures are looking good.

I will post mine later.

Here's a link to them though:


by Adam the Alien on 5/23/2008 @ 3:02pm
I'm not sure, yet, if I should vote for myself or not...but I don't intend to abstain from voting. Hm...

Also, RR, you need to seriously adjust some white balance issues on your photos, there. o_O

by joel413 on 5/23/2008 @ 3:05pm
I'm going for Frosty this week. Daisies were nice, and so was the Cracken sucking us in.

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 3:06pm
Ooh ... !! Loved the daffodil bombs ... and nice messaging Elle! Adam, dude, you got the gnome to WINK! RR is definitely stepping it up ... and Stowe's Warhol-inspired piece is deep, man, in the same way the Tiki panders for the goods (which tends to work around here, eh?) And steps to nowhere ... awesome reflection on yesterday's tour. Ok, and that's not it, but there was a LOT this week ... really cool. And really sad I'm at home. :( But now I must go ponder who to actually VOTE for! Now that is pain ...

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 3:07pm
p.s. I'm 99% on this: Those aren't daisies!!!! (We're in Tacoma, peeps.)


by TacomaGnome on 5/23/2008 @ 3:08pm
It is elle.

Her use of the Morgan Bridge, as much construction does, just amazes me.

by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 3:34pm
First, a shot of mine:

Interesting experience, because an unknown young lady, caught up in the idea of free chalk, started drawing next to me. Had I noticed ahead of time, I would have encouraged her to move a few feet and draw next to "STOP", since I knew the middle one was to be the longest. As it was, though, I chose to follow my own (and Vanilla Ice's) message and collaborate with her, rather than being annoyed. So now Mysterious Guest Artist's heart has joined with mine.

Also... I feel like the ranged shots of RR's piece leave out a lot... he really got some incredible color detail in it.

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 3:40pm
wow great pics izenmania!
can you email me those?

by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 3:50pm
Done and done (may take a few minutes to go through, as I sent you the 3500 pixel wide monster editions).

by Twisty on 5/23/2008 @ 3:50pm
This is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. All of the entries are fabulous on artistic and technical merits. It comes down to considering themes and concepts to choose a favorite.

Mark down my vote for the Frosty.

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 4:00pm
Wow. Those pics sealed the deal ... I'm gonna have to go with RR's this week.

by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 4:02pm
Glad to be of service.

by Courtney on 5/23/2008 @ 4:11pm
I will admit my ignorance that I don't know what RR's piece is about. However, it is amazing. I know too he has a pregnant wife and I know when I was pregnant with the Stowelings and Stowe would have brought home FREE PIE I would have been all over it.

But Dawn, oh my gosh that Frosty Tacoma looks good enough to drink and makes me think of hot summer days.

I like the daffodil dropping bombers. Too bad that's not a reality.

:::so torn:::

Free Pie for wife wins! RR gets my vote!

by jcbetty on 5/23/2008 @ 4:15pm
aaaaaaagh. My own politics, and personal issues of late, lean me 'way toward Lance and his beautiful bombs. And yet, the detailing and Munch-esque-ness of RR make me lean toward him. Still and all, the Monlux Tiki is mightily impressive, the Frosty has my heart, and I do like stop collaborate and listen. Very nice points to ponder.


must sit back and consider how others vote, and why, to help sway me (a' la caucus)

by KevinFreitas on 5/23/2008 @ 4:29pm
Here are some final product pics I posted:

There are more in-progress pics over at KevinFreitas.net as well. Now to decide who gets my vote...

by deeble interactive on 5/23/2008 @ 4:30pm
I'm not sure how I feel about flowers but I like fighter jets. I vote for Lance.

by dawntown on 5/23/2008 @ 4:33pm
MMMmmm...nice delicious frosty. It just TASTES good to vote for FROSTY.

Naw, but in the odd chance this David beats out all ya'll Goliaths, Ill definitely share the booty. We can all meet at Corinna's and slam some French Pressed Coffee and get jacked-up on sugar and caffein (sp?)

by dawntown on 5/23/2008 @ 4:34pm
Oh, Kevin, what the hell is that you're eating in your avatar pic? Not as good as a FROSTY, I bet. Shameless, simply shameless...

by KevinFreitas on 5/23/2008 @ 4:37pm
Oh, Kevin, what the hell is that you're eating in your avatar pic?

