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Mar. 29, 2008 at 12:02am

Great Food, Architecture, Fashion Dominate Frost Park

The weather for yesterday's lunch event in Frost Park was painfully cold.  Yet lunching Tacomans endured it and in many ways took the event up a notch.  I heard an estimate of 27 people attended in some way.

Frost Park Fashion

Setting the fashion standard was Julie Bennett from Urban XchangeJulie made an entrance to the central plaza from the southwest corner of the park diagonal to the center area.

Julie Bennett and Kevin Freitas.  Very stunning outfit.  Julie looks good too.

Frost Park Food - Main

Puget Sound Pizza donated two large pizzas to the occasion which many people enjoyed.

Frost Park Food - Dessert

First time attendee Thomas from Wood's On the the Water came for the first time and donated cheesecake on toothpicks to the chilled downtown crowd.  715 Dock Street (on the water side).

Here's a review of Woody's I did last year.  Woody's on the Water Excels.

Thomas certainly was no fashion slouch.  (Sponsor plug:  Woody's will start serving breakfast on Saturdays stating today 3/29 at 9:00 a.m.)

Politics and Architecture

Fresh from making an alternative design for Tollefson Plaza that might actually add life into the area, first time attendee David Boe joined the group:

Frost Park regular County Counclmember Tim Farrell (currently running for re-election) and first time attendee architect and Vice Chair of the Planning Commission Boe.  (Here, Tim uses a double dimpled Windsor tie knot)

Overall a good turnout considering the weather.  I saw one of the attendees taking film footage.  We will see how that turns out.

More pictures here:


See everyone next week.

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by jcbetty on 3/29/2008 @ 10:53am
what, what, WHAT? No Old Navy Wool self-portrait??

by Erik on 3/29/2008 @ 12:43pm
what, what, WHAT? No Old Navy Wool self-portrait??

I rarely take pictures of myself. But RR has one or two:


By the way, here's a salad I had at Woody's last week. And no, it was not a freeby:

by herban on 3/29/2008 @ 3:27pm
Thomas is a friend of ours at the Herban Cafe. I am glad to see he took our advice & showed up. We told him what a great group you are. We (Steve, the girls and I will see you soon! Probably this week (the girls are on spring break & had so much fun handing out cookies last time) However, maybe not dessert... maybe something a little different...
See you soon.
The Herban Cafe.

by Erik on 3/29/2008 @ 4:15pm
Steve, the girls and I will see you soon! Probably this week

Great. You there.

It would be nice to get some good weather so we could really try see to get a record breaking turnout.

by Erik on 3/31/2008 @ 12:21am
As a reference, here is what Seattle recently did from their "blogger" community:

Flash mob pillow fighting by Pike Place Market:

They must be bored.

by herban on 4/1/2008 @ 7:59pm
So, I'm changing it up a bit this friday, where should I be?
formally yours,
a.k.a pink cookies, now...
You have to show up to find out!!!

by Erik on 4/1/2008 @ 8:17pm
So, I'm changing it up a bit this friday, where should I be?

Same time, date and place Gretchen : Frost Park at noon this Friday.

by herban on 4/3/2008 @ 5:05pm
See you there. It is spring break, I'll bring the whole fam damily again. P.S. I'm 1/4 sicilian, does this mean I'm one of them white folk?

by Erik on 4/3/2008 @ 5:32pm

Hopefully, we will have better weather tomorrow. Here's how it looked yesterday.


Should be some new and interesting people coming. Julie Bennett set the fashion bar so high last time it will be a challenge to be beat by anyone.