This/this. :)

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 4:39pm
Here's a photo.

More later.

by scout on 5/23/2008 @ 4:40pm
I vote for Lance's "Drop Daisies (not verbal bombs)" -my interpretative title- honoring Robert Deeble . Very cool message and on topic in Tacoma!

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 4:40pm
kevin!! those pictures are ASTOUNDING!

by scout on 5/23/2008 @ 4:46pm
Great pictures Kevin

by dawntown on 5/23/2008 @ 4:49pm
Good job Izen. I was wondering what the dealy-o was on the "collaborate" part. But after that explanation, you got my vote. I think that is a perfect example of why we have the Chalk-Offs to begin with. Great Job.

by Dave L. on 5/23/2008 @ 5:44pm
I saw some mondo-size chalk being used today, as well as what I think is the first chalk-off use of a T-square! I, too, like the jet (AV-8/S-3-looking) dropping the arc-light daffs. (Great commentary and observations, JCB - Be well.) Izen’s work, as it unfolded, most exemplifies the spirit of the event. The Frost-Frosty is tops, and I could see a lot of work was going into it. Stowe’s 15 minutes is great, as is the return of the Tiki. And way to go, Adam and Gnome! There can’t be a wrong vote. But after being there to see it happen in-person, my vote has to go to…. Izenmania’s “Collaborate.”

by KevinFreitas on 5/23/2008 @ 5:45pm
RR FTW with his subtly detailed work.

Cheers everyone else though. The colors everyone pulled out were amazing and used in wonderful ways. Special props to Joe for his work around and to Adam for the impressive gnome/alien combo piece. Great chatting with everyone too! Always fun to meet/see new people.

by WaywardSailorGirl on 5/23/2008 @ 5:48pm
A tough one for me...I like the Tacoma Tiki, the jet and the Frosty...the jet looks like a dedication piece and while I really love the tiki, Frosty incorporates true "Tacoma" elements. I gotta go with Frosty.

by bluegodjanus on 5/23/2008 @ 5:48pm
My vote goes to the Seymour Conservatory orchid. Ariel's work is so bright and colourful.

by Mark Monlux on 5/23/2008 @ 6:21pm
Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Rhubbard, Pear, Marionberry, Key Lime, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream and Pecan.
I crave pie.

by Droid16 on 5/23/2008 @ 6:35pm
Lots of great stuff. I am going with Frosty this time.

by jcbetty on 5/23/2008 @ 6:37pm
I love the tiki, Mark. I will bake you a GD pie, should you lose. But only, if you win next week. B/c a Corina Bakery goody needs to be revered, and relished, by the winner, then something good (I hope?) needs to be earned.

...And, in point of fact, I will throw in and then hand-bake (so it's fresh) a loser-then-winner item, (note, I'm a decent cook/baker, though not pro) for the next --gasp-- three (count 'em, three) weeks.

--ie, if you come in as an underdog and win-- I'm slavin' at the oven.

Bring it, people. And your appetite.

by jamesstoweart on 5/23/2008 @ 6:50pm
I don't really understand that completely...

But I understand enough to know that there is an offer for home baked underdog pie on the line.

People need to start voting for my warhol piece... and quick.

Seriously though, don't. Stowe's can't eat pie. It is their Kryptonite. Their flaky, butter, fruity, sweet smelling Kryptonite.

by jamesstoweart on 5/23/2008 @ 7:00pm
Purely for underdog pie purposes.

The unofficial tally (by an artist that fails at all remedial math) as of 7pm even

Dawn (Frosty) 6 votes
Lance (Drop [Daffodils] Not Bombs) 3 votes
RXR (The New Takhoman) 3 votes
Mark (Tacoma Tiki CRAVES Pie) 2 votes
Izen (Stop, Co—Lab—Or—Ate, Listen) 2 votes
Elle (Slowing Sucking You In) 1 vote
Ariel (Seymour Conservatory Orchid) 1 vote

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 7:08pm
They're not daisies! (Unless Lance says they are ... but pretty certain those suckers are daffodils. As in the Daffodil Parade.)

Just sayin'. ;)

by Adam the Alien on 5/23/2008 @ 7:24pm
Interesting experience, because an unknown young lady, caught up in the idea of free chalk, started drawing next to me. Had I noticed ahead of time, I would have encouraged her to move a few feet and draw next to "STOP", since I knew the middle one was to be the longest. As it was, though, I chose to follow my own (and Vanilla Ice's) message and collaborate with her, rather than being annoyed. So now Mysterious Guest Artist's heart has joined with mine.
The sad epilogue to this, unfortunately, came after most people had left and Mysterious Guest Artist was in tears, painstakingly scrubbing her addition to the piece off of the sidewalk. I'm not sure what all was said by who, but something left her distraught. She seemed to be doing better by the time she left the park, but if anyone sees Mysterious Guest Artist again, try to make her feel welcome. The idea of someone new contributing and then ending up that upset over a misunderstanding goes against everything this weekly escapade is about, in my mind. It makes me worry a bit about the event seeming unapproachable to the non-bloggers who are just happening by. I'd rather see fresh faces sucked in all the time, lest we risk becoming elitist by accident (something that sadly happens to things like this all the time).

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 7:35pm
Mr. Adam... that's troubling news! anybody have more info on this please email me!

like adam says, The goal is to suck people in yo.

I have a feeling it has to do with the names she wrote in the heart.. __her name___ _receiver of affection__. perhaps theirs was a secret love.

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 7:49pm
Well said, and so sad. Thanks, Adam, for being a chalktastic Frost Park Friday ambassador and voice of caring reason.

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 7:59pm
Let's see. 7:45 p.m. Four hours and 15 minutes left for voting. Obviously, there are a lot of votes still out there ready to be cast.

Perhaps another view would be useful for undecided voters.

South Sound by Andrew Fry

Full Size:


Takhoman by RR Anderson

Full size:


Bombing Daisies by Lance

Full size


Rowland Portal by Andrea

Full size


Octopus Attack on MM Bridge by Elle KNA Storm

Full size


Seymour Conservancy by Ariel

Full size


Garfield by Unknown Artist

Full size


"Frost Park" by Dawn

Full size


Full size

Dome on wheels with hearts by Julie Bennett (I think)

Full size

Tacoma Tiki by Mark M

Full size


"Signs" by Joe I.

Full size


by ALT on 5/23/2008 @ 8:03pm
Lots of incredible entries - I'm breakin' my self imposed no-vote rule.

RR's entry features a great use of color and excellent technique. Stowe's color saturated reference to Andy Warhol's work is beautiful - especially considering it was done in 15 minutes! Adam's Alien is fantastic - I'm so glad you jumped in this week!

My favorite and my vote however must go to Dawn's Frosty. RR's Frost Park contest depicted as a good 'ol Wendy's Frosty was just too clever, relevant, and above all extremely well executed. Brilliant!

by Elle on 5/23/2008 @ 8:04pm
yes, yes, I am slowly sucking

by Elle on 5/23/2008 @ 8:06pm
I actually think I'm going to have to vote for RR's piece this week. Not only does the pregs wife need cake, but the use of color is incredible. I didn't notice it until I saw the photos.

Well done sir.

by sunshiney on 5/23/2008 @ 8:06pm
I really like Ariels flower. It's just so simple and serene...maybe its statement isn't as obvious as some of the others', but it definitely makes a statement. Making something so small into something something so big and beautiful really reminds me to appreciate things sometimes taken for granted.

I also really like Daisies a lot, but Ariel gets my vote today.

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 8:16pm
Last entry:

Alien and Gnome by Adam

Full size:


Bonus pictures:

Pink Cookie lady returns to Frost Park

In training:

Dawn hits her stride:

Improvisational boot art:

Ariel picks up her game, chalkies battle:

Lupin sells Episode V print to Tacoma Urbanist:

(order your print now)

Here's the piece:


Julie Bennett increases the fashion quotient at Frost Park

Laura Hanan and future doctor Whitney

Chalk Jedi Masters confer:


by dawntown on 5/23/2008 @ 8:18pm
WOW. I humbly thank you guys for the votes.

So what's the story on your drawing, Lupine. Who or what is Roland Portals?

And question to you, Railroad, what is the story on yours. Who is the "New Takhoman"?

by Adam the Alien on 5/23/2008 @ 8:23pm
*cough* Erik, I don't see a picture of my piece in your postings here...and I know one exists. :-P

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 8:26pm

Remember the Rowland Building stairs:


And question to you, Railroad, what is the story on yours. Who is the "New Takhoman"?

Another Tacoma cartoonist.:



by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 8:36pm
Re: Bombing Daisies by Lance

I'm pretty sure they're DAFFODILS! Not daisies.

by mzkrug on 5/23/2008 @ 8:45pm
I vote for Ariel's beautiful flower!

by jcbetty on 5/23/2008 @ 8:47pm
(my vote is bombing flowers. b/c I'm fairly certain my man wouldn't be harmed, hypothetically, by flowers; beyond that, I'm fairly certain the world would be better if flowers were tossed down in the stead of venom. And the Lance's perspective rocks. And I still love RR and want Ms Darcy to have nothing but nummy yummies for male baby RR, and I want happiness, fluffy bunnies, and world peace-- and Frosty winners--for all.)

(and still-- I'm offering, for the next three weeks, to bake an additional underdog-winner baked prize. Add it to the kitty.)

by justagirl on 5/23/2008 @ 8:51pm
I vote for the stair-step girlies.

by ixia on 5/23/2008 @ 8:54pm
anybody who dares to bomb with flowers gets my vote!

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 9:08pm
I vote for RR's rendering of "The New Takhoman"

history: The New Takhoman was/is an underground newspaper operated by a mr. John Hathaway. known to the Tacoma City Council as 'the worst gadfly of all time" (as you may well know I collect gadflies in jars)... he is probably most famous in Tacoma for breaking the story about exPolice Chief David Brame being insane.

Subscribe to the New Takhoman today!

by ensie on 5/23/2008 @ 9:10pm
So impressive every week. I'm so sorry to hear about the Mystery Artist and her heart. I asked what the story was with the heart, but she seemed fine as we chatted about it. She was taking lots of pictures and laughing. I would certainly hope she returns in the future.

While the Frost Park Frosty is awesome (love the Tacoma Dome top!) and the Daffodil Bomber is wonderful, I have to hand my vote over to RR this week. His use of color is absolutely gorgeous.

by jenyum on 5/23/2008 @ 9:11pm
This is really tough! I was too busy being distracted by the children and their new technique of dropping the chalk in the fountain then using the wet chalk to make paint to really see much of the pieces in person.

After the fact, they all look really cool. I'm especially into the conservatory flower, the flower bombs, the pie-craving tiki, the frosty, and Elle's piece, but I think this week my vote goes to RR, for all that detail and the amazing use of color.

By the way, I spotted sidewalk chalk compasses at the Dollar Tree on 6th Ave, if that inspires anyone to think circles for next week.

by Angela Jossy on 5/23/2008 @ 9:30pm
You guys are really getting good at this! Its getting harder and harder to decide.

The Rowland Portal by Andrea reminds me of the 3D chalk art that is so popular on the internet. Nice work!

Frostie Park by Dawn is a clever idea and well executed.

A vote for Alien and Gnome by Adam goes along with my strategy last week of voting in support of the portraits in hopes that someday someone will draw a picture of me and make me famous beyond my wildest dreams. Its also quite good.

The Tacoma Tiki by Mark M also can't be denied. So vibrant and pandering toward the prize.

Ariel's flower is also freakin' awesome. That flower would look so good on my driveway.

And I also love the ideals of Bombing Daffodils by Lance.

So many good ones! How's a girl to decide? Anyone want to bribe me? I could really go any direction here.

My vote is still pending while I deliberate.


by morgan on 5/23/2008 @ 10:01pm
Bummed! I missed it again!

Lance's daffodil dasies are great- and because it's for Deeble.

The frosty Frost is cool (is that RR in the logo?).

And the graphic boldness of Tiki Pie can't be denied.

But RR's takes the cake this week. His use of color, line, and Julie Anderson quote combine for a unique piece of art that can only come from Tacoma. Now if someone can help me remove the wall so I can hang it over my fireplace.

by AP on 5/23/2008 @ 10:01pm
RR. Final answer.

by Wings_of_Change on 5/23/2008 @ 10:18pm
wow, this week was hard! the flower-bombing was awesome, The tiki man was as vivid as ever, and the frostie was a magnificent idea.

but I'm gonna vote for my orchid. How could you not love thoughs tropical colors??

by Mark Monlux on 5/23/2008 @ 10:31pm
After the first pictures were posted, I sent my wife a like. She sent me back a one word reply: RUT.
Always my best critic. I will have to do something different next week.

by lovestnaj on 5/23/2008 @ 10:38pm
I vote for ariel

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 10:40pm
Maybe next week you can do something with the Blue Mouse Mark!
Comic Critic!!

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 10:44pm
also Adam the Alien's Alien looks like he's going to spin some records.

by Cathy on 5/23/2008 @ 10:51pm
I like them all for one reason or another, but I'm going to use my vote for Andrea's Roland Portal. I like the three dimensional effect, and the use of black and white. It's got a mystical thing going that I like too. The only thing is, I don't live in Tacoma. I'm not sure if that will disqualify my vote or not, but there you have it.

by scout on 5/23/2008 @ 10:52pm
I just want Tacomachickadee to know that I know that she knows that those damn flowers are DAFS!!!!

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 10:54pm
This is a tough one. There are a ton of great entries.

Ariel's orchid was just amazing and an even stronger submission than last week.

Elle (aka Storm) had one of her best entries yet. Great monster illustration with a Tacoma icon.

I am very tempted to vote for Dawn. Check out the water dripping off the side of Frost Park drink. She has shown she is going to be a very strong competitor at Frost Park. She throws down alot of chalk. Great Tacoma theme, stands out well.

Stowe probably set a Frost Park record today in the amount of chalk per square inch ever laid down at Frost Park.

Andrea employs an obscure Rowland Building reference which the sponsor for Episode VI will no doubt like. Raw art skill demonstrated in illustrating the sunburst breaking out of the charcoal darkened portal.

I felt RR really pushed himself this time and used a ton of colors to really bring out a Tacoma character. IMO his best piece at Frost Park to date.

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 10:56pm
Tacoma is a state of mind, an abstract concept... can anybody 'live in' tacoma? Cathy raises important philosophical questions.

by Shine on 5/23/2008 @ 11:02pm
I am voting for Ariel's orchid picture

by Dianne on 5/23/2008 @ 11:09pm
I vote for Garfield who is not by an unknown artist. The artist's name, Jeremy, is right on the picture.

by scout on 5/23/2008 @ 11:12pm
OK I'm openly pimping for Lance's piece because:

- it's relevant in it's Tacoma microcosmic interpersonal working-class, ax-to-grind-but-redeemable Deeblesque, blue-collar way
- it's relevant in it's global message for peace - drop Dafs not bombs; give peace a chance! Give Lance a chance!

It's good, it's right, it's his turn, and if it rhymes it's true...

Give Lance a Chance

by pietogo on 5/23/2008 @ 11:31pm
I vote for the F-bomb dropping jet... I would love to see the day that daisy/daffodils are dropped from the heavens like manna.

by demgal88 on 5/23/2008 @ 11:32pm
First time at the chalk-off, late night to post. Next time I will figure out how to upload my photos. I vote for Seymour Conservancy by Ariel. Orchids are my favotite flowers and the Conservancy is a great treasure of Tacoma.

by Bright_Eyed on 5/23/2008 @ 11:35pm
I love the frosty but I think my vote will be for the flower.

by Adam the Alien on 5/23/2008 @ 11:36pm
Well, I've decided, finally: I'm voting for RR. The style is delicious, the detail incredible, and it's a wonderful blend of multi-coloredness with the black lines I love as a comic geek.

by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 11:45pm
RR. Final answer.

Vanilla Ice reference is not enough to win your vote AP?

I kid, I kid. I'm voting for RR, as well. He has taken his pieces up a notch every week, and this time around he cranked it to a whole new level.

by dawntown on 5/23/2008 @ 11:47pm
yes, that is RR in the logo. Good Eye,

by Hilltopmom on 5/23/2008 @ 11:47pm
My vote goes to RR. But the Frosty came in a close second.

by JeremyScott on 5/23/2008 @ 11:48pm
I am going to vote for myself and vote for Garfield.

by izenmania on 5/23/2008 @ 11:50pm
I am happy to have finally cracked the "getting votes from people who are not related to me" club. I know that I won't win on pure artistic merit, so I must rely on cleverness of topic to compete.

by GCMX on 5/23/2008 @ 11:54pm
These are all really good... But I'm going to have to vote for the Orchid.

by Erik on 5/23/2008 @ 11:54pm
Late minute rush to vote. Friday night entertainment. A horse race.

I will vote for RR. That places him at 13 votes. We will see what happens in the next 5 minutes.

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2008 @ 11:55pm
never stop drawing Garfield kid.
You might enjoy my motto through college:

"When you stare into the garfield, eventually the garfield stares back"

by dawntown on 5/24/2008 @ 12:02am
Hey wings_of_change, is your mom Anita? of stonewall democrats? She's rockin' cool. We all hung out a couple of months ago at Tempest, but I haven't seen her since, until today.

BTW, I love your style. I can't wait to see what you throw down next week.

by Erik on 5/24/2008 @ 12:18am
Wow. A ton of voting in the last hour. I really didn't know how it was going to go. RR and Dawn were close and then wings_of_change mounted a last minute voting faction effort that nearly won it that would have made Elle and Tacomamamma proud.

Another record set with 44 total votes cast. 104 comments.

RR Anderson.......13
Joe I.....................2

Thus, RR Anderson wins Episode VII with "Hathaway."

Congrats RR!

RR had not won a Chalk Off since Episode II when he acquired the title of "Best Illustrator in the Universe in Tacoma" with "Tagro" when Lupin failed to defend her title.

The competition in Episode II was considerably lower:


Could it be that Ms. Darcy's arrival at Frost Park gave RR a bit of luck, extra incentive, or simply artistic pressure to win? She is a seasoned chalk off competitor herself.

Now RR not only wins the pie or cake from Corina's but gets to have Stowe illustrate RR's victory in Episode VII. That should be an interesting piece of battle art to see.

by NineInchNachos on 5/24/2008 @ 6:23am
I would like to thank my prego wife for running over to learning sprout to buy a $5 pack of intensely coloured crayola chalk which made my piece leap from the vertical section of wall in true tahkoman fashion.

most of all I would like to thank THE PEOPLE for coming out that day to draw on municipal property.

Public space belongs to those who use it.

may the great turtle flap her wind upon us all.

thank you.

by Twisty on 5/24/2008 @ 7:24am
Holy chalk! When I punched out last night, Dawn had a solid lead. I thought I was stopping in here this morning to offer her my congratulations, but...

What a surge! What a reversal! Congrats, RR!

Truly, the fun and drama don't stop at 1PM.

Props to RR for sharing knowledge of his latest innovations, too. Working all alone down there on Pacific, he could have easily had us laypersons thinking that he coaxed those punchy colors out of standard chalk via pure talent. Turns out that it was all driven by a pregnant woman with chocolate cake on her mind. It's no wonder that RR's kung-fu was so strong this week!

Only time will tell where this technological arms race will take us in the weeks ahead.

by dawntown on 5/24/2008 @ 8:18am
Will you share your chocolate yum, yums? Pleeeze!!! Me and Tiki really wanted yum,yums....

Ah, kidding, congrats. Will see ya next week on the battlefield.

by jamesstoweart on 5/24/2008 @ 8:33am
I wouldn't share any "yum yums" (chocolate or otherwise) But I think Dawn has a good idea of a chalky gathering at Corina's to celebrate victory pie.

Congrats RR!

by Mark Monlux on 5/24/2008 @ 9:31am
Way to go RR.

Maybe next time I will do something with the Blue Mouse. Nah! That would be to easy. After all I did do their logo.

by Erik on 5/24/2008 @ 10:18am
I would like to thank my prego wife for running over to learning sprout to buy a $5 pack of intensely coloured crayola chalk which made my piece leap from the vertical section of wall in true tahkoman fashion.

Now that I see some of Kevin's picture, there does look to be a bit of "chalk advising" that took place.

Here's RR, with his skills boosted from what appears to be a brand spanking new set of colored chalks:

Photo by Kevin Freitas:


Ok. Here's the photo of Ms. Darcy apparently giving some general support, and perhaps yes, chalking advice:

Photo by Kevin Freitas:


Yet, it does not appear she ever touched the chalk or even voted for RR.

But I think Dawn has a good idea of a chalky gathering at Corina's to celebrate victory pie.


by scout on 5/24/2008 @ 10:32am
Congratulations RR and good work Ms. Darcy!

I was wondering when people were going to figure out the Learning Sprout was only across the street!

Didn't anyone notice my faux-coy reaction when people mentioned the color in my piece a few weeks back? - I had bought up every type of chalk Rose had in the joint. But I of course donated what I didn't use to the group.

by Wings_of_Change on 5/24/2008 @ 10:59am
Congrats! I love a good battle, and apparently thats what last night was.

a celebration of victory pie?! count me in!

by tacomachickadee on 5/24/2008 @ 12:25pm
We're having some chalk-off fun in our alley today ... we may take the competition over to Sherman Elementary this afternoon ... thank heavens there's a coffee shop in between ... check out here for early pics ... tinyurl.com/6hpxua

by justagirl on 5/24/2008 @ 12:38pm
And don't forget the one vote for the girls' drawings on the stairs! Nice work everyone!

by NineInchNachos on 5/24/2008 @ 1:53pm
thanks everybody, will keep you posted on Corina Visitation as I receive instructions from the MCP (master control program aka Ms. Darcy™)

by jenyum on 5/24/2008 @ 6:14pm
Can you ask them if they have the gluten free cakes yet?

by ALT on 5/25/2008 @ 4:53pm
Congrats on the win R.R!! I'm seriously looking forward to seeing your victory depicted on cake...

Wow, the competitions are steadily drafting in more and more seriously impressive entries. There really isn't anything predictable about the winning outcome!

by NineInchNachos on 5/25/2008 @ 4:57pm
Thanks lupinGoddess,
My friends got a kick out of your portal entry. It had a very HP Lovecraft vibe to it. keep on rockin the free world.

by pietogo on 5/25/2008 @ 7:34pm
I noticed that RR's window is washed off the slab...anyone know what happened? Also, by the way, when I mentioned this in my vote:
I vote for the F-bomb dropping jet... I would love to see the day that daisy/daffodils are dropped from the heavens like manna.
F-bomb = Flower bomb :) Just a silly play on words is all...

by Adam the Alien on 5/25/2008 @ 10:27pm
Congrats, RR! You earned it!

Thanks lupinGoddess,
My friends got a kick out of your portal entry. It had a very HP Lovecraft vibe to it. keep on rockin the free world.


*mental gears start turning for experimental Lovecraftian film utilizing chalk art animation of some kind*

by NineInchNachos on 5/26/2008 @ 4:50pm
@pietogo - so it goes with such temporary mediums as chalk... just means the spot will be nice and clean for next friday! AND Fortunately the piece was well documented.

@adam - check this shit out:

by Dave L. on 5/26/2008 @ 5:37pm
(Can I check it out, too?).... WOW - That's great! I really like that kind of thing that takes so much time and patience. It reminds me of short films made entirely of thousands of photocopy images, or Widrich's "Fast Film" which takes the concept to a different level (and the one I found on youtube).Yeah I drove by and noticed RR's in particular was cleaned-off. I noticed more and more detail and dimension each time I looked at it on-line. Ah, I can still picture Hathaway when he used to come into Kellys jazz joint.

by kathy on 5/26/2008 @ 11:05pm
OMG...that is so weird...my daughter just showed me the BLU videos this evening.


by Erik on 5/28/2008 @ 1:09pm
Here's RR Anderson at Blackwater Cafe collecting the prizes today: the free cake or pie from Corina's Bakery and Stowe's unique battle art painting:


The painting looks great Stowe. Nice.

Congrats again RR!

by jamesstoweart on 5/28/2008 @ 1:24pm
I am glad RR dug it. I really agonized over actually 'painting' something. The tour of Laura's space really inspired me to do it though.

Ultimately it was my pleasure. It was the least I could do for the Greatest Illustrator in the Universe of Tacoma for the week of May 23rd through May 29th